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Updated on June 22, 2011
T.C. asks from San Francisco, CA
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Im having such a hard time finding a reasonable priced preschool for my son! He will be 4 in September.. Can someone reccomend a preschool..

thanks :)

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm not sure where you're located but you might try Gymboree Play & Music. We have a School Skills class that is once a week - 2 hours drop off - for 3-5 year olds. Other sites may run this program more than once a week. It would be something for him to start while you're looking for other alternatives. We also have Art III classes that could complement the pre-school class - those are also drop off at his age.

You can get information about this class on

J. F.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Every state and county is different, but check with the school district and see if they have a program. We have a wonderful program here called ECFE (Early Childhood/Family Education). They have classes that start as infants through preschool that parents attend with their child and then preschool classes that are a little cheaper than the others. They also offer a preschool that has a sliding scale if the parent attends a parent class once a month (similar to the other classes mentioned). I can't say enough good things about this program. I've lived in two other states and neither have anything comparable.

Best of luck! Oh....and when you call the other private places, ask if they have any scholarships.

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answers from Sacramento on

I love Pacific Oaks in Rocklin and it is the same price as the community one. If cost is a big factor I would look into a co-op one, there's one in Loomis I have heard good things about. I think it's called Loomis Community Preschool.



answers from San Francisco on

Parent co-op style pre-schools (like Cupertino Co-op Nursery School near me) are usually considerably less expensive.



answers from San Francisco on

My nephew attand Milestone Academy Preschool in Daly City and within two months he start writing his name, tracing letters, numbers, arts and crafts, colors, shapes, cutting, etc.

Not only reasonable priced but also Academic teaching and prepare for kindergarden.
Now he is ready to go to kindergarden this year.

Highly recommend to Milestone Academy Preschool. We love this school.

Milestone Academy Preschool



answers from San Francisco on

Check your recreation center. My son goes to Millbrae Rec's preschool, and I think it's reasonable. However, it also depends on how many days per week and how many hours you need it. He's in his first year, and he goes T/Th 9-12. Next year, he'll go MWF 9-12. If you need an all day M-F, that kind of program wouldn't work for you. Good luck :)



answers from Stockton on

Look into CDC's as well, they're usually on school campuses and some of them are fantastic (some are not though). We have one here at Misison College in Santa Clara that is actually a teaching school as well, so there are generally 1-3 more adults in the rooms then the normal 1:12 ratio. they also offer a sliding scale depending on your income.



answers from Portland on

Have you checked with private preschools such as those held in a church?

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