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Updated on October 01, 2010
M.L. asks from Spokane, WA
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I am a child entertainer (face painting and balloons, some magic... still learning) and have been the assistant to a professional clown for quite some time. But, I've just branched out on my own as a Princess. Full dress, tiara, everything.

I'm familiar with what to do at parties from the clown/entertainer standpoint, but I want to do something more 'princessy' than what I have been doing, especially since all of those other things take a lot of time, and I can't usually do all of them in the short time slots. I'm a little lost as we only have boys in our family!

Any one have any good ideas on a cute little story time, or skit to do with children, or songs to sing, or music to dance to? Also, boys are usually at these parties too, so something that would appeal to them, maybe as little knights, princes or even little pirates.

If anyone has had a princess entertainer, what did she do that you liked, what didn't you like, what would you have liked to have happen?

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answers from Sacramento on

Our daughter had a princess party at a local ice cream and tea place. One thing that was a big hit were formal introductions. They asked each child to name a favorite thing (beach, pink, Cinderella, etc.) and that became their kingdom name. All the kids left the room and one at a time would enter the party area when introduced: "This is Princess Lauren of the Kingdom of Pink!" or "This is Prince Ben of the Kingdom of Cars!" They each got a special "ta-da!" moment being introduced.

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answers from San Diego on

We just had two entertainers at my son's Toy Story party (Buzz & Woody for 30 minutes). This same company also has specialized Princess parties as well. I can tell you what they did as entertainers for my son's party. They came in with theme music from the movie and when they arrived they greeted all. Since there were two at this party, they played off each other with small scenes from the movie. Then they walked around and gave each kid a related theme hand stamp and put a related theme sticker on their shirts (there were boys and girls at this party). Since many parents were at the party, there were a lot of photos taken with the characters. They then set the birthday boy down in the middle of the group and told an related story from the movie with the help of the audience. They then did a treasure hunt around the room and some other activities. In the treasure hunt all kids received a special gift from the treasure box once it was found. All the while keeping the kids and audience engaged. I can tell you my son was sooo happy and the kids/parents kept talking about the event for days. This same company which also does princess parties also do Tinkerbell and Fairy parties for girls. I also remember them saying they do Glam Parties and Hannah Montana parties for older girls. They are not limiting themselves to just princesses (for girls parties I mean). What I liked is that they were very professional from start to finish. Prior to the actual party they sent me a contract, spoke to me on the phone about the exact charges and confirmed with me the day before. They arrived on time, gave me just a little extra time with the kids before they had to leave and most importantly kept the party going without having the kids being bored. That is quite a feat with a group of 25 kids! Good luck on your new venture!

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answers from Cleveland on

I have some seriously cute invites I designed, if you're interested, and addressed them by hand, ie. Duchess Stephanie of High Point (the name of their street or town if the street name was corny; you can also add "dom" to the name of a simple street to fancy it up, ie Henry Lane becomes Henrydom or dome, or shire, ie. Henryshire). I reserved the title of Princess for the birthday girl when I did it, the attendees were Dukes and Duchesses. I also had my son dress as a night, made up a fancy pillow, then we rolled the invites which were tea-dyed into scrolls with ribbon, and hand-delivered them with him getting on his knee ala Cinderella. It was a scream! Everyone LOVED it and everyone came to the party. At a kindergarten party, kids received a "ticket" to the Millenium Ball (it was 2000) that they then gave a parent to be admitted (we had extras on hand that we gave in line if they forgot theirs). You could do that, then pair boy/girl or girl/girl, etc. and announce them as they enter, ie. The Lord Jacob of Derbyshire and Duchess Alexandra of Williamston.

At school parties, I've had the kids do "The Stroll" by the Diamonds which they enjoyed. That would be something fun and simple you could show them, or perhaps a little minuet, or, a Monster Mash dance?

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