Pressure and Contractions

Updated on July 21, 2008
A.B. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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I have been having so much cramping and pressure. The cramping will move into my back and my back will just ache like crazy. I have been having some contractions but nothing building consistent enough to go in. Sometimes the pressure is so great it hurts and I sometimes feel the need of wanting to push. When do you call your Dr. with symptoms like this. He stripped my membranes last week and said he will induce me this Friday if I don't have her before hand, but sometimes the pain in the pelvis is unbearable. Thanks for all your adice.

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answers from Knoxville on

If your having back labor it could be time. I would call the dr. and let him know. I had back labor with my second child. I really did not feel to much pain just more pressure then moving around into my back.



answers from St. Louis on

What are you waiting on. You need to go now if you have the urge to push.. GOD BLESS



answers from St. Louis on

I think if you feel the need to push, you need to call your doctor right away. For me, anytime I needed to push, the baby was ready to come out.

The best relief for back labor is to have someone press on your back where it's aching.

I wish you the best!



answers from St. Louis on

i had back labor and labored for hours before i was able to deliver and had to have a c/ friend however, had inconsistant ctx w/ back pains...never having ctx closer than 6 mins together but lots of symptoms like you described...kept waiting and waiting to go call the Dr...b/c she just didn't believe it was possible and ended up delivering in the front seat of her van on the way to the hosp....every labor for every woman is different...go in and get checked. good luck and hope your holding your new daughter soon!

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