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Updated on October 25, 2011
M.S. asks from Aurora, IL
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Hello Moms!
I am searching on a good Preschool in Naperville/Aurora area for my 4 yr. old daughter. I did some research, tours and my top choices are Kensington, La Pettite Academy and Creative World. I am looking for well balanced Academics and Playtime programs. I am open to other preschols as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies!
I will tour each end every place that you suggested before we make out decision!

Have a grat day!!!


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having worked at Kensington I would like to just say - they are all show. They have very little creativity allowed by the staff or children.



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my grandchildren went to the Goddard School it was spectacular



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Not sure where in Naperville you are looking, but Learning is Fun is on Mill Street just north of Ogden, my kids went there and we loved it, very sweet and loving. There is a great Kids Day Out program (like preschool, but starts earlier, takes kids w/ diapers, and you pay by the days you use so very flexible) at Wesley United Methodist church near Franklin and Washington. School Readiness Center is diagonally across from Safety Town at River Road and Aurora Rd and I love it there too -- great school, tons of outdoor time, lots of life skills emphasized. Naperville also has the new Ann Reid Early Childhood Center on Naper blvd south of Chicago. Its huge though, kind of a drawback IMO. Good luck!


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Have you checked out Wheatland Salem Christian Academy? We're on our fourth year there (we have two kids) and we LOVE this school. It's at 95th & Book in Naperville. Part of the Methodist church there, but the school is in its own very large wing & they are not overly "churchy." (For example, we are not Methodist and have never felt out of place there.) Nothing but great experiences - great teachers, indoor gym, music class, good mix of playtime w/curriculum etc. You might want to go take a tour. I believe open registration is in January & they almost always have a waiting list soon thereafter for the morning sessions. Good luck!

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