Pricing on Clothes at Garage Sales

Updated on July 24, 2010
T.O. asks from Elmhurst, IL
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We're thinking about having a garage sale and I'm wondering how to go about pricing some of my daughter's clothes. I'm thinking it's pretty typical for boys clothes (t-shirts, shorts, pants) to go for abou $1 each?), but what about girls dresses and matching outfits in sizes 6-18 months? These outfits are from stores like The children's place, Old Navy, Carters, and a couple from Gymboree, etc. They are all in near perfect condition and in my opinion have to be worth more than $1. Any thoughts? Thanks! :)

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Thanks so much! I appreciate all the advice! :)

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answers from Milwaukee on

Honestly at a garage sale I am not willing to spend more then $2 on an outfit, and those are nice ones like dresses and two piece set. To me name brand should not play a huge part in it, yes I know it is "nicer" stuff but it is a garage sale. On a very RARE occasion I will pay $5 for a REALLY NICE outfit but I usually do not have more then $20 on myself when I go to a garage sale so do not want to spend more then a a dollar or two on a nice outfit... and for separates I will not spend more then 25 cents or 50 cents for shirt/shorts/pants/sweater stuff even if it is "name brand."

If you are looking to make more then a buck or two for an outfit I would think you would be more successful selling them on eBay or resale shop. You could try first at the garage sale but just be prepared to not sell a lot with prices higher then $2 on clothes.

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answers from Dallas on

What I do is if it is a set I hang it up or tape it together and place it seperate from the other clothes. That way you can price them differently, we do a clothes line in the garage for the nicer things and the others I would put them in a tub (seperate boys and girls) and I would say $1 each as it gets to be later in the day I would mark them down to $.50 to get rid of them.

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answers from Anchorage on

Where I am from baby cloths go from 25cents to $1, with really fancy dresses and the like possibly going to $2.50. This is a yard sale, not a consignment shop. If you are wanting 50% of what you paid, you may have to sell on ebay or through a resale shop. Personally, I take all my kids old cloths to the children and family homeless shelter and donate them, it is deductible on your taxes.

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answers from Denver on

I would take the name-brand stuff to a children's resale shop. You'll get more money.

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answers from San Antonio on

I wouldn't personally spend more than $1 for a shirt for my son. Garage sales are best when it's "THIS WHOLE TABLE $1" If you really want to just get rid of it, try $1 on day one of your garage sale. Day two, mark it down to 50cents a piece.

If you have some very nice easter dresses or something, put these separate (best if on a hanger on a hanging rack or clothesline) so that it stands out as being 'beautiful' and worth more than $1. I don't have a daughter, but might spend $2 or $3 at a garage sale for a nice outfit for a girl/niece. Doubt I'd spend more than $5 though.

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answers from Chicago on

I think it depends if you want to make money or just get rid of stuff.

I priced some things how I thought was fair and they didn't move.

If you say "all clothes are $1" or make a rack/table that's all $5, you can see what you get.


answers from Dallas on

I don't usually put more than $1.00 on clothing, most of the time on T-shirts and shorts, 50 cents, whole outfits I may go to a $1.00. It really depends on you and how much you want to get rid of them. If you are into bartering then you may ask for much. I don't usually pay more than a $1.00 for clothes at a garage sale, just my 2 cents...



answers from Minneapolis on




answers from Chicago on

Guess I am out of the norm lol. If it's a nice outfit and you paid a lot for it I would put maybe $3 or $4 on it. You can always go down on the price. If it doesn't sell or maybe even before the sale take it to someplace like Once apon a child. you may get more than that at the store than you would at the sale. I am willing to pay more for something nice. I buy a lot of stuff for my son and my grandchildren at garage sales. If its nice why give it away?



answers from Los Angeles on

I always sell the nicer stuff on craigslist, it sells better, but otherwise what we always do is $1.00 for tops & shorts, $2.00 for pants, $2.00 for sun dresses, $3 for nicer dresses, $2.50 or $3.00 for an outfit, depending how nice, brand name, condition ect. Have fun! :)



answers from Erie on

I suppose it depends on your area. I've done some garage saling. And unless it is in pristine condition A Dollar is pretty much Max for a pair of jeans, or cute casual dress. 50 cents is better for Tshirts and separates. If it was a super special outfit maybe $3, but there are soooooo many people selling clothign in that size that is practically new, that i don't think garage saling people on a budget would pay much more than $1. I think the rule of thumb is to charge 1/3rd of the price new, but again being young kids stuff there is just so much of it cheap that people can be picky. But tell them you'll accept reasonable offers, or start higher and lower it later in the day. I just know it's super frustrating to price all that stuff and not have it sell. Again, this might just be my area of town, and the fact of the rescession and all.



answers from Boise on

It doesnt matter how much you think it is worth- the worth is set by the buyer, of how much they are willing to pay, and how much the people down the street are charging for clothes at their garage sales. Thats just the way it is. If you price your clothes too high, you will be putting them all back into the garage again when the sale is over.

I personally will not pay more than a dollar for any clothing at a garage sale unless it is a jacket or a formal dress. I will pay a dollor for jeans on occasion. Fifty cents in more my price tag on shirts and such and that is a common price tag at garage sales. I will buy more clothing when it is 25-50 cents and will usually pass up clothing when i feel it is priced too high.


answers from New York on

Honestly if you really want to get rid of them.... Make it a bag sale. Ppl with children know how much clothes cost and I put "whatever you can fit in a paper bag for $10.00. I made a killing and was able to get rid of the clothes. Ppl that go to yard sales are looking for super bargins. So if you feel that you cannot do that I would suggest that you put them on ebay. If the outfit is cute and you start at $1 there is a good chance that someone with pay more. To be honest with you some ppl are very gullable. I once had a yard sale and sold my clothes for $2 a bag. One woman asked me what they would be seperate. I told her .10 each (just wanted to get rid of them) well she ended up buying 25 items for $2.50. I made out in the long run but if she just did the bag she could have saved herself .50. Some ppl just don't get it. I once saw that you can buy something for .25 or 4 for $1.00. The ppl were going crazy cause it was 4 for $1.00. Well they are .25 each anyway. DUH! There was a woman in walmart buying crackers. The sign said 2 for $2.00. She was going crazy about them. I asked her why she was so excited about the price? She said they are 2 for $2.00 that's cheap! I had to explain to her that they are always priced for $1.00. That it was no bargain. Do you know she didn't get it?
So think about how to word things and you will get what you want. Say you want $2.00 for one outfit. Write on the sign 2 for $4.00 and watch how much you sell. You are still geting the $2.00 that you wanted in the first place and if they ask how much for 1 tell them $2.50 and they will buy 2 so that they save the .50. Think about it.



answers from Johnstown on

Look at it from this perspective; you go to a garage sale and see cute kids clothes. You know the seller's children got their wear out of them, and you have no clue how much they paid for them in the first place, nor do you know how well the seller took care of the clothes, if they have pets, if the kids had diaper leaks in them, or if they were peed on or thrown up on. Also, you have no memories or emotional attachment to it, it is simply a cute outfit at a yard sale. You see a price tag of an outfit of say $5, would you pay it? I personally would not. Not because it is not worth it, but because I am going to garage sales looking for a bargain. Anything over $2, try to sell on ebay. That would be your best bet.



answers from New York on

Yes, you can charge more for the good quality clothing. $5 would be the max. Make sure you display it properly, hang it up or lay it out on a table separate from all the "play clothes".

T-shirts in our area go for 25 or 50 cents, unless they are of high quality or part of an outfit. The same for knit shorts. The other items can go for $1.

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