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Updated on July 12, 2008
E.W. asks from West Bloomfield, MI
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I have a very active three year old son, very smart but very busy to say the least. My problem is I have him enrolled in a not so structured program now and I feel that it is time for him to start being more challenged. This is my first child and I am clueless about what I should looking for, and have no idea where to look. I do also have some concerns about his age because he wont be 4yrs old til January. I like all moms think he's very smart and with the right push he should be ready for preschool, but I know how he behaves when he's bored. Please Help, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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So What Happened?

I Have since found a school, my son is currently enrolled in Franklin Athletics Preschool program and I have to say so far I am very pleased to say that my son seems to enjoy his days more

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answers from Detroit on

Hi there!
I have just started my Montessori based preschool at West Bloomfield. I am a certified Montessori teacher & have taught in public as well as private schools.
I have a structured curriculum for children. Please feel free to visit my facility anytime.Call ###-###-####
You may find more information at
Enroll now & get a discount for being a member of mamasource! I also offer discounts for referrals



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As a parent of a now five year-old daughter, I can appreciate your situation. I also wanted/needed to find a great place as a preschool experience for my daughter when she was younger. And, I love the pre-school so much that she will continuing there for her kindergarten experience as well. In my view a school that understands the importance of a balanced experience is best -- structure with times for exploration, creativity, and fun within. Little ones need to know that there is consistency to their day yet not be overstructured. My daughter has thrived in this environment. I realize my response is very late -- I only joined this group recently. But, in case you didn't find the place you hoped for last year or in case others have a similar situation now, I thought I'd offer my response.

I highly recommend you consider ECHO PARK. It is a private, non-profit preschool located on 12 Middle just east of Middlebelt. It has a fabulous reputation in Oakland County and has existed for over 45 years! Families from many surrounding communities take their small ones there. Their building is designed specifically for little ones. They focus on providing an amazing school experience for children from Tot through Kindergarten -- with enrichment opportunities that include music, drama, science, Spanish, and more. They have a wonderful staff and understand the importance of social and emotional development as well as academic. Many scheduling options are offered from 2-3 half days through 5 full days. They also offer summer camp which is a fun way to start a child prior to the school year to get them comfortable with being there. You can learn more about them at or ###-###-####. I'd especially encourage you to visit the school. If your child attends Echo Park, he/she will have a great start for sure! Hope this is helpful.



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From an early childhood prospective, preschool shouldn't be very "structured". Children should be learning social skills and other educational values through play...not by doing paper and pencil work, crafts, or listening to a teacher talk! There should be games, singing, and lots of dramatic play! Any child will "act up" when bored, but that is not your child's fault...its the teacher's...if the classroom is developmentally appropriate a child will not be bored there! Good luck looking for a preschool that will fit your child!
-C., teacher with specialization in early childhood education



answers from Benton Harbor on

Hi E.~
Unfortunately I don't live close to you, but I AM in the same boat. I have a very smart boy, and it just dawned on me that he could be in pre-school (Im also preoccupied with a baby) so I am scrambling to find more info! Good luck with it!

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