Progesterone - Looking for Info on Low #'S in Beginning Pregnancy

Updated on March 12, 2010
J.A. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi everyone ...

Recently learned that I am pregnant again. My first pregnancy was fine (aside from getting preeclampsia at the end) ... this time, there have been concerns about my hcg and progesterone. Well, the hcg seems to have straightened itself out, but my progesterone seems to be staying low -- it was at a 10 last week, and 9.8 this week. After much fighting with my doctor, I was finally prescribed a progesterone suppository. I guess what I am looking for are stories about your own experiences with low progesterone and the outcome(s) of your pregnancies. I am approximately 5/6 weeks along right now, and stressing out in a major way.

Thanks so much.

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answers from Decatur on

I have had multiple miscarriage and yes was prescribed the progesterone suppositories also. I had terrible nausea and vomiting, but yes, finally a healthy pregnancy. It is only for the first trimester, so it's worth it! Funny I also did the pre eclampsia, yes, I had it with #2 also. Both, were a month early.

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answers from Chicago on

I had a miscarriage first, then two successful pregnancies that started out with low progesterone numbers. With both of the successful pregnancies I was treated with Prometrium (oral progesterone) and have two wonderful boys to show for it! You'll probably only be on the progesterone for the first trimester because by then the placenta is well-formed and "doing its thing".

Good luck to you and hope you experience continued success!



answers from Chicago on

While I was pregnant with my first daughter, they put me on pills for low progesterone til the end of my first trimester. I didn't have any problems once I went off the numbers were fine. I heard it's not that uncommon.

Don't stress. I know - easier said than done. But stressing over it can't change'll just make you feel crappy. I worried at first, but my dr reassured me that my numbers were gradually getting better once I started taking the medication. I worried about stopping the Rx, but everything worked out. My daughter was born healthy with no complications.



answers from Chicago on

I JUST went thru this!! Please don't worry to much about it!! I went in when I first found out I was pregnant. My progesterone levels were low my entire first trimester. My dr. gave me a pill to take every day throughout my 1st trimester. I HATED this pill. It made me really, really moody, I had some spotting, and was just outright miserable the whole time. BUT, I am now about 29 weeks along and everything is progressing perfectly! Oh, and I was 5 weeks, 3 days when I found out my levels were low, so right about the same place as you are right now.
I was terrified out of my mind too, but everyone I've spoken with about this has also had a positive result. So, please don't worry!!
If you'd like to talk more, please feel free to send me a private message!
Good luck & congrats!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I had 3 prior miscarriages and was prescribed progesterone suppositories for the first 12 weeks (? Sorry--can't remember the exact time frame but early on til 12-16 weeks) They were kind of a pain to wake up & do in bed in the a.m. but I had a healthy full pregnancy. Drs. are split on it--some think it works, some think it's a coincidence if it does. I'll never know but I know I have a healthy full term 7 yo! Best wishes!



answers from Chicago on

Hi, I've had the same issue with low progesterone with my previous and present pregnancies. I'm currently almost 12 weeks now and I started on progesterone suppositories right away (around week 5). Around week 8 my doctor put me on a Crinone (progesterone) suppository which is a stronger prefilled one than the ones hand made in the pharmacies. You will only need to take those for the 12 weeks. After that, the placenta takes over the job. We are doing just great and I pray you both will be great too.



answers from Chicago on

I also had low progesterone at the beginning of my pregnancy and was prescribed the progesterone suppositories. I had to have lab work done almost every other day for awhile and the prescription had to be increased at times but by about 12 weeks I was OK and no longer needed the suppositories. The rest of the pregnancy went well and I had a healthy baby. That was my last pregnancy but my doctor did tell me to start taking pre-natal vitamins if I decided that I wanted to try to get pregnant again because the earlier you start taking those, the less chance of low progesterone. Best wishes to you for a happy pregnancy, safe delivery & a healthy baby!!



answers from Rockford on

I had one pregnancy that I didn't catch until I was already six or seven weeks along. My progesterone was low so I was put on supplements, but I miscarried anyway a few days later. Progesterone is a bit controversial because sometimes it's hard to tell what the true cause of a miscarriage is and progesterone supplements could simply elongate a bad pregnancy. So to this day, I have no idea if I just had a bad pregnancy or if I could have saved it by going on the progesterone sooner. I got pregnant again a year later, caught it right at four weeks, and my doctor immediately put me on progesterone. When I asked about the controversial aspects, she was very blunt in saying it wouldn't hurt anything for me to take it and better to make sure my levels were what they needed to be. They tested my hcg every week for a bit and that increased just like it was supposed to and I delivered a healthy baby girl. If your hcg is OK, then I wouldn't stress so much. Your progesterone will improve with the supplements. Stress isn't good for you right now, so try to relax! And good luck!



answers from Chicago on

My mother had 3 healthy pregnancies, then 3 miscarriages in a row. After the 3rd miscarriage her doctor told her that she had low progesterone and that, if she were to conceive again, she could take supplements. Baby #4 and #5 were carried to full term and my mother was on progesterone from her first positive pregnancy test with each.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I too had very low progesterone. When I told my OB my mother's history and requested progesterone supplements, she told me that a) my mother's history had nothing to do with my pregnancy, b) there was no proof that supplements worked, and c) the numbers were so low it was probably indicative of a genetically unhealthy baby and I should prepare myself for a miscarriage. Luckily for me my hubby is a physician (and was with the same medical group that she worked for) and he got on the phone with her and told her that if she didn't call in the scrip for me, he would do it himself. She did call in the scrip and I do now have a healthy 3 year old boy.

Who knows if all 3 successful pregnancies were just coincidentally ones where my mother and I were on progesterone, but since there are no significant side effects, I would demand progesterone if you have any doubt. Good luck to you!


answers from Bloomington on

I had low prgesterone with my first pregnancy. We caught it at 5-6 weeks, I had a little bleeding and went to the dr about it. He prescribed me the suppository too. I stayed on the suppository until I was about 16 weeks along. My doctor also put me on bed rest for a few weeks. But everything turned out fine. I didn't miscarry, and I have a happy healthy 7 year old girl now!
In my last pregnancy I went in again for bleeding early on (about 7 weeks this time), and again I had low prgestrone levels, but I had a different doctor who wouldn't prescribe the suppositories. He told me that if I was going to miscarry there wasn't anything we could do about it. I was so torn up about it and cried and cried, because I knew the suppository helped last time and I was terrified of losing my baby. But the bleeding stopped on its own and the preganacy continued. And now I have another happy healthy baby girl!
Good luck! You are in our prayers.

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