Preschools in Klamath Falls Oregon

Updated on January 26, 2009
R.M. asks from Klamath Falls, OR
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We are moving to Klamath Falls this spring and I am looking for a quality preschool (not child care) program for my children. I looked online only to find a short list of mostly religious affiliated programs. I have strong feelings about the importance of preschool and I'm starting to worry since registration usually begins this spring. I would sincerely appreciate any advice from you moms about schools that you can recommend. Also, I have three boys (1.5) (4) and (5) - are there any sports to sign up for or classes to take? I promised them they would make new friends in Oregon, and I need to get them out and playing with other kids as soon as we get there! Thank you so much!

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answers from Seattle on

Hi R.,

I don't have any specific preschool suggestions for you, as I don't live in Klamath Falls, but I do have a thought. Where I live, the local school district has tuition based preschools that are housed in the elementary schools. I wonder if Klamath Falls has a similar program? I would suggest calling the school district and inquiring.

Also, if religious preschools aren't your thing, there is nothing wrong with that, so don't let other posters tell you what to do. Each parent needs to do what they feel is best for their child, and if this means enrolling them in a secular program, then so be it. I have worked in the early childhood arena most of my working life, and it has been my experience that religious preschools are often lacking, and spend most of their time talking about God and nothing else. Do what you feel is right for your family, and be ok with that.

Good luck.

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answers from Seattle on

Ask any of the preschools you're considering for references. A couple of parents you can call and chat with about their program.

My son is in a church preschool. I really hesitated about putting him there because it is not the "religion" I choose to follow, nor is it the church we belong to as a family. With a reference from a friend of mine, and visiting the school (safety concerns since its on a busy street) I put him into the preschool and I'm very happy with it. They believe in God, say a prayer before their snack each day, have a short 10 minute chappel service on Wednesdays and are overall "good people". They don't force their religion on the kids because they realize that not everyone enrolled is christian.

Check the schools out and attend part of a couple of days if at all possible. You might find that you don't need to be concerned. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Have a good move.

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answers from Portland on

Hi! I lived in Klamath Falls and my twins went to Little Lambs Pre-School.
It is in a church but it is not a religious pre-school. The teachers were great and we were very happy to be their our short time. We were involved in sports at the YMCA- which has a strong program for youth- their is also a soccer league and baseball. Scouting is also strong. We enjoyed the outdoors with an abundance of hiking, camping and other outdoor fun! Good-Luck on your move and your new life:)

Little Lambs Pre-School
1025 High St
Klamath Falls, OR 97601



answers from Medford on

Hi R.!

I live in Kfalls and have 2 girls (9.5) (4) and both of them have attended Jack and Jill preschool. It is not religiously affiliated, and both of my dds loved it. My 4yo still attends. They have a lot of structured and free playtime, 2 great teachers and there are only 12 kids. There are lots of sports and things to sign up for, including karate, soccer, gymnastics, etc. and lots of places to play.

I hope you enjoy it here! And good luck!

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