Prescription Acne Meds During Pregnancy

Updated on May 01, 2010
B.K. asks from Lake Katrine, NY
6 answers

I am currently in my 1st trimester and have been dealing with adult acne since the birth of my first child. My derm put me on a salicylic acid face wash and ehtromocycin topical gel, as well as Klaron. I was told to stop using the Klaron and I'm break out again - I have senstive skin and have tried everything over the counter. I have a derm appt next month and wondering if any other moms have gone thru this and have suggestions to pregnancy sagfe, yet effective acne meds?

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answers from Fresno on

You know, I struggled with acne for a long time, and the only thing I've ever found that truly worked long-term is NOT pregnancy-safe (Accutane). Maybe just try over the counter stuff (Proactiv or similar) while you're pregnant, and then once you have the baby and are done breastfeeding, go on Accutane. Then you'll never have acne again. For me, acne has always been a hormonal thing, and pregnancy made it ten times worse than normal! Ugh!

Sorry I couldn't be of more help - I had the exact same issues when I was pregnant. =(



answers from Columbus on

I am in the same boat. My derm was nice and when I called and told him I was pregnant they rescheduled my appt and bumped me up to an earlier appt (was in same boat wit follow up appt in 1 month so they let me go in the week I called). Anyways, they put me on Finacea. I suffer from cyst like acne so it is much harder to treat being pregnant (need oral antibitics to get rid of bacteria but can not take b/c pregnant and the antibiotic is classified X) Anyways, I have been on the Finacea for about a month now and face is much better than not using anything but still have a few blemishes. Call your derm and see if he would suggest the Finacea.

Good luck and Congrats on your pregnancy.



answers from Albany on

I have had acne since I was a young teenager, over ten years now. When I got pregnant with our second baby I switched to Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream, which is 97% natural. I have found that it works just as well if not better than the face washes with Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi B.,
Avoid using acne products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid not only when you're pregnant but always. Both of these ingredients are rated a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 in toxicity levels according to the Environmental Working Group researchers. EWG is a non-profit organization with a mission to protect human health and the environment.

Research studies have found that exposure to these ingredient causes Cancer, Developmental/Reproductive, Neurotoxicity (harm to the brain and nervous system).

So what's the alternative? My company carries a 100% Toxic Free and Organic Acne Treatment Kit that contains the following:

AcneTX™ Cleanser 4oz
OxyTX™ Toner 4oz
AcneTX™ Repair 1oz
Thera-P™ Relief Gel - Anti-inflammatory, Healing 2oz
Glacier Silt Sample - Relieves Redness, Stimulates Recovery .25oz
EraceR .25oz - Erase the scarring

Regular pricing is $111. On sale for $79

Both my teenage sons are currently using this Acne Kit and as a mother, I feel safe knowing that the ingredients in this kit isn't going to do them any harm.

In addition, we have a large selection on other skin care, baby care, pet care, and household products that are also Organic and 100% Toxic Free.

Send me an email through the Mamapedia private email link and I'll send you my website if you'd like to order. Per Mamapedia terms and agreement, we're not supposed to give out personal emails or websites in these posts.

I hope this helps! Congratulations with your pregnancy!


P.S. I'm currently writing a blog about toxic ingredients found in our skin care. Would you be interested in reading it when I get it published?



answers from Indianapolis on

I discontinued my acne meds and chose to deal with the nastiness during both pregnancies. I found the first trimester to have really been the worst for both.

I've had acne since I was 11 and really started dealing with it in my mid 20's with antibiotics and topical treatments. I was on Keflex and Benzaclin when I conceived my son. I think I remained on the Keflex periodically because it's Pregnancy Category B by the FDA, but I only used Benzyl Peroxide lotions (I personally like Persagel 10%) topically.

In my opinion, it's not worth the risk, so I chose to deal with it.

Good luck with your derm appointment.



answers from New York on

This might sound strange, but try toothpaste, the paste not the gel. The abrasive in it also helps to remove dead skin cells. My 14-yr. old with acne problems has used the toothpaste and has cleared up significantly. I use it when I have breakouts around that time of the month. It is cheap, effective, and absolutely harmless.
Hope this helps and congratulations on your pregnancy.

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