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Updated on February 11, 2009
J.G. asks from Troy, MI
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I'm going to be selling some items in a mom-to-mom sale next month. I've only been to a few, and I have no idea how to price my items. Are there any frequent mom-to-mom shoppers out there that could help me? Please!

Clothes will be from 0 - 2T, all boys

Some are no-name (cheaper) brands, well used. Are these types of things usually $1?

What about nicer items, things from Baby Gap, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, etc. What do these go for?


Shoes? Nice shoes (stride rite, pediped, robeez) - almost new to really used. Whats the range?

Books and toys? you can see, I'm clueless. Any and ALL information would be great appreciated! I'm not looking to make a lot of money, I just want to price my items fairly so they sell, and someone else can get some use out of them.

Thank you in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for the advice ladies. I think I'll save my more expensive items for eBay. I'm really looking forward to clearing out some of our stuff! And, to be honest, just getting out of the house by myself for a morning!!!

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answers from Detroit on

regular clothes... I wouldnt pay more than $1 each item

Name brand stuff $3 if it is fairly used .. Maybe $5 if it is great shape.

I will pay more for outfits.. name brand pants and shirt together..

Not as hard with boys stuff but with girl stuff it can be hard to match a separate shirt or pants.

Shoes.. fairly used $1 -- dress shoes or shoes that were barely used 3-5.(like shoes that were outgrown before they hardly got worn..

If it is abig sale with lots of competition people will walk away to find it cheaper elsewhere.



answers from Detroit on

I've attended my fair share of mom2moms...and it's really about your attitude. Do you want to make money or get rid of your stuff?

General Clothing... $1 (it will be easy to sell...any higher is hard pressed due to competition).
Nice Clothing...$2-4 (you need to package it nicely though... place outfits together in plastic bags, and ensure labels are showing)

Books... almost always are .25
Toys range depending on the toy... you'll definitly sell them if they are $2-4...much more than that you'll have to find the right buyer.

Shoes...also $1...unless VERY NEW... then you can do $2-3

It really depends... The last one I was at... there were a bunch of "sit and spins" ... everyone was selling theirs at $8. I wasn't going to pay that much...and my patience paid off because I bought one at a different sale the same day for $4. Cheaper sells.

Have fun!



answers from Detroit on


I've attended and sold at a few mom2mom sales. There will be some people looking for spring/summer clothes and some will be looking for fall/winter so I usually take both. Also, I usually sell just as many toys as I do clothes. Even small toys sell well as parents will usually purchase something small to keep the kids happy.

I'm participating in a sale soon and here is an excerpt from their suggestions.

Price your items realistically. Generally, you can only expect 10-40% of your original cost on an item. What you get will depend on brand, current brands and trends, condition and demand on an item. Clothing in great condition and popular brand will generally get about 25% of the original cost. Equipment will demand a higher price if it is barely used and a new model. If you have the item in the original box it usually commands a higher price. Use common sense when pricing, and be willing to mark prices down when items are not selling right away.

I hope this helps.




answers from Detroit on

I LOVE to shop mom 2 mom sales...for bargains, of course. i think that is what all mom's are looking for. that being said, moms don't want to pay more than they would for new clearance items...if it's a good sale, you will make money! i won't even look at tables if the items are priced more than a few dollars (for clothes). I would prob do something like this:
shirts or pants .50cents or $1
outfit set $1 unless more than two pieces, then maybe $2
pajamas $1 (i will not pay more than this for pj's, because i know i can find some at another table for $1)
shoes $1-2 depending on what condition they're in, books .50 cents for board books, maybe $1 for others in good shape.
coats $5 at the most if in good shape.

as for the nicer brands...i'm going to be very honest...sorry you paid so much for them, but people don't care at mom 2 mom sales...they want bargains. they are used clothes, plain and simple... i don't think you can charge much more than other clothes! (you might try to sell them to a resale store like Children's Orchard or Cutie Patootie instead if you want more for them.)

good luck with your sale!



answers from Detroit on

My policy is to charge half of what I paid for it and say if it is a good name/ designer. Don't bother with soft toys as they don't sell and shoes need to be virtually new to go - would you buy a well used pair of shoes to wear yourself?!
Also think about the season - most people will be shopping now for Summer stuff - shorts and tees etc rather than winter coats and boots so save these for a fall sale when people will be looking for this stuff and willing to pay more for it then.
Good luck! Are you selling at a twins club sale? Ours is March 28th at Hope Community Baptist Church on Hayes between 18 and 19 mile from 9 - 1pm - perhaps see you there?!

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