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Updated on October 22, 2008
A.H. asks from Aiea, HI
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Does any one of how to get my kids ready for scholarships? I've heard of things like that over the radio, but I can't seem to find anything specific on the net. I've got 3 boys starting middle school, and with the way the economy is going college is going to cost us an arm, and 2 legs!
Thanks for your help.

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answers from Seattle on

Have you heard of GET? Go to this website and pull information down from it or even request for an application for EACH is free to obtain the application.

Good luck

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answers from Seattle on

I have three in college and one on her way in the fall.

The key things they look for are grades and extra curricular activities. If your kids keep up good grades and are active in school their will be many scholarships they can apply for.

My middle kiddo has half of her tuition at a private college in academic scholarships. My youngest already has an offer of a scholarship that will reduce her tuition by nearly 10K a year. She is applying for others as well.

Most colleges, once you apply have a web site where you can fill out one application and it will search for the scholarships that might be applicable.

Good luck!



answers from Boise on

Hi A.,
I have recently gone back to school myself and one of the sites that was recomended to me was it is full of scholarship and grant opportunities though you wont be needing them for a few years yet it is good to review it periodicaly so that you can see what kinds of things are being required. I also suggest you visit the high school that your boys will be attending and find out about local scholarships and their requirements. Another great way to save for collage is by getting your family and friends involved with there you can register certain store shopping cards like an albertsons card; each time you use one of the cards you have registered money is put into an account for each child listed. I hope this helps you some.

Good luck on a girl!!!

Brightest Blessings,
E. N



answers from Portland on

I'm in the process of working on my Nurse Practioner's license and would be BROKE if it weren't for scholarships! It's an excellent idea that your getting them started early. Here's a few suggestions:
1) Have them keep their grades up (as everyone applying will have this already covered)
2) Start doing community volunteer work.
3) Make an appointment with the highschool college advisor. They get a lot of information about scholarships that aren't even publically posted.
4) Any clubs in Middle school or High school, have them join. It's a lot of time and effort, but the more "envolved" you are, the better your chances of receiving awards.

And, last but not least, do not stop sending out schoarship applications. It's almost like a nubmers game, the more you send out, the better your chances.

Hope some of this helps, you'll just have to find the resources out there. But once you get the ball rolling, you'll be surprised to see how much is really out there for your children.



answers from Bismarck on

From what I remember about high school, there are different kinds of scholarships: academic (for good grades), merit-based, citizenship (community awareness and involvement), and specialty (such as if your child is good at music, sports, etc.)

If you can create well-rounded boys that are happy to be involved in a little of everything, that may create more opportunities for scholarships. Check out the "big" scholarships that are always offered to graduating seniors in your school system and see what kinds of kids are receiving them.

Kudos to you for planning ahead. I hope it works out!

As a mother of two boys (6 and 2) I wish you well in your venture for a girl--hubby and I are having that same discussion now. . . .good luck!! C.



answers from Eugene on

Most colleges have financial aid offices. My daughter has been working with our local college as well as the university she plans on transferring to. If I were you, I'd make an appointment to speak with a financial aid advisor once your boys are in high school.



answers from Great Falls on

When I applied for college, I got the information from the board of education. There are pell grants and student loans. I got a bunch of information in my junior year of high school. I do know this, from experience. I waited a year before I went to school and I did better than if I hadn't paid for some of it myself. Waiting for the year gave me a chance to see some of the country. I was a nanny and I used my earnings to pay for most of my first quarter of college. It felt good to pay the bills on my own.



answers from Provo on

From the other responses, you've gotten some great advice. I recently graduated from college myself and had to pay for the whole enchilada, mostly with government subsidized student loans and Pell grants. My husband managed to do it with scholarships. We attended a fantastic seminar about how to apply for scholarships, and though it was a little late for me, it was great for him. It was given through the LDS Employment services, and they created a handout that went through the steps of applying, how to create a perfect application and all of the other tricks in the actual application. The great thing is, you can start doing some of this stuff with your kids now. The biggest battle is learning how to do mass applications.
I actually went through the handout and typed it up for my students (I'm a teacher), so if you'd like a copy, please contact me.


answers from Reno on

I don't know about getting ready for scholarships but I know of a way to get residual income that can work around a busy schedule that can help with your childrens college tuitions. It would take work on your part and if you would like more info let me know a good time to call and a number to reach you at.



answers from Portland on

I too have a boy in middle school and a 15 year old sophomore. Try punching in THey offer a lot of information based on interests of schools and possible vocations that you enter on your kids. Then you get a list of potential scholarships available, school information and dates and deadlines for those applications.
Good Luck!

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