Preparing a Mom, I Mean, Infant for Daycare

Updated on August 17, 2010
W.M. asks from Santa Monica, CA
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My 6 month old will be starting daycare to my dismay next week. As I'm scrambling to think of everything I need to do in preparation, I feel like it isn't enough. I filled out the standard forms describing his feeding schedule, what he likes to play with, nap schedule, um, lack thereof. I know I need to bring diapers, clothes, food and bottles. From other moms who's babies started daycare at this age, what did you do to prepare and what did you write down for the daycare providers? Did you bring anything aside from the essentials that really helped out? His two most comforting things (well aside from nursing) are not going to happen at daycare. He loves to go for walks and naps in the Ergo but that is going to be out of the question. When he's upset, he won't take a pacifier but he'll suck on my finger. Obviously that's out of the question too. I'd love to hear your tips.

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I hope that your baby is taking a bottle okay. How often have you given him bottles? Will he have formula at daycare or are you sending the bottles of breast milk? Please make sure if you are sending breastmilk that you are sending it in a decent container. I have hated it when mothers brought me plastic baggies frozen with bread ties that have leaked when I've thawed them out. There are nice containers meant just for breast milk.

I'm not sure what the Ergo is. But I have brought a nice stroller right into my house and my mother have taken turns rocking a baby back and forth in a stroller and we've strolled babies from room to room when we are trying to get things done. If this is a daycare center, I don't know how much space they would have for that and some peoples houses would be small too. But this daycare should work with you in finding new ways to comfort your son. He's also at an age where he needs to start learning to self soothe at least for a few minutes at a time. You should work on this at home too.

Are they allowed to let him nap in a swing? Will he nap in a swing sometimes? You will all get through this time. Just be open minded when talking with them. They may have ideas that will help with the transition.



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My daughter is 3 months old and is starting daycare next week also. So this week I am weaning her onto it because she is very attatched to me. On Monday I went with her and we stayed for a few hrs just to get her used to the place. Tuesday I left her for one hour and it went better than expected, she didn't even cry while I was gone--and we are talking about a baby who will cry even when grandma tries to hold her. Wednesday I will leave her for 2hrs. Thursday for 3hrs. Friday for 4 hrs. And next week I will only be working a half day all week--just to help ease her into it. She is breastfed and is used to me soothing her to sleep so I am concerned about how she will adjust--we will see what happens. I can tell you that I went through the same thing with my son several years ago and the daycare staff found a way to soothe him to sleep and he adjusted very well. I think this might be harder for me than for her. I will update this later to let you know how the rest of this week goes.



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you'll be fine. so will your baby!
the advice you've gotten so far should be plenty, but just to add two things i've learned over the last 10 (!) months mine has been in daycare:
(1) don't hesitate to ask for advice or suggestions from the daycare staff... they have experience and will usually share it with you but, where my daughter is, there seems to be an unstated policy of not offering unsolicited advice... so you need to ask for it. you'll end up working with them to find a nap schedule that works!
(2) be assertive if there are things you do/don't want. for example, if you'd rather the baby not be allowed pacifier during non-sleeping time (just as an example), be firm about that, and if it's a good center, they should stick to it. but you have to communicate it or they won't know!



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I'. a daycare provider, and things will be different, but that does not mean it won't be good, i found baby's do much better with daycare than moms do totally understandable. The things you mentioned are also so things that are hard to break, now it will be easier. Some daycare providers take their kids for walks, i do.His nap schdule will probably be different due to the daycare structure, but that could be good thing too. All you need to bring is the essentials, plus a couple changes of clothes, blanket. My advice to you is if you can stay home with him do so, until he is a little older, if you can't, chose a provider you feel really good about, oh and make sure they have open door policy. J.


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Take a deep breath,relax everything will be fine.My son is three now and has being going to daycare since he was 6mths.
He loves it,he is an only child at home(trying for another) so he loves to have other children to play with all day long and then at the weekend its great to have family time.At this stage if I gave up work and he was home with me full time he would be completely bored.
Daycare staff are professional people and it is their job to let you know what you need to bring in to make their job easier.They will let you know when your baby needs more nappies,creams extra.
They gave me forms to fill out,his routines,a little about his personality,any food allegries etc.
Usually in daycare they like to have all the babies in the same routine which helps the day to run more smoothly so you might see a change in his routine.
Its helps if you are organised.
Try your best to be relaxed dropping him off the first few days,your baby will pick up on your mood and behaviour and act accordingly.Have your melt down,lol,after you drop him off.
It took me a week or two to get used to it and then it just became apart of our normal routine.Its like any change of routine with a baby is difficult at first.

Good Luck

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