Preschools in Manhattan Beach

Updated on December 31, 2007
G.L. asks from Manhattan Beach, CA
4 answers

Does anyone have information on Pre-schools in Manhattan Beach, CA? I am trying to find out which ones have good reputations and how early I need to register.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Montessori School of Manhattan Beach is where my daughter attended Pre school and is now in Kindergarten. It's a great school and the Montessori teaching method is awesome...
- a lot of independence
- exposure to classical music & art
- art, music, and spanish classes included
- ballet, yoga, and tennis available...
- teacher - student ratio is 12, I believe

Montessori School of Manhattan Beach
Peck Ave.

There is a waiting list, but I don't think it's very long
Good Luck!
Redondo Beach



answers from Los Angeles on

Both del Sol School and Manhattan Beach Nursery School have excellent programs and staff.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi G.,

I don't know of any schools in your area. However, I do sugggest looking at schools now. Some schools have waiting list. Decide what you want in a school for your child . Pick several schools. Makle visits. Ask questions like what is the child to teacher ratio? Are there limitations on parent visits?. What ever is important to you ask. Make sure you visit while the children are in school. Best wishes.

From D



answers from Los Angeles on

I work for a large childcare company and am currently based in Torrance. I have heard that Beach Babies is VERY good, as well as Community Baptist. Leaps and Bounds has recently openend up a new campus in one of the Beach Ciiies, but I am not certain if it is Redondo or Hermosa. I know that Leaps and Bounds has a great pre-school program, not certain about the Infant program.
As for how soon you want to reister...NOW!!! GOOD Infant care is VERY hard to find inthe South Bay.
BTW...I do not work for any of the schools I have mentioned.
Before you place your child anyplace, be sure to call Community Care Licensing in Culver City. they are the agency that issues licenses to facilities and can tell you ll about the provider. ###-###-####.
good Luck with your search and your new blessing!

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