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Updated on December 10, 2012
L.A. asks from Boston, MA
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This is the first year that my son is in preschool. What have other mother's given for a christmas gift to their teachers.

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So What Happened?

To those who suggested gift cards, how much do you think? My son has two teachers, is $20 each good?

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answers from Dallas on

I asked the director what her teacher was into. She said crafting so a gift card to Mardels or a craft store. On top of that I'm going to make her something (cookies or a flower pot or something).

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answers from Austin on

I like to give them different things each year since our daughter was there 4 years.

One year movie tickets, another year gift certificate to a local restaurant.

One year the teacher had so many gifts, I promised to bring the staff a breakfast one morning in Jan. I took a pot of really good coffee, bagels with all the trimmings and fruit.

The last year I gave gherkin a beautiful leather tote bag she had admired.. I got a god discount at the time...



answers from Los Angeles on

gift cards are always nice. i usually do starbucks.



answers from Dallas on

This is my daughter's fourth preschool year, and it is the first that the class hasn't done a group gift. Previously, we've had an envelope in the office for parents to place $ and sign their name as participating. This allowed everyone to contribute the amount they felt comfortable spending. The school kept a 'favorite things' list on each teacher, and we used the money for gift cards to their favorite restaurants or retailers and a small tangible gift to keep and to add to the fun for the kids to see their teachers open.

Last year, I was the shopper, and among three teachers there were gift cards to Corner Bakery, Maggianos, Target, Starbucks, and Gap according to the teachers' favorites. One teacher received an individual Christmas teapot (she collects teapots and fave beverage is tea). Another teacher loves hot chocolate and received some gourmet hot cocoa and a cute cocoa cup. Another loves to bake and received decorative measuring cups. The kids were excited to see everything wrapped up and to watch their teachers open the items, and the teachers each received items personalized to their individual interests.

This year, my daughter is at a brand new school for pre-k, and the class is not as cohesive given that everyone is new there. I would love to do a class gift, but I'm not sure how much participation would take place. So, it will be an individual gift this year. The school did send out a favorite things list for all of the teachers/staff, though. You may want to ask your son's preschool whether they have anything like that and also ask them about their gift policy (I've heard that some schools do not allow.) My daughter will be selecting an ornament or decoration for each teacher, and we will also be giving a gift card that corresponds with the teachers' favorites.



answers from Tampa on

I've given giftcards to Starbucks, Target and movies in the past. Sometimes I include something small along with it. This year though, I've read enough about how they really don't want sweets, candles, ornaments etc so I am just giving the giftcard with card. In the card, we will write something nice about how much we appreciate her etc and my son will write his own name. This year's cards are to Barnes and Noble. I am giving one to his main teacher and his teacher assistant. There is another teacher that takes over his class at very end of day (during play time) that will receive something smaller...perhaps to Target.

In response to your SWH...I think $20 is fine.



answers from Springfield on

I did gift cards to Barnes and Noble at Christmas and Cold Stone Creamery at the end of the year.

I've already gotten my Barnes and Noble gift cards for this year, but I need to write notes in the cards. Oh the "To Do" list is so long!



answers from New York on

my mom was a preschool teacher for years,, shes gotten mostly coffee mugs, xmas ornaments and little decorations for around the house.. her fav. was a little snowman candle holder that held up a sign that says #1 teacher,, she still uses it ever year
occasionally she got gift cards, or little baskets from like bath&body works, she got a cute scarf with matching gloves she really liked too



answers from Los Angeles on

I usually like to buy something for the teacher herself, since she deserves something after teaching the kids all day. I like to do a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble, plus a homemade card from my son. If I have time, I will also bake something.

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