Prep for Beach Outing with a 2 y.o

Updated on July 01, 2010
I.C. asks from Hoffman, IL
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I think I got it all planned out..but I just realized today I only got the itinerary laid out, but not the stuff I need to bring for a beach outing, and to the zoo the next day. What do I need to bring to the beach so that I don't ruin it for my lil girl.

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answers from St. Louis on

Don't forget the sunglasses----there is a lot of glare off of the sand and the water. We used a little sunshade tent--that worked is just a little semi-circle "backwall/roof" attached to a circular bottom. It provides shade and keeps the sand out if it is really the little ones like that they have their own little "place" to hang out. And unlike an umbrella, you can position the tent to face any direction so that it has shade.
I would also suggest a mesh laundry bag. You can dip everything into the water to get rid of the sand, and then it can all air dry in the bag. Also great for collecting shells (if you are at the ocean),

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Sunscreen, umbrella, hat, sand toys and an exit plan! She may not like the sand at all (my son didn't for years). Snacks, drinks/water, wet wipes for hands and, in case she loves the sand--baby powder/cornstarch helps get the sand off of legs, feet, arms, etc. Have fun!

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answers from Tyler on

A small squirt bottle filled with water is great for spraying sand off of hands before eating! I have found that baby wipes don't get it off very well.



answers from Chicago on

water shoes not flip flops (sand won't get under feet in these and little ones sometimes freak about sand between feet and flipflops lol)
toys in a basket w/handles
big towel for sitting
towel for drying off with
thermous of warm water
papertowels (pour warm water on paper towels for wiping face & hands)
umbrella for shade if you can
drinks and snacks in a cooler

lots and lots of patientes



answers from Kansas City on

I like that bottle of water idea for the hands, I'll have to remember that! She's right, wipes don't work all that well, but they do okay. I'd say as long as you have a blanket, drinks and tons of snacks all you really need is a bunch of buckets and shovels. She'll have fun just scooping sand into the buckets. My 2y.o. loved making "sand castles" by just packing the bucket and dumping it over. She was totally afraid of the water so it was sand all the way for us.

For the zoo...a stroller, lots of water and snacks, and good walking a camera! ;)



answers from Boston on

Lots of sunscreen, lots of snacks, lots of water and some beach toys. Have fun!



answers from Boston on

Sunscreen, her own chair with umbrella, cold water, water to wash her hands off, fruit , spout bucket, swim diapers, shovel and you! Have fun!!



answers from Chicago on

sunscreen, hat, towels, sand toys, umbrella?, food & drinks

For the zoo... do you have a wagon?

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