Preschool for 2 Year Olds or Very Affordable 1/2 Day Daycare

Updated on May 01, 2013
D.P. asks from Fairbank, IA
4 answers

We are new to Wichita and I need some help!
I am looking for a preschool that excepts 2 year olds (twins turn 2 in august), just part time, half days, anything. Half day daycare would work too. We are religious so church preschools are fine.

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answers from Chicago on

Try your local churches or your Park District. Most "official" Pre-Schools do not accept younger than 3 so you are looking more specifically for child care/day care. I did a quick search and TONS of places popped up. I am not sure what your budget it is - you do need to be realistic about that issue and the fact that many places do not accept half day children.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Look into your local parks and rec preschool program most pre-k classes go from 8 am untill 12 pm these are real pre-k structured classes that offer educational goals for pre-k 2yrs through 5 yrs and are ment to get kids ready for kindergarten. The prices run from 125.00 per kid to 175.00 and most programs offer second child discounts. Also local colleges have great programs for pre-k kids check them out 3 out 4 of my kids attended these programs and I have two neices who are currently attending and their moms love it!



answers from Oklahoma City on

Call some local Methodist churches and find a Mother's Day Out Program.



answers from Washington DC on

Ask around. I wish you were local so I could recommend ours! You might also do a web search for 2 yr olds, and you might find that many of them require a co-op at that age. If that is a factor and you do not want to do co-op you might consider daycare instead, or a nanny that takes them to events like the library.

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