Problems with My Daughters hair-Help

Updated on February 10, 2010
S.A. asks from Cheyenne, WY
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My lovely gaughter was boorn with a full head of hair, and she never lost any of it. The thing is she is almsot 2 and taking care of it is getting harder for me. I brush it 2 times a day and she still get bad knots that I sometimes have to cut out. Its abouts at her sholders and I have brought up maybe getting her a hair cut, but my husband, mother and son all got upset at this idea. I am not a fan of it my self but I have got to do somthing with it. There is realy only one way I do her hair and that ti to pull the sides back. I can sometimes with a lots of fighting get it up into pig tails, and its not longs enough for a pony. evin is I could get it into a pony I dont think it would stay there.
So my qustions is to all you ladys out there with little girls. how should I do mmy daughters hair so that it is out of her face, and dosnt take to long (agin she si almsot 2 and cant sit still). I dont realy know how to do hair so I would love any help here!

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answers from Denver on

Braid it first thing in the morning or overnight, it keeps it from getting tangled. You can learn to french braid or do to pony type braids down the sides. Get her a doll with long hair to play with while you do her hair, she will want to be just like mommy.



answers from Denver on

My daughter used to *beg* to get all her hair cut off because the tangles would get so bad. For us leave-in conditioners and de-tanglers just didn't work that well. Once her hair was combed, she'd go play, get tangles and we were back to square one.

The only thing that has worked is a product called Silk. We get it Costco, Target carries it too. Even after a rough night and the back of her head looks like a rats nest, the comb will pass through her hair like butter. You just put a tiny amount in their wet hair and it will stay in 'till the next wash. GL!!

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answers from Denver on

My daughter is only 20 months and she has hair about 3 inches past her shoulders. I too have the same problem with it getting tangled as it is very fine and any time she lays down or plays under pillows and such it tangles right up. Here are a couple of things I do to keep it from tangling. First I do cut her bangs so they do not get in her eyes, Every day I put it in a pony tail, braid or pig tails. If your daughter's hair is not quite long enough to get it all in a pony tail just get the hair from about an inch above her ears up and put the pony tail on top of her head - it is super cute! I also put a detangler from Aquage in her hair. This is a salon product and not cheap but it will last you about a year. I put the detangler in before bed and every morning then comb it through (use just a little bit). If you are having a problem getting her hair to stay in pony tails or pig tails, get these little hair ties in the baby section at target. There are about 30 or so of them in tons of different colors and they stay in once you get them in. The hardest part is going to be getting her to let you do her hair. I have been messing with my daughter's hair since birth so she is kind of used to it. She does have her moments where she does not want me to do her hair. When this happens, I get her a book, a toy, or put on cartoons to keep her distracted.

Good luck!



answers from Tallahassee on

Take her to a trusted salon and get her ends trimmed. My daughter, now 4 1/2, has never had more than a trim on her hair and it has thickened nicely. It is those very thin and fragile baby ends that cause the problem with tangles. So, get the ends trimmed off and she will still have long hair for husband, mother and son, and you will be better able to manage it. :) If the others throw a fuss about this, just tell them it is better this way - getting her hair trimmed by a professional - than you having to cut chucks of her hair out to get to knots. PS - Don't forget to keep one of those baby curls for a keepsake (might get one for Grandma too).



answers from Salt Lake City on

My daughter’s hair is the same way. I switched from baby shampoo to swave kids 2-in-1 shampoo and an adult conditioner. My husband always forgets the conditioner and then it is a mess!
I would take her to get a haircut/trim. It can even out the hair and make it feel healthier. I know it is hard to do, but she will get a hir cut one day! I found that after my daughters 1st haircut it was much easier to handle. The hair she had in the womb was SUPPER fine and strait. Her hair after birth is still fine, but also semi-curly.
Around here there is a place called Cookie Cutters that just does kids hair. The get a balloon at the end and get to sit in a car or another vehicle while it is done. See if there is a kids haircut place near you.


answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi S., Detangler is a great idea, how about soft head bands? My girls always like the soft headbands in lots of colors and widths. They have some that are thin like ponytail holders, as well as the thick ones. You can find them everywhere...even Dollar Tree. You can also use clips, my girls always liked the ones without teeth that snap closed (thin metal ones) they work great on fine, straight hair. Best wishes.



answers from Pocatello on

2 things. A haircut that puts the hair into layers, thus making the hair easier to brush and less prone to tangles. Talk to your hair dresser. I live in Japan and the kids here have REALLY full heads of hair. My friend talked to her beautician and this haircut really helps.

Also, a good detangler. You don't have to limit yourself to the "kiddie detanglers". In fact, my daughter has really thin strands of hair that tangle very easily and I use an organic coconut shampoo that smells EXCELLENT "I love my hair" Tahitian coconut conditioner:


answers from Chicago on

i agree with these answers!
-detangling spray
-dove conditioner- actually prob. any conditioner would work
-keeping it trmmed always helps- just to keep the ends fresh.
-those teeny rubberbands are wonderful! ouchless too!
-try little piggies with her front & side hair pulled up & keep it down in the back
I actually make hair accessories for girls- check out my site- lots of fun hair clips that she'd probably love to wear:) I have no slip grips that can go on anything so you can sweep her hair out of her eyes & it'll stay in place:) good luck!



answers from Charlotte on

My daughter is 21 months old and has a head full of semi-curly hair. I use Suave detangler spray every morning and it really works well! It comes in a green spritzer bottle and has an octupus all tangled up on it. As for how to style it, usually for daycare (we are rushing around in the am) I just pull the top part up and leave the back down so her curls are showing. When we have more time, I like piggy tails, a pony tail, or just parting it on the side and using a bow to hold back the thicker side. The good news is shes two and doesn't care what her hair looks like! And honestly, as long as it is out of her face.... neither do I! :o) Good luck!


answers from Rochester on

Try a little olive oil and use a head band or two little pony tails, at drug stores you can get tiny little plastic rubberbands, like the ones kids use for braces, they work great for a nice hold. Try also a wide comb, the brush maybe making some knots, and keep in conditioners are nice also. You should try to keep hair out of her face. Can you twist a thick part of it and barrett it down?



answers from Detroit on

We all need to get our hair cut every couple of months or so. Since you are the one dealing with her hair, I'd say its your decision to get it cut. Sounds like maybe it needs to be thinned out as well.

Do you use a good conditioner after shampooing her hair? Putting it up is the only way I know of to resolve all the tangles. What about french braiding it for a different look? Will she sit long enough to do that?


answers from Chicago on

I agree with using a spray detangler - that helps a lot! Two of my girls were born with full heads of hair. Beautiful, but what a pain! I would do their hair while they were sitting in their high chair. I would do a ponytail on the top part of their head (using hair from the front and sides to the ear), leaving the back long. Hope that helps! I think as long as you are calm about it (speak in a gentle, soft voice about what you are doing), and consistent, she'll get used to the idea of getting her hair done. And really, there is nothing wrong with letting her have wild hair every now and then. It's just not worth the struggle.



answers from Mansfield on

dove conditioner is amazing! It works on all hair. My oldest daughter has alot of very thick, heavy, wavy hair and i hated combing it after a bath and even more after it dried and was getting brushed the next morning... but it works great. Leaves hair soft and keeps the tangles away even with her hair. My youngest has very thin, fine almost not there hair at about shoulder length and it works great for her hair too.
If you are looking to keep it out of her face (maybe have her hair trimmed into having bangs) or just get cute, comfortable but will stay headbands or barettes to keep it pulled back. I also used to just pull the sides into cute little piggies when there wasn't enough hair for full piggies or a pony tail. You can also try wrapping the piggies into cute little buns (doesn't take much longer than piggies, just a extra ponytail holder and maybe some clips or bobby pins) these are great to help keep hair from getting tangled. I also pull the front and sides back and make a single braid, with the hair in back hanging loose. My youngest hair naturally falls to the side so the braid hangs by her left ear because of how her part is but it looks nice hanging straight down the back too. I used to have her lay with her head in my lap (pull just the front, top and sides up and braid it real quick) now that she is older she sits still for it but when she was little this was an easy way to do it.
A trim would help alot too... even if it is just a tiny bit off the ends. I do not like the spray on conditioners/detanglers because it makes my girls hair greasy but if it works ok for you that is a great idea too. Also if you are just hanging out at home.... give her a little gentle brush (maybe even the baby brush they probably gave you at the hospital) and let her practice brushing her own hair. It will get some tangles out, help her learn how to do it and is great for the motorskills. But only when you are just at home and her hair is down... otherwise she will tangle it even more.
Hope this helps :)



answers from Denver on

My dd is 2, also, and had hair down to her bum! I got to the point about 2 weeks ago where I could not get a comb through it, despite all of these wonderful product suggestions. It was too long, with curls at the bottom. I finally trimmed it, not much, but enough to where I could finally brush it. There are split ends down there. That's the reason you can't get your brush through it. My husband didn't even notice until I told him, so maybe you can sneak it. Also try just a little partial-hair pony at the top of her head, or two. My dd doesn't stay still, either, so we'll do this and it will stay that way for several days.



answers from Dallas on

About your daughter sitting still, just do her hair every single day as part of the routine and she will eventually see that she doesn't have the option to fight you or move until you tell her that she can.



answers from Denver on

We struggle with this too. Target detangler works. Also, I let her eat her vitamins during hair time... gummies - she thinks they are candy.
Finally, I've heard that satin pillowcases keep it from tangling up during the night (making the morning easier) although I haven't tried this yet. Good luck!



answers from Denver on

I have bald babies, so my daughter doesn't have enough hair yet to worry about this, but a good friend of mine shared some things with me for when that day comes. She gives her daughter a snack of some kind (Dry cereal or similar in the morning) and tells her stories the whole time she does it. She also uses detangler and sprays the hair so it's damp to work with and to hold better. Her daughter has had beautiful hair styles since she was under 2, and they have always looked good at the end of the day. She does a lot of the little clips across the front or little poytails with each one picking up the hair from the last all the way down the head. Her daughter has also always had bangs to help with keeping strays out of her face. She is growing out the bangs now that she's older. Doing this, she has made doing hair fun for both her and her daughter. Hope something you get helps!



answers from Colorado Springs on

I've gotten some great suggestions for products just from reading these replies, so I need to first say thanks for posting this question! My daughter is 4 now, and the exact same thing happened for us. It surprised me because my mom had all bald babies, so I had zero experience with baby hair!

I'll add my product suggestion to the others just because I love it and have looked for so long to find something that works! It's by John Frieda and it's called Root Awakening Detangling Spray. I spray it on after her bath and comb through. Her hair is now to her elbows, and there is a part that STILL manages to get gnarled and tangled no matter what! :)

As for how I kept it out of her face, I did bangs for a time, but could not keep that up - she hated getting them cut, and I found that once they grew out, it was easier overall just to pull them back with the rest of her hair. I did the "Pebbles" top-knot on a regular basis and it seemed to bother her the least of all the pulled-back styles I did when she was so young. Barrettes were almost always pulled out at that age. I tried using those little ponytail holders that look like tiny, stretchy little "headbands" that they market to babies/kids, but those slide right out of her hair. It's good if you want to remove them quickly, but way too easy for your child to remove, and they only hold a small amount of ponytail. They worked for a short time when her top-knot was teeny, but I soon found that I had to get some Goody ponytail holders. They have some great ribbed kind with a plastic (not metal) connector so they won't break your baby's hair.

Also, when her hair is dry I brush it with a boar-bristle brush. You can find them at places like Walgreen's now for a reasonable price, and they get the tangles out so much more gently than even a wide-toothed comb. It smoothes her hair as well, which makes it easier to handle when I'm styling it. Wish I'd had one when she was your daughter's age!

Best wishes!



answers from Kalamazoo on

I agree with the detangling spray. I let my daughter pick out a bottle and a special comb. She picked out L'Oreal (sp?) The Suave stuff works great too! Johnson's has spray and shampoo specifically for thick or curly hair to help get rid of the tangles. My daughter calls it the special spray and she knows after bath we use the specail spray to comb out her hair. It also smells good so she always says it's yummy. She usually sits with a calm movie before bed so I take advantage of her sitting still and comb her hair (or if she's watching a show in the morning, I'll put her hair in pig tails). Make it fun for your daughter. Maybe pick out some special bows, hair clips or headbands (the stretchy ones) to help pull her hair back. I have been tempted many times to cut her hair but I love her long locks (as does my husband, her grandparents and my sisters). Have fun!!



answers from Topeka on

I have been there & still am there.I took my daughter in for a trim that's all they did to the end's that was all I wanted them to do for now & it helped alot.I also use Suave 3in1 shampoo along with Dove conditioner afterwards using a wide tooth comb rinse then repeat the combing.You can try detangler spray or a lotion not much of it @ nite then tie her hair back to prevent it from nots.Are you using the tiny rubberbands if so I cut them out with baby nail clippers instead of pulling them out they strip the hair.



answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter has a f ull head of very curly hair. Has since about 4 months old. I hate it. I have learned at least with her the longer it is the easier it is to maintain because the weight helps tame the curls You don't really tell in detail whether her hair is fine, thick, curly straight so it is hard to say exactly what to do as far as putting it up. We use a good amount of Paul Mitchael's de-tangler when my daughters hair gets really bad. Usually when she is sick and we don't brush for a day or two. We have been growing out her bangs and to keep them back it involves two small ponies connected together on the side of her head, or a cute fountain on the top of her head (one of my favorites). Combing the hair while still in the bath with lots of conditioner in it also can help a lot. Just be careful when you wash it out not to make it too messy.

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