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Updated on April 07, 2008
J.H. asks from Westminster, CA
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I have an embarrassing problem with body odor (in the pits only). I do not sweat much and shower daily. I am a very clean, neat person, and have had this problem for a while. I have used prescription deodorant (Drysol) and it used to work. Now it doesn't work! I have tried the over the counter prescription strenght Secret and Degree and they don't work. Anyone use another prescription deod? or have another suggestion??

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So What Happened?

Well, I am shocked to learn so much about this topic! My doctor never mentioned any risk with using aluminum products. In fact, told me it was ok to use while pregnant. Luckily, I am a worry wart so never used it while pregnant. I never knew there was a link to breast cancer. Since all of your advice, I have researched a little more and plan to do some sort of detox, as I have colon/bowel problems for years. I've learned so much and think there MUST be a link!! I have tried using vinegar and it actually seems to work. I appreciate all of you advice and education on this matter!

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My sister-in-law had the same problem, she also used drysol and the same thing happened to her, it stopped working. She uses Arm & Hammer Ultra Max now and it works, and she gave up coffee and said that made an impact. She has to stay away from synthetic materials - being a mom she mostly sticks with cotton. Depending on the severity of your condition, there is another option, laser surgery. They are doing it for underarms and palms. Good Luck!



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DETOX DETOX DETOX clean your colon. this smell should sound an alarm that the inside needs cleaning, don't mask it with prescription deoderant od laser surgery. if you do not heed this warning you, like most of us americans, will continue auto-intoxicating until some dis-ease developes that the doctors will then try to treat symptomatically, thus leaving the putrified sludge in your large intestine to continue to auto intoxicate your body. web sites like (there are tons more) books like kevin trudeau's Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About. take psyllium. it's a tough adjustment at first but once you eat better and are cleaner inside you will FEEL SO GREAT it will be easy. you may get a cold or flu like thing as you clear out the toxins so baby yourself through it. PS Remember the Standard American Diet id SAD. Avoid white flour, white sugar, boxed food, fast food. eat veges. eat 50%-80% raw food. with love and support, k



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Could be your diet. Sounds crazy I know, but get yourself a bottle of chlorophyll capsules and take them as directed on the bottle. It helps reduce body odor and limit your intake of meat. Give it a full bottle's worth and see if that helps.



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I have a thought to share, which is that often times, body odor is connected to the elimination of toxins in the body, usually related to what we are eating.
I don't know when this started, or if it has always been, but I would suggest taking a look at diet, or any other things that might be going into or on the body that your body might be trying to cleanse of or release.
Perspiration alone is not what contains the odor. I believe that it is bacteria or toxins that are being released that create the odor.
Now, that's just one school of thought that I'm sharing. I am no expert on the topic, and haven't researched any other possible physiological reasons for it.
A way to explore my suggestion would be to try out body cleansing/detoxing and see if that helps.
Another thing to just keep in mind is the connection between anti perspirants/deodorants and breast cancer.
These are both bits of information that I learned at a body cleansing program.
Those are my 2 cents. All the best to you!



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Hi J.,

I see you received some really good advise on your diet. I am now going to tell you you should try some of these things they are talking about. STOP using deodorant with Aluminum in it. PLEASE! I am 44 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the things that the dr's tell me is: DO NOT USE deodorant that contains aluminum. I know this does not help with your problem, but could be benificial to your health. Try some of the all natural deodarants after you try cleaning out your system.

Good Luck
I wish you wellness :)




answers from Las Vegas on

I am with everyone else. I may be the diet. Do you drink plenty of water?

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