Prescription Anti-aging Creams Worth The $$?

Updated on February 05, 2017
N.R. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hello moms - a lot of women I know swear by Retin A (or it's generic form for less $). I would love to minimize the aging process in this not too invasive way. I asked my old school (male) dermatologist and he poo-pooed the idea - "Too expensive! Too irritating!" He recommended over the counter options (like Neutrogena, etc.). Have any of you used a prescription form and have feedback? Worth the price? I'm assuming the extra $ and Rx = more effective. But would appreciate anyone with experience to share. Thanks!

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answers from Norfolk on

Best way to minimize the aging process is to avoid being out in the sun too long.
(And to quit smoking if you smoke')
A good sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat, or umbrella to shade you will prevent more damage than any cream/serum can repair.

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answers from New York on

I've kind of taken a cross-section approach to my skin care. Like others, I wish I would have paid more attention at an earlier age to my skin - especially my face. However, that ship has sailed. I have really impressed upon my kids the need for good skin care at a young age, and my daughters (not really the boys - they don't seem to care) have taken it to heart. Their gain is worth every wrinkle and sunspot I have :)

I do use some dermatologist items (RX) and some over the counter items AND I do purchase a few things from Rodan and Fields. I have also done some laser zapping of a few brown spots. I picked two things to focus on - skin spots/discoloration and slowing down the aging process. I don't think I can "turn back the clock" without spending some serious money on invasive procedures so I am working on just minimizing the damage going forward. The spots were bothersome so I chose those to work on - if it was the wrinkles that bothered me, I would have picked those.

I will say that for my efforts, my face isn't getting younger. HOWEVER, when people look at photos of me 5 years ago vs. today - I get a lot of "you haven't aged a day." And honestly, my face looks very much the same wrinkle-wise and spot-wise.

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

My skin can be sensitive and I would not use Retin-A. I tried a tester with a tiny bit of Retin A and it looked like I burned myself!

I began my skin care regime as a teen and I'm still on top of my daily skin care routines. I don't have wrinkles and I don't look my age. I use sunscreen daily.

That said, I've loved Dr Kaplan essential oils, Trish McEvoy vitamin C creme. Both are pricey. Both work.

My favorite the last couple of years has been a small bottle of vitamin e oil from Big Lots for $2.80. Its oil not creme. I love it, I use it on my neck, chest and arms.

I've had more compliments on my skin since I've started the $2.80 Vitamin e oil than when I used the creams I paid $100+ for.

I also drink lots of water infused with lemon and other fresh fruits daily.

If you choose to go that route, start slowly.

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answers from Springfield on

i would try mary kay first. its pricy for my budget but i have never seen a wrinkly mess of a mary kay rep...



answers from Rochester on

I've heard lots of people swear by Roden and Fields. It's spendy, but I guess they have a money back guarantee. I haven't tried it. I'm too cheap and don't care about aging.


answers from Washington DC on

i've never used a px anti-aging cream, but i can honestly say i wish i'd been paying attention a long time ago. years of being an Outside Girl without bothering much with sunscreen or moisturizers has certainly taken a toll.
i wouldn't trade a single day in the sun for softer skin, but i sure could have minimized the damage.
but now that that particular horse has left the barn, i do treat my leathery old face better these days. i have a few favorites, but the best of them are products from DHC. they're pricey, but not px. and with consistent use i've noticed some improvement.
at this point i know better than to expect miracles.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Retin A can be very irritating to the skin, even in it's weakest strength, so I would not use it for what I consider to be vanity reasons without a doctor's supervision.

The over the counter creams contain retinol which is a derivative of Retin A. It is less irritating, but I have not used it for wrinkles so I can not comment on its usefulness. ROC makes a version that they sell at Target for less than $20.



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, I think prescription retinol is worth the money. I've seen people look younger than they did 10 years ago after using retinol consistently. I would love to use it except I have very sensitive skin. A dermatologist may help you get adjusted to it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Do you use a good moisturizer? I just recently found a good moisturizer that doesn't irritate my skin and it's made a world of difference. No prescription ingredients.

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