Pricing Baby Clothes for Garage Sale?

Updated on June 21, 2010
S.C. asks from Inver Grove Heights, MN
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I am putting some baby clothes into a friends garage sale and I have no clue on what to price them at. I would love some ideas on how much to price thing at.

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answers from Minneapolis on

What would you pay for that item at a garage sale? That is what I go by when I price things. You will get a higher amount if you consign them at an semi annual consignment sale.



answers from Madison on

My first piece of advice is not to sticker each individual item ... it takes way too long and is not worth it. Instead, group like items (t-shirts, pants, outfits, etc) on separate tables and put an appropriate price on each table. I would say that generally, t-shirts price at a quarter to fifty cents, pants seventy-five cents to a dollar and outfits a dollar to two, depending on the condition, etc. It makes it much easier to add up, as well, by just having to count pieces. Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Since it is at someone else's sale, make sure your items are marked or separated if you are going to be there. If you are not going to be there, make sure you tell your friend if your items are negotiable or firm. You may consider selling your items by the bag or bundle.

If you want more money for your clothing and baby items, consider selling them at community baby bonanzas and church sales. Most offer a table for $5 - $10 and you can get more for the items.

Like others have said, garage/yard sales are for selling items really cheaply. Most people who frequent these sales will shop at 20 - 50 in a day EACH week. You have to be competitive or it's not worth your time and energy.




answers from Milwaukee on

When we did our rummage sale, we had a table that was all $1.00 per item. It was pretty easy and most of the items went fast, especially the baby/infant clothes. For the nicer outfits you can price those separately and put whatever you think it's worth getting ($2-$5, etc.) Good luck!



answers from Waterloo on

I was told that a good rule of thumb is to price it 20% of what you paid for it. It does make it a lot easier to price everything across the board....a certain price for separates, sleepers, outfits, etc. This way you don't need to write on each sticker the price of each, just use a certain color so they know the items are yours or even cute decorative ones. I used leftover easter egg stickers on my stuff last year when I had a sale with about 4 other people. On more expensive clothes or things brand new or only worn once for pictures it's fair to price separately. I love garage sales, good luck!



answers from Milwaukee on

I did our town rummage last year and will be again this year. I did almost everything on hangers and kept as much as I could in outfits. My outfits were $3.00 each or 4 for $10. I made signs on my computer with pricing and avoided individual pricing on as much as possibe. All of my hanging items were in good to great shape. Anything with stains or tears went into a box and was labeld as "free play clothes." It is so much easier to keep it organized if you can hang it, also easier for people to see and shop. (Must be the many years of retail I've worked.) All of the pj's went in different boxes, by size, and were clearly labeled with size and price - $1 each or 6 for $5. Shoes were lined up on the driveway by size and I used sidewalk chalk to label the size of the row and that they were $2.00 each and sandles/slippers $1.50. I put a sticker on anything that was warn looking for .50 - 1.00. Hope that helps!



answers from Minneapolis on

I love to garage sale for clothes and toys for my little girl. She is in a DC center so some clothes I don't care if they are worn, but I do care how much I spend. Price them to sell if you want to get rid of them.

My experience....shorts, capris, pants, shirts = $.50. Jeans, clothing sets, pj sets = $2-3. Coats or jackets = $3-5 unless really nice, not worn, or snow sets!

I have also run into bag sales - which are great for shoppers and getting rid of your things....Fill a bag with clothes from a certain table for $3,5,7-whatever you are happy with! This is usually the last day of the sale.

Good luck - happy saling!


answers from Appleton on

If you want them gone and gone fast then the cheaper the better, especially if they are nice things. I LOVE rummage sales BUT I think that there are too many people out there that are just greedy and want money, money, money. When I do my sales I tend to keep things very resonable because I don't want to keep hanging on to it. Kid tops .25 - $1, pants .75 - $1.50, outfits (depends) up to $7.00, shoes are tricky too, but I normally try to stay under a couple bucks. I always take into consideration if it's namebrand or not and especially with outfits that have more than a couple pieces I would mark higher, but just remember in the back of your head "it's a rummage sale and people want DEALS". Good luck!!!



answers from Omaha on

I don't have experience pricing items, but I can tell you what I'd be willing to spend. I always look for designer brands- Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, etc and even nice store brands like Gap or Gymboree- these brands I would pay up to $5 per item, depending on the item, and what kind of shape it's in.

For less expensive brands, I'd go pretty low on the price- $2 or less, depending on the item and the condition it's in.



answers from Milwaukee on

I agree with Shari. The pricing she suggested is the going rate for baby clothes and toddler clothes can sometimes get more than $1 if they are really fancy. I would lay them out so they can easily see what you have.




answers from Fayetteville on

hi, this is okema, mother of 2 girls a 6 and 4 year old. and a mom who loves to buy good used kids clothes at yard sales. for onesis i would put .25 on plain ones and maybe .50 on ones that are a little nicer. jeans 1.00 to 2.00 nice outfits 2.00 to 5.00 . you also need to consider the condition of the items, how bad you want to get ride of them, and not what you paid for them. it is a yard sale people who cant afford new thinds tend to look at low prices at yard sales. hope this helps



answers from Sheboygan on

I will price nicer or unworn stuff a little high, maybe $3 or $4, and hang them up or put at a seperate table. The rest of it I put on tables and start at $2 each. After a few hours I will lower the price to $1. For the second day I will go to $.50 and then to $.25. I don't put price tags on items on the tables, I just put up a ton of signs. I agree that people get greedy on how much they want for their kids old clothes and then wonder why nobody is buying. Why would somebody pay $3 or $4 for something that is used when you can have something brand new for a couple dollars more?



answers from St. Cloud on

Like everyone else said. If you want it gone, mark it CHEAP!!! If you're just going to donate them after the sale, mark them down. A quarter in your pocket is more than nothing....

I mark my tops anywhere from 5 cents to $1.00 (needs to be in perfect shape for the $1 mark.)

Pants are anywhere from 5 cents to $1.00 (again, must be in great shape to be marked high.)

Outfits can by marked UP TO $3.00. Most are marked $1 to $2.

Jammies go for about 50 cents.

Coats go for about $3 to $5 depending on shape. If they are Columbia snow sets, you can get $10 to $20 depending on shape and quality.

When I have a sale, I want my stuff GONE!!! I've been to sales where they have gymboree and such brands and when they have it marked $5 for a shirt, they DON"T SELL!!! Ebay is different from garage sales. If you want ebay pricing then you need to list on ebay and pay the fees.

When people go garage saling, they are looking for good deals!



answers from St. Cloud on

For things that are obviously used- stick to less then a dollar. (or a footed blanket sleeper- can go for $1 if it is a good used condition)For like new items several dollars is usually a good price. If it is worn once or never up to 25% of it's original cost is good.



answers from Minneapolis on

Just a note--Gymboree and Baby Gap clothes seem to be in high demand and you can ask on the high end for them if they're in good shape. Just check out what the Gymboree stuff sells for on ebay. I know some people make back what they paid for the clothes, even after their kids wore them. Good luck!


answers from New York on

You may consider another option for whatever doesn't sell. Try a site called GumdropSwap ( You can swap from anywhere in the US by sending the clothes your kids outgrow to this kids boutique in CT. An option if you want to get some value out of all the money you spent instead of flat out donating. As long your things are in good condition they don't turn down anything because of brand, size or season. They take everything unlike resale store like Once Upon a Child! They give you points to shop on the website and send the clothes that fit your kids. It's great if you don't have time, patience or know how to do consignment, Ebay, craigslist, tag sale, etc.



answers from Rapid City on

If they are in good shape you can ask for $2 or $3 apiece. If you want to make sure they go you can ask $1 for them, 50 cents for more worn clothes. If it is fancy, you can ask even more for them or coats, snowsuits and all that ask a good price for them. If they don't seem to be selling, you can always lower the price. If you don't get what you want out of them you can always take the good ones to Once upon a child or other second hand stores. Or you can just go and check out what they are selling their clothes for.

Good luck.



answers from Waterloo on

A quarter per piece. Fifty cents if it's an outfit together. A dollar or two if it's a "name brand" that's in good shape.

I don't know if that seems too low for you, but I do ALOT of garage saling and baby clothes are a dime a dozen (no pun intended!). If a shopper thinks your baby clothes are priced too high they can go to the next garage sale and get just as much selection for less money.



answers from Des Moines on

I would agree with most of the moms that say if you want them gone, price them cheap. I love garage saling, and live in an area where baby clothes are abundant. So I pass over torn or stained clothes, and also pass by clothes that are priced too high. I will talk to the seller and see if they will negotiate also. I also spend more time at sales where the clothes are easy to see and put together in sizes. I left one sale before really looking because there were six tables pushed together and clothes stacked at least a foot high completely covering the tables. It was overwhelming and she wanted ridiculous amounts for them. I am sure they were great clothes, but I just felt so overwhelmed that I left.

Hope this helps you :) Have fun, meet interesting people and be ready to wheel and deal, and you will probably have a great time.

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