Progesteron Supplements After Miscarriage

Updated on August 18, 2008
L.F. asks from Whittier, CA
4 answers

i just recently miscarried and my doctor said next time i find out i am pregnant i am to call her right away and she will provide me with progesterone supplements to help prevent future miscarriages. any thoughts or feedback on this? is it safe for me? the baby?

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Within a week of finding out that I was pregnant (just days after missing my period) I knew something was wrong when I started to spot. I ended up in urgent care where I had a great doctor who ran tests and placed me on bedrest until I could see my OB. Sure enough when I got in to see her that Monday my progesterone had dropped significantly. My level were on the verge of miscarriage so immediately she placed me on supplements until the beginning of my 2nd trimester. I delivered a healthy baby at 39 weeks. In the future I wwill have to take supplements again but that is just for a precautionary step. Some women are just not able to produce to levels that they need. But each pregnancy is different. Good luck!



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I lost my first pregnancy at 12 weeks and when I got pregnant for the second time, I was given progesterone suppositories. I was able to keep the pregnancy had delivered at 40 weeks. I lost my next pregnancy at 18 weeks. When I got pregnant for the fourth time, I was not given any progeterone and the pregnancy and baby were fine. I had the same doctor for pregnancies #1,2 & 4. I am sure it helped when I used it but I also had a child without it. Sometimes, the doctors do not know why we loose the babies, it happens for some reasons that only a higher source may know. Good luck for your next one, I know that you'll feel anxious and nervous always wondering if you're doing the right thing to help keep the baby healthy.



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Hi L.,

Your Ob/Gyn may want to put you on progesterone inserts due to the fact that your progesterone level was low, maybe causing the miscarriage (I'm not saying that happended to you, but that it can cause that to happen). When I was pregnant with my baby, during the 8th week they did labs on me and found out that my body wasn't producing enough progesterone to maintain a healthy environment in my uterus for my baby.

I did the progesterone inserts until I reached my second trimester. I now have a healthy 10 month old boy, who is as happy as can be.

As far as safety is concerned, it is safe for the baby... as a nurse practitioner myself, I also did my research before I was willing =). I hope that answers your question.. Good luck!



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Yes, it's safe for you and the baby. It's a hormone your body needs to bring the pregnancy to term. I was on it until around the 10th week of my pregnancy. At that point, the placenta starts to create it's own progesterone and you shouldn't need the supplements any more.

I miscarried my first pregnancy at 8 weeks, and so I saw the doctor right away with my next pregnancy when I had spotting. They did blood tests every 1-2 weeks until I made it to the 10 week mark to check my hormone levels. A former co-worker had several miscarriages over 10 years before her doctor put her on progesterone, and she ended up having 2 healthy babies after that.

Just be forewarned, depending on the type you get the supplements can be messy/uncomfortable. My doctor gave me pills I had to insert into my vagina, and they would partially dissolve and start coming out. The little pebbles would chafe when I walked the dogs at night. I finally learned to get some KY jelly to use when inserting them, which I think helped them dissolve better and stopped the chafing.

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