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Updated on April 06, 2011
J.V. asks from Bolingbrook, IL
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How do you decide what the best preschool is for your child. Is it location, programming, pricing, or presentation. What is it that preschool moms are looking for. If you were a preschool owner how would you increase your enrollment.

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answers from Chicago on

As long as it's safe and fun for my daughter, I'll be looking at location (convenient) and price. As for the content, I believe more in creative, imaginative play at the preschool age than learning ABCs and 123s... she'll learn that through reading at home with me and it will come easily with time.

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answers from Chicago on

We decided on our preschool by location, curriculum, teacher experience and overall feel of the place. I have a daughter in preschool now and what I look for is communication, communication, communication. Since her answer is "nothing" when I ask her what she did for the 2 1/2 hours she was in school, it's up to the teacher to help fill in the gaps.

I think in this economy, pricing is key. I think a lot of families are skipping preschool beause it is optional and a real expense. I think if you price your school at the bottom of the scale, but still provide excellent teachers parents will seriously consider your school. Plus, I think you have to advertise in some way. We went looking for preschools without having any idea which schools were in the area - if one had reached out in someway I may have given them preference.

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answers from Houston on

I think all of those things are important. You increase your enrollment by advertising and word of mouth.. the latter is if people think the preschool is quality.

Have a good website where parents can leave reviews and shows up on local google searches. Advertise with flyers and business cards in local city parenting magazines and pediatrician offices.

Set up a booth at a children's school craft fair to let parents know you are there. Let them know the programs and such you offer.

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answers from Dallas on

My decision would be based on a lot of factors. Price is a big deal, because we don't have a lot of money. Communication and friendliness of staff play a huge roll. Cleanliness of buildings and children (do I feel clean when I walk into the building and do the children have clean faces/ hands). Playground must be fun and shady. I won't even consider a school with a playground out in the middle of the sun with no trees or shade (I have a very fair skinned boy that would fry) or a playground with nothing but concrete for the flooring. Advertisement is a big deal. For some reason, there are a few preschools around here but you don't find out about them except by word of mouth. Also, the presentation of cheesy websites, no spelling mistakes and definitely no grammatical errors. Discipline policy-my school uses (I just drew a blank...but, it's something like distraction). If that doesn't work then there are consequences and rewards...usually rewards like a sticker or bubbles. The consequences are something like a time out.



answers from Chicago on

We made our preschool choice based on location, the program style, teacher qualifications, number of kids per room (and per teacher/assistant), and presentation of the school and classroom. My son is in a pre-school program that is part of an elementary school. I recommend talking to parents in your neighborhood to find out about local options-- you can learn a lot through playground chit-chat! I also recommend touring potential pre-schools to see if they might be a good fit for your little one. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

As a preschool owner myself you have to look at:

1. a warm and fuzzy feeling when you walk in.
2. a curriculum based on state and national standards
3. great customer service
4. it will just "feel" right.


answers from New York on

Teachers- are they certified teachers? are they experienced? what kind of first impression? do they stay or is the staff frequently changing?
Also I once visited a daycare in someones house and it smelled VERY MUSTY -and I thought _ i would never leave a child there!


Teachers- are they certified teachers? are they experienced? what kind of first impression? do they stay or is the staff frequently changing?
Also I once visited a daycare in someones house and it smelled VERY MUSTY -and I thought _ i would never leave a child there!


answers from Chicago on

Word of mouth is a big one, as is everything else mentioned below. Proximity to my home is important, as is cost. If we cannot afford it, it doesn't matter if it is next door. ;) Do you ever follow up with those that did not choose your school and ask why they chose another school? If they are honest, it would be great feedback. It's worth following up with them to find out.

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answers from Chicago on

We live in an area with tons of preschools. My older two children went to the one closest to our house -- mostly because we had just moved to the neighborhood, and many neighbors recommended it and sent their kids there so it was an easy way to make friends who live in our neighborhood. Pluses of that school were 1) location, 2) class size (small) 3) easy drop off/pick up procedure (number in car window, no getting out of car -- important if you have a baby in the cold winter) and 4) very sweet and friendly place. But, by the time my 3rd was ready, I sent him to another place. I still have mixed feelings about that, 4 weeks in to the school year, but the first place had lots of events that parents were "required" to attend: music and art demonstrations, holiday parties, etc. I've been to them now about 5 times and I'm done, even though they would be new for my son. The new place is a little bigger and farther away, but they have a huge playground and they go outside every day unless weather prevents it. They focus on life skills and school prep in a fun way and I thought those were things he could use help in. So, there is no perfect place. We have a mom's group in our neighborhood that prints membership directories. A number of preschools buy advertizing space in it -- maybe there are homeowners associations or similar groups near you that you can advertise in. Good luck!

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