Preterm Labor at 35 Weeks

Updated on May 03, 2011
S.A. asks from Spokane, WA
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I went to the hospital having contractions every 3 to 4 mins 3 cm and 50 to 60% effaced. They gave me Nifedipine to stop the contractions while I was at the hospital. I have a really bad reaction to the drug. Dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, light headed, was not able to swallow water, would cough when I took a deep breath, felt like the room was caving in on me, Very nervous and afraid like and my blood pressure was a getting low.

Now they want me to get back on this horrible drug for another week. I dont want to take this. I feel she will come when she is ready. After reading up on this drug I WILL NOT TAKE IT! The side affects go on and on and on.

Please let me know if you had a bad experience with this too. I feel they gave me know choice in the matter and

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answers from Seattle on

I always had pre-term labor and they always gave me tirbudaline (spelling?). The only bad reaction was terrible acid reflux. Maybe they could give that a try. I wouldn't want to risk my child's health by allowing her to come early. Their little lungs aren't developed enough at 35 weeks, try to give her as much time as possible, but definitely don't take something that makes you scary sick. There are other alternatives.

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answers from Provo on

35 weeks is really not that pre-term. I had my son at 36 weeks and he is fine. The main thing that the doctor is probably concerned about is lung development. Usually a little girl's lungs develop quicker. Sometimes the doctor is trying to get as much as he can out of the insurance company so I would just ask the doctor to explain his decision to you. I would not take the drug either with all these terrible things happening to you.

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answers from Dallas on

I had pre-term labor and was put on bedrest at about 20 weeks with both of my pregnancies. Surely there are other options for you. I think I was given Magnesium Sulfate as someone else mentioned. I know it is best for babies to go to term, or as close to term as possible, but both of my boys were born healthy (and 7.5 pounds!) at 35 weeks. The side effects you describe sound awful. I don't blame you for not wanting to take the drug. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I hope you feel better.

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answers from Hartford on

You can refuse to take it and request something else, especially considering you had a bad reaction to it already. Stick to your guns.

From this point on, I would try to maintain the pregnancy naturally if you can. Stay hydrated and keep up on your nutrition. If you're on bed rest then follow orders. Lay on your left side to help keep your blood pressure down. Even at 35 weeks, every week counts. My doctors tried stopping labor every time I had preterm labor until I hit 36 weeks, but I would have liked to have gone to at least 38 if I could have. Just try to get every day you can out of it.

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answers from Seattle on

Magnesium sulfate was what I was given I am pretty sure. I had everything you mentioned though. I dont remember being asked if I wanted it. I think they have to act in the best nature for baby when it comes to that. I was on 27 weeks when i went into labor though. I would think at 35 weeks they would air on the side of caution but to the extent they give baby steroids to help with lung development. I would really sit and listen to what your doctor has to say about why you should be put on this. It seems the risks and side effects are worse then the out come of premature birth at this point. Be open though if he can suggest other things.

Did they put you on bed rest along with the medication??

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answers from Seattle on

Wow, I'm shocked with the ease of so many responses saying 35 weeks is fine. There's a reason the doctors want the baby to bake as long as possible. Guess, if you've had to hold a premie you might understand why it's important to try for a longer run.

In my case, I couldn't hold my premie. I could sit by his unit and touch his hand.

Let the doctors know the med had bad side effects (if you were to look up side effects of half the medicine in your cabinet you'd be shocked at the list) and do what you can for your baby.

Sorry, I know I came off quite rude at first, I am just surprised that people assume since some babies are born okay at 35 weeks they can delay going to the hospital so the doctor's don't have time to stop the labor. We don't know all that you've experienced in your pregnancy and we don't know if you have any other health concerns, so for people to tell you it's fine, is wrong.

The last month is a huge growth time in the baby's life and lungs.



answers from Columbus on

I went into labor with my little guy 6 weeks ago at 35 weeks 5 days. I delivered him at exactly 36 weeks and he is an extremely healthy boy. I'm not sure why they are so concerned with stopping your labor, but i suppose all doctors are different. Can they try to prevent labor with bed rest instead of medication if you are currently no longer laboring?


answers from Eugene on

Stay off the drug. Your baby is quite survivable at this point. My aunt was born in 1916 two month premature and she is still living today. She is healthy and strong and raised a family, had a husband, worked for a living. A baby born early can live a very full life.

Do not take a drug that is know to cause so many side effects. How about the placental cross over? I back your decision 100%.


answers from Tucson on

35 weeks why did they stop it? My Ob just told me if at 35 weeks they wouldnt bother stopping my labor again.


answers from Lincoln on

My first I went on bedrest a few days before 29 weeks and on Tributalane (sp) 2 days later was int he hospital after extra pills then shots and a magnesium sulfate iv - then finally a C-section! My second when my water broke and I was having contractions at 36 weeks they just let me go. technically she was premature however I consider her fullterm. I would ask if that is really your only option.



answers from Norfolk on

My doctor told me once I hit 34 weeks, they wouldn't intervene if I went into labor on my own. (I was pregnant with twins.) Has your doctor given you a reason they're not allowing your labor to progress?



answers from Portland on

My son came early at 35 1/12 weeks. I delayed going to the hospital, so it was too late for them to try and stop it with drugs. He was fine (had some respiratory issues for a few days, but is totally healthy now). After delivery, they found that my placenta had an infection -- that was what caused me to go into labor. So, my body knew what it was doing. 35 weeks is considered a 'late preemie', and like other posters have said, lung development in preemie girls is not as much of a problem as it is for boys. Go with your gut on this one, it sounds like you know what you want to do.

To clarify: I didn't purposely delay going to the hospital. I didn't really believe I was in labor. When I did go in, they informed my they couldn't give me the drugs. All of our birth stories are anecdotal, so I was trying to share my own experience.

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