Prostate Cancer Side Effects

Updated on May 12, 2009
C.W. asks from Wilmette, IL
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Anyone that can advise as to possible prostate cancer side effects they know of?
..........or websites that might go into this?

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So What Happened?

All your info and kind thoughts MOST appreciated.
It gives a great place to start. Thank you!

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Hi C., my husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer this past February. He is only 45 years old and had no distinct symptoms. He went in for a check up and told our doctor he had a little bit of trouble urinating (my husband just thought it was a bladder infection) Our doctor suggested some blood work since it was a while since my husband did any kind of blood tests. Thats when the red flags showed up.
He had his prostate removed April 3rd and is recovering well. Everyday his bladder is getting stronger. My husband does the bladder excersises to help strenghten it and that is going to help him get rid of the "briefs" he has to wear now. I found alot of my information using or if you just google Prostate Cancer you will find some information online.

We were shocked to find out that there is little talk or support about Prostate Cancer and the information out there is geared for "older" men. They dont start checking till men are 50. Like breast cancer for woman, Prostate Cancer is one of the leading causes of death for men, but can be treated if found early.

Since we got a second chance, we now talk about it more with our family and friends. If you need anymore information, please email me [email protected]

God bless you,

Mom of 3 awesome kids, Ryan 13, Troy 9 & Audrey 4. Wife to the love of my life for the last 20 years.

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I treat cancer patients for a living. If your talking about the symptoms associated with prostate cancer it can range from urinary incontinence or frequency to pain. If you want to know the side effects of treatments which sometime include surgery (not always) and usually always Radiation then the side effect include irritated bowels, diarrhea, painful or frequent urination. These can all be managed well throughout treatment. If the person must get their prostate removed, the most common side effect would be erectile dysfunction or total loss of erections. (but there's ways to deal with that too). The good news is unless the cancer has spread it's a very managable, curable disease.

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Hi C.,

I am an oncology nurse and I know of a few reputable websites for prostate cancer. (My favorite site...American Cancer Society (for info on robotic surgery) (overview of radiation options)

Most side effects depend on the treatment regimen chosen. Most treatment regimens depend on the gleeson score, docs recommendation, and personal preference. With surgery, men often have some degree of short term urinary incontinence and possible erectile dysfuction for a few months after surgery. With radiation, men can have more long-term side effects..ED, bowel/bladder issues. Some men have seed implantations. Some men choose watch and wait. The treatment regimen is controversial right now. Get a second opinion before making any decisions. Good luck!!

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800-ACS-2345 or

This is the contact information for the American Cancer Society. I worked there for almost 5 years and it's an amzaing place. Anyone with cancer, anyone wanting to know more about cancer or anyone who knows someone who has cancer should call. They will put your friend in touch with a Patient Navigation Specialist.

The Patient Navigation Specialist is a point person to answer all questions, and provide more information you could ever want. From side effects of treatment to pairing your friend with someone who has gone through what he's about to go through to finding financial assistance should cost be a burdon to finding a ride to treatment, books on foods he should be eating, etc. It's really a one-stop clearinghouse for everything your friend could possibly need so he can focus on getting better.

Please call and have him call as soon as possible. Anytime, day or night, the line is staffed with trained nurses and specialists. (Their theory is that when you're awake at 4 am wondering, you should be able to find reassurance and answers.)

Good luck to your friend!!

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WebMD.Com should be of some help to you.



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Hi C.,

I am not sure exactly what you were looking for, but I wanted to share some information. My uncle had prostate cancer. His only sympton was that he had trouble urinating while seated. He never had elevated PSA. This may seem like "too much information" but if a man in your life has any symptom of prostate cancer and normal PSA he should seek more tests. I hope this can help someone get a proper diagnosis.

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