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Updated on December 15, 2012
K.L. asks from Fort Stewart, GA
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Has anyone ever done the research to figure out what a good price for gift wrap is? I know it is a silly question, but I would like to save some time in the store with my calculator if someone can help me out! My toddler will get quite testy if i have to stay in one spot in the store for a while doing math! I hate when you see wrapping paper for $1 and then realize it will only wrap 1 or 2 small gifts. If you have already done the math and would like to share a good price per square foot (or however you have figured it out), and feel like sharing your knowledge :) , I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

You actually calculate cost per sq ft at the store? You must have a lot of free time.

I have not bought wrapping paper in ages. I usually pick up 1-5 rolls after Christmas somewhere and I'm good for the next year. I keep a couple rolls of generic birthday, wedding and baby paper around that is not used very much.

I couldn't begin to tell you what I have paid for a roll of paper, much less the cost per SF.

Good luck

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answers from Detroit on

I buy the roll of brown kraft paper and have a birthday & christmas stamp & a to from stamp. It's not only cheaper but I love the earthy look as well. I let the kids color in the stamps. We have also used the grocery paper bags.

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answers from Houston on

I also do the brown craft paper which is cheap from the dollar store. I either add stamps, hand sketches, glued on cheap ornaments (also dollar store purchases) and/or bands of holiday/occasion specific wrapping paper/ribbons. It makes the gift unique and personalized without me needing anything more on hand than a roll of brown paper. Sorry I don't know the cheapest price for wrapping paper.

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answers from Topeka on

Hobby Lobby has good heavy duty wrapping paper priced at 7.99 but it's always half price I purchase 2 or 3 at a time and have plenty left over for the oops I forgot to buy that gift and no need to buy more wrapping paper because I have plenty.I'm not sure how many presents I have to wrap year to year but it's alot now with 4 kids they have 4 toy gifts each at this time, 16 to wrap and the other 22 presents to wrap i'm sure i'll have enough.Don't get the dollar store paper it wraps only 2-3 small items but if that is all you have then buy it I do from time to time especially if its a character.Walgreens has Hallmark studio reg. price unsure but I like to buy it when it is in the add for 2.99 then get 2 free.

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answers from Seattle on

All I know is i hit the dollar store and buy wrapping paper there. It wraps way more than 2 gifts, it's very cheap, and it's just going to get all torn up Christmas morning!
Then, I might hit Target or Walmart the day or two after Christmas and buy wrapping paper for 1/2 off for the next year.
(I have a TON of wrapping paper. it's ridiculous)

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answers from San Francisco on

Wrapping paper is the ONLY thing I buy at the after Christmas sales. You can get large, beautiful rolls for 1 or 2 dollars each!
I know that doesn't help you this year, but maybe you could stock up for next year.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I get my wrapping paper at the Dollar Store. I make sure it has the same
sq feet as the other wrap I've seen around town for $4

Then I go after Christmas to major stores like Target & Walmart to get their wrapping paper for 75% off. I did that one year and got paper for 75 cents and 50 cents.

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answers from Los Angeles on

i bought 2 double sided thick rolls from costco YEARS ago for $8. this is the first year I had to buy more. OMG. that cheap stuff at target is expensive! My mom bought a ton of rolls a few years back after christmas for $.25 so I think I have to do that.

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answers from Kansas City on

honestly, i go to dollar tree (early, so there is still a good selection) and i look at the square footage listed on the rolls, and choose from the biggest rolls. i even got blue and silver paper to go with my blue and silver tree this year (which i have NEVER done before lol)

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answers from Washington DC on

We got a 4 pack of 180ft of wrap at KMart for $5, I think. Like anything, compare the price per quantity - in this case, price per foot. We also reuse gift bags and boxes (with or without holiday images) within our immediate family.

We buy many holiday things the year before - cards, gift wrap/bags, paper plates and napkins - after Christmas when they really want to get it g.o.n.e.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I usually buy the biggest rolls ($10) I can on Boxing Day for 1/2 price ($5) to use the following Christmas. These rolls will wrap all of our gifts, with some to spare. It is much easier to store one big roll of paper than several small rolls. The only problem with buying the huge roll is that all your gifts under the tree are wrapped the same, which is a good thing if you like things to match.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I don't really calculate price of wrapping paper per foot or gift, but...

Brown craft paper like used to wrap packages you're mailing from the dollar stores, Target or Walmart, decorated with stamps, stickers or markers, or simply a pretty ribbon and bow is an inexpensive wrap. Use different colored ribbon for different family members, easy and fun. You can also add a paper doily to fancy it up, packs of them can be bought cheaply.

The $1 rolls are still a good buy, I pick them up throughout the year...if you use it on 2 gifts it's $.50 apiece, not bad as opposed to buying a gift bag and tissue paper.

I also use newspaper, Sunday comics for kids, Sports for the guys, Life, Cooking or Entertainment for ladies...add red ribbon and bow, cute and cheap. You can tape two sheets together for large gifts, double (for nothing) to avoid see-through.

And when wrapping small gifts I use scrapbooking papers, the 12" x 12" size, I get them when they're on sale at Michaels for 5 or so for $1.

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answers from Cleveland on

lol, I could never never do this math, but i'll share my opinions

Dollar store is ok but very thin and i have bad luck with it ripping. and yes there isn't much on the roll.

Walgreens has decent stuff and you can get a deal, like someone else mentioned.

Hallmark is slowly pulling me in and hooking me. Their paper is AWESOME and thick and lovely and has the lines on the inside since ican't cut straight. some magazines have hallmark holiday coupons in them for $5 off a $10 purchase or sometime the store will mail out a cataloge that has coupons too, so it is possible to score Some super super nice paper for a lesser amount but even $5 for a nice hallmark roll is probably equal to 8 dollar store rolls.

I don't know about walmart or target, probably a middle ground. but i often don't like the prints and I realize i've gotten fussy. But i do like the character paper at the dollar store.

Just thought i would throw this out there, I haven't quiet worked it out in my head yet, but i would like to start going wrapping paper less, I always reuse gift bags but I'd like to use fabric or something to wrap up gifts and reuse them indefinately. like i said i not quite there yet since i can't see giving up sliding your finger under the paper and pulling the gift out. but what a waste of trees to use wrapping paper like that.

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