Prop Ideas for Baby Pics. :)

Updated on May 16, 2011
R.. asks from Cleveland, TN
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I have seen some adorable pics of babies dressed in things like just a tie and diaper, sitting inside a pumpkin or watermelon rind, etc. I would like to do some 1 year old pics, and need some cute prop ideas. Help? :)

Oh... I have a girl. LOL!

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answers from Sacramento on

I like the tie and diaper w/a briefcase on the floor.
Kid sunglasses on a beach towel, with shovel and pail nearby.

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answers from New York on

Love the pots/chef hat/cooking idea - can't believe I missed that one when my daughter was young. I did have a fun pic taken of my daughter when she was maybe 15 months old. Got a kid's tool belt (a real one, it was just smaller in scale), loaded it up with her play tools - hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape, etc. I think she was just wearing the belt and maybe a t-shirt. We had it framed and gave it to my husband as part of his Father's Day gifts. I think he might still have it on his desk at work - and it's 10 years later.


answers from Phoenix on

A big pot with a chef hat and all the kitchen stuff around it . Can your child fit in the pot as a seat ? :0)

Beach scene with cute bathing suit on a lawn chair with sand toys.

Love the Watermelon idea with Watermelon outfit, hair bow, shoes, and in a watermellon or near a watermelon patch.


answers from Los Angeles on

Ive made a couple tutu's. One was a fairy princess tutu dress, one a 2 tone purple tutu skirt, very full. They take about 30 min to make, no sewing, its all tied, all you need is elastic & 3-6m tulle. Ive added silk flowers from dollar store, just take them apart so they are flat & glue gun/ or sew on, and tied in ribbons. They look adorable. In the fairy theme one, I used dried roses dh gave me on a nice blanket, & little pumpkins, (halloween!) they look awesome. Google for pics of baby tutu's, to get some ideas


answers from Pocatello on

depending on how old, flowerpots.. (with a cute flower head band.. TOO cute!) buckets and pails (put a blanket inside them)..

to me the cutest pictures are simple.. I LOVE naked or diaper only pictures taken on a fluffy white sheet. with a picture like that you could just give them a cute toy, or a flower to play with.

Good Luck!



answers from Fort Wayne on

Personally, I'm not much of a prop person. I think they make the picture look too busy. But, that's just my personal opinion ;D If you live somewhere warm, I would suggest taking the pictures outside. There are all sorts of wonderful natural props. Things like flowers, trees, grass, dandelions, shadows all make wonderful props with out really taking away from the baby.

Since you have a little girl, you could get (or have made) one of those HUGE tutus. Arrange it around her like the petals of a flower. Put a big flower in her hair. I've seen lots of pictures like that. They're REALLY pretty :D

Does she have a special lovey? For my daughter's 1 year pictures, we took her blankie. I have some really cute pictures of her with it. Plus, it kept her from crying :)

If you go to a professional photographer, they should have lots of different ideas. Look online for ideas too.

Have fun!



answers from New York on

Is it a boy or girl? Angel wings, sitting on a wooden pony with a cowboy/ girl hat , baseball and mitten



answers from New York on

I'm not a huge prop fan, myself but a girlfriend of mine just had her girls' pictures done in "fairy" theme and it was beautiful! The photographer took the girls to a local park dressed in those fluffy "tutu-like" skirts with plain t-shirts, wreaths in their hair and little wands and just took pictures of them running around and playing.

You could take pictures of her playing with costume jewelry or in your wedding gown. When my nieces were young (9 or 10 months), I took pictures of them playing in my veil (my sister didn't wear one), sitting on my sister's wedding gown. They came out really well. They were both wearing little white dresses and loved tossing around the tulling and looking at the beading.

I tried "props" with my 1 yr old... he threw them at me so lesson learned on my part. Now I just dress him up and let him play while I snap away. Otherwise the pictures look posed and contrived.

Just dress her up and take her somewhere scenic and a few "cute" toys (like a wand, princess crown or something that would be natural for her to play with) and see what happens. Babies are a little different than "toddlers" b/c they can't wander off!



answers from Des Moines on

One of my granddaughter's sweetest pictures happened by accident. They were supposed to be straight portrait picutres and my granddaughter stole a very oversized silk flower from the photographers stash. Her playing with that flower naturally - made the best photos. I also got a terrific photo shoot of her "discovering" my stash of costume jelelry. A potrait I bring out every winter: I put her in an adorable winter coat and hat. It was taken on a white back ground and extra snowflakes were added in the air digitally.



answers from Philadelphia on

If you look up photo props on, you may get inspiration from there.

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