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Updated on April 12, 2007
K.J. asks from El Cajon, CA
5 answers

Looking for a good preschool in the San Diego- East County- area. Any Recommendations?

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answers from San Diego on


Although we havent used a pre school here in the SD area, we enrolled our son into La Petite Academy when he was younger and we ALL loved it.



answers from Houston on

My daughter's at Headstart. She's 3 and will be going there next year also. They have them all over the county. You do have to (income) qualify to get in, though.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter went to the preschool that's part of the Lakeside School District. The teachers and the program are awesome. I'm kind of sad for her to move on to kindergarten. You can get all of the info from the school's district office, which is next to Taco Bell.



answers from San Diego on

Hello try kinder care it is the best.



answers from San Diego on

I've heard that Lisa's Lit'l Tikes on Wintergardens Avenue is good. My sister had my niece go there a few years back, and she loved it.

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