Preschool or Options for a Child Born After 9/1 in Broward County

Updated on August 07, 2009
L.W. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Ok so here is my question. My child is turning 4 on 9/22. She is doing just as good as the other children who will be moving up to VPK this end of August. Of course because of the rules in Broward County it looks as if I don't have any options at least this year. I would like suggestions for a preschool that does a better job of addressing this age group. Our current daycare is great but they moved her up to the room she is in now at 3.5 and she will be "stuck" in this room until next school year. Needless to say this does not work well for her she is upset with everyone else moving to the next class and I am concerned about her education. So this question is open to public/private suggestions on how other mothers have dealt with the cut off and suggestions for a preschool that would be advancing her education in the 3-4 year old class even though she can't be in VPK. Suggestions for Sunrise/Davie/Weston or even downtown where I work are great. I am open to private schools as well not just daycare or preschool only locations. Somewhere that she could just move up to VPK and kindergarten would be great.

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Hi L.,

It is actually a State of Florida rule, not related to Broward County. When you look at kindergarten, virtually all of the accredited private schools follow the age 5 by 9/1 rule as well, they have to for their accreditation.

That being said, my son has been with the 3 year old class since last August even though he turned 3 in April 09. His school is going to put him with the "young VPK"s for 09-10 and then if he is there next year, he will be in the "Old VPK"s for 10-11. I will be paying for the "young VPK" this year - the same as if he were still in preschool.

We are in downtown Ft. Lauderdale at First United Methodist Preschool. I think they are doing a great job of addressing this issue, regardless of the restraints.

Good luck! C.

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Hi L., My son will be 4 in 09/19, he started the school last May, but the owner of the school, said to me depending on him, boys are different, when he completes 4 she will put him at the VPK room. The school is at Stirling rd, in Hollywood. Emerald hill private school. Search at google, they have website, it is smal school, but I am happy there.



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Try a Montessori school. Best education available. OK, home schooling is great, too.



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Hi L.,
My daughter is in the same situation. She will be 6 years old September. She is now in a private school in Pembroke Pines going in to first grade. I notice though that you are a little distance from Pembroke Pines. This school is called World of Knowledge they begin from preschool to first grade. Last year my daughter did kindergarten using her VPK voucher. Their curriculum is awesome. They have an accelerated program and most of their kids are advance when they go to public school. I do not work for the school I am a parent that is just very pleased with the school and program and to me their rates are the best you can get for private school.

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