Princess and Knight Party

Updated on March 03, 2008
A.G. asks from Las Cruces, NM
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For my daughter's third birthday we are going to do a knights and princesses themed party and i was wondering if anyone had some ideas for games and crafts. I have a wide range of guests in terms of age so i need things that she can do, but that won't bore the older kids. I have looked on the Internet and they have some really cute suggestions for all girl party's, but this one will be coed. Any ideas will be helpful! thank you! :)

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answers from Albuquerque on

Hi A.,
I have an awesome game. I love it because it works with almost any sized group (up to 30, I think) and I've played it with almost every age group (including kindergarten), and so far, everyone really likes it.

The game is called, "Chair Chase." It's a take-off on Musical Chairs, but no one is ever "out" the game just keeps going with all players until you're ready for the next game, so kids don't feel left-out.

First, you will need chairs without armrests: one for every player. Have the kids place them in a tight circle: as close together as they can.

One person is, "it" and stands in the center, leaving one seat open.

The object of the game is for the "group" to try and keep seats covered, while the player who is "it" tries to fill the empty seat. You have to get them going, but once warmed up, this game moves quickly: The "group" players continually try to scoot over into the empty seat (they must keep their fannies on the chairs - no standing). Every time a player scoots over, they leave an empty seat behind, which "it" must try to sit in before another group player scoots into it.

Once "it" manages to fill a seat, one of the group players replaces them as "it." (You may have a referee just pick a volunteer; or you may decide the group player who fails to fill the empty seat becomes "it." Just depends on how competative you want it to be.)

This game is good for lots of laughs, and kids cheering each other on. Plus, it's fun to be "it," so usually most kids don't mind getting a turn. (PS, this is a loud game, with all the cheering and yelling)

Since you have a Knights/Princesses theme, maybe you can call the game "Chase the Throne," or "Dodge the Dragon," etc.

Hope your daughter has a great party!

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answers from Phoenix on

the internet is a good place for crafts. for kids that young however there attention spand is not that long so the party should not be more that one hour at the most. sing alongs are fun also musical chairs you can have a dance contest teasure hunts and having them make there own t-shirt decorated by them is fun. puzzles are fun for kids also and those are fairly cheap. I actually own a cake business. it is called made with love and i am listed under mom owned businesses. if you would like me to e-mail you some pics i can do that and i also have a myspace page. give me a call if you would like. my number is ###-###-####. my husband is in the navy and now is a reservist. i understand what you go through. talk to you soon.


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answers from Phoenix on

How about paper crowns and swords for them to decorate?

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answers from Tucson on

For my daughters third birthday we once made a potion, and served it in goblets. That was kinda fun, the kids loved the potion. I think it was just made with juice and sparkling water, but we put dry ice in it to give it a special effect. We also made goblets out of those plastic wine glasses. Just use a glue gun and glue on those round glass beads you get a Michaels. They come out looking pretty cool, and also make good party favors.
Good luck!

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answers from Phoenix on

Along the lines of Lynn A, I was thinking maybe you could have them decorate their own paper hats/swords and then read a story where they get to "act" when their character comes out. For example read "Rapunzel" and every time her name is mentioned the girls stand and curtsy or something like that and every time the prince/knight is mentioned the boys raise up their swords and yell "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair". Check out your library for interactive books...I know there are more interactive stories with actual things the kids can do (like stand up and yell certain phrases when something happens). Kids love being part of the story. I still remember being a part of a story at the fair and at the end we got "magic fairy dust" in a little unicorn horn...I couldn't have been more than 3.

Caution though...anytime a little boy is given a sword to play with, he will want to sword maybe just paper crowns for the boys too...

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answers from Phoenix on

We had a princess party at our house for my niece's 3rd birthday. It was coed. We rented a castle bouncer for outside as our main activity. We also did kiss the lips on the frog, had plastic swords for the boys and plastic crowns for the girls to decorate. We set up a table in one corner with various castle themed foam pieces to decorate door hangers. We decorated with pink and purple. I don't really think that the boys ever came inside, since they were busy bouncing and 'fighting' with their swords. I have more ideas for you, if you would like to contact me I can give you more. Have fun! (My daughter turns three in May, too!)

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answers from Phoenix on

I did a party with my son and his friends, coed, using Narnia as the theme. We did an imagination game and we pretended we where fighting the white witch and had sword fights and ate turkish delight and hot chocolate. To avoid spending a lot of money I just got crowns from BK for the boys and had these dollar store crowns for the girls. It took about an hour from start to finish including cake and presents. Decorations where a big cardboard castle I made from an appliance box, and table cloths made from "dollar a yard" fabric from Wal Mart that looked very renasissance. Good luck.

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