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Updated on August 21, 2006
D.A. asks from Keller, TX
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First off I would like to thank all of you that have provided support and answers to my previous posts. I think that this is a wonderful websites for moms! My question is my daughter is going to start preschool in a couple of days and I am wanting advice on how to leave her. She is very shy so I thought it might help her by going to preschool and interacting with other children. I know that leaving her there is going to be very tough on her and I am afraid that she will cry and freak out when I try to leave. Any advice on what to do? Do I just run out when she is not looking...peel her off of me or plop myself down on a seat and try to blend in(just kidding). I was hoping that anyone had advice on how to leave and or what the teachers expectations are of parents of children that cling and don't want the parents to leave.

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answers from Odessa on

My grandma told me when she was watching my little one that she cried more when I snuck out than when I said goodbye and left. She said knowing that I was leaving and would be coming back was easier for my daughter than just all of a sudden realizing I was gone and not being sure as to why. She would of course get upset that I was leaving at first but it got much muc better. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

most places I've ever been wanted you to walk in and get acclimated with your child to the room.... then tell them who their teacher is so they know who to go for help and then give a hug and kiss and say I'll be back to see you later. I love you and then leave.... most times they stop freaking out after you're out of sight... now, there are those kids that just pout and withdrawal from life but eventually learn to cope and have fun...



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Is it possible for her to go and meet the teachers and spend an hour or so there. I just did this with my 4 yr old and she like her school now. We visited the school for awhile so she could get us to it. Do not sneak out on her lot of parents did that when I use to teach preschool and it was very tough for the child and the teacher. Give her hug and kiss and tell her goodbye and tell her you will pick her after naptime or snack and make sure you are there after that time. I don't drop my daughter at pre K because it's easier that my husband does it but I tell her before she leaves that I will pick her at 4 pm right before her teacher leaves for the day. My 4 yr old likes her school so much that she would go everyday including Saturday and Sunday if possible. Depending on the teacher she may help you with your child by getting her involved in an activity and that you both say goodbye. Talk to the teacher to see if she would help you if she is really clinging.
Good Luck :)



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi Danielle,
Your daughter is undoubtably going to be sad when you leave. If your school has a "meet the teacher" day, it helps for her to meet the teacher(s) and see her class before she is going to stay there. What also helped for my daughter is understanding what her day would be "you are going to have circle time, then go outside and play, then a snack, and mommy will pick you up after your craft". The routine will likely be the same each day, so ask the teacher what their schedule is. Make sure your daughter undertands after what activity you will be there- it makes more sense than telling a time, or saying something like "soon" or "a little while". It also reminds her of all the fun things she is going to do during the day. Most kids cry when you leave. Most kids stop crying right away. She might also cry when you pick her up. Make sure you keep communicating with her teacher- they have been through this MANY times, and have lots of advice. Her teacher can also tell you how she is doing during the day when you don't see her. Good luck!

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