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Updated on February 02, 2012
H.1. asks from Des Moines, IA
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To start off - I have ZERO experience with yoga, but would like to start! I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second and have heard lots of the benefits of yoga during pregnancy. Anyone have a DVD that they recommend and does it make a difference in choosing one that I am a beginner? Thanks!

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answers from Boston on

i would be leary of doing prenatal yoga by dvd if you are a beginner...being pregnant affect your balance and you wouldn't want to hurt your self.

instead check with your health insurance they might cover some of the cost to take a class somewhere with a qualified instructor. also destination maternity offers free classes.

i did prenatal yoga and loved it..i had never done yoga before and i learned so much.



answers from Lincoln on

I recommend Yoga Booty Ballet Baby on the way. It's a beachbody workout. I'm a beachbody coach and you can get it from my site. click on Shop - Fitness Program - Yoga Booty Ballet...then choose YBB Baby on the Way! This would be an excellent way to keep up/improve your fitness while you're pregnant. Then after baby is born, maybe you'll want to try something more challenging. :0) Feel free to contact me through my website with any questions!



answers from Houston on

Ive been doing yoga this entire pregnancy(im 8 months along and its just now getting limited). I havent been using all the pregnancy yoga dvds ive been doing the regular ones and using my common sense on certain positions.(dont lay on stomach and dont twist the torso towards the baby)

Yoga is the best right now, our ligaments are stretchy and it is easier to do all the cool positions.

check out Rodney Yees videos


answers from San Francisco on

I would check around for a real, live prenatal yoga class. I took one on the advice of my OB/GYN when I was pregnant with my second daughter. It was great! Like you, I had no experience doing yoga, but I learned a lot, and the class was aimed at beginners so it was fine. Also, it was really nice to meet other moms who were expecting babies at the same time I was! The classes were very inexpensive, as I recall, as they were located at a locally-owned baby store.



answers from Philadelphia on

I agree that you should find a yoga class to attend. I did it with my first pregnancy and it was a really great experience. There is something about going to a studio that relaxes you more than being at home with a DVD. You also have to opportunity to talk with your instructor about any specific issues you are having and the class will be more tailored to the needs of the people there. I also made some great friends who were all on maternity leave at the same time as me and we would meet up for walks and lunch once a week.

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