Probiotics During Pregnancy?

Updated on December 07, 2010
A.M. asks from Greenwich, CT
4 answers

Hey everyone! So I have read and heard alot about the benefits of taking probiotics during pregnancy, and now coming down with a yeast infection I definitely want to start taking them. My problem is, I dont know which brand/supplement is best and safe? Has anyone taken a probiotic supplement during pregnancy? Can anyone recommend a good one ? Thankss!

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answers from Dallas on

I've always taken probiotics and took them during pregnancy. Give some to your baby once it gets here, too! Go to a natural food store and get some from the refrigerated vitamin section. Those are going to be the best. Good luck!!

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answers from Las Vegas on

The brand that I use, that I think is definitely worth the money, is Flora More by Renew Life. I am midway through taking a 6-week course of antibiotics to combat a pretty bad lung infection and have been pretty successful counteracting the bad effects of the antibiotics on my digestion and other systems.

Here's a website with information about the product:

I was able mine at Whole Foods Market. You'll find it in a refridgerated case. Hope that you have luck finding the right probiotic soon and that your possible yeast infection is soon history.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi A.,

I use Florify which is a probiotic and prebiotic. It is manufactured by a registered pharmaceutical company that specializes in naural products. They also make the best prenatal on the market and have a prenatal Omega as well. The Omega is to help with eye and brain development. If you're interested in some info, let me know.

God bless and Congratulations!


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