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Updated on February 08, 2010
M.G. asks from Boulder, CO
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My husband and I are trying to conceive. I was told to begin taking a prenatal vitamin. Do I need to also take a DHA supplement? Do I continue to take my multivitamin?

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answers from Denver on

Take whatever pre-natal vitamin you would take if you were pregnant. They are good for you either way. I had to switch pre-natal vitamin and was upset cause I already bought some that wold last the entire pregnancy and now I have extra but they said to just take them d aily after. Better than the regular vitamins.



answers from Denver on

The prenatals I take come with DHA. I really like them. Couldn't tell you the brand, though, sorry. They are the $4 Rx kind. Maybe a bit more now that they added the DHA. Most any doctor should be willing to give you a script. GL! Hope it happens soon!

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answers from St. Louis on

I would highly recommend Vitamin Code for women by Garden of Life. I took this as my prenatal for both of my boys and I cannot say enough good things about it. Unfortunately, the prenatals we get prescribed to us are not easily digested and are barely used by our bodies. Do some research, talk with your doctor, and decide if vitamin code works for you. I love the Garden of Life line and still take them!

- Best wishes!



answers from Boston on

Don't double up on the vitamins. Take the prenatal and nothing else. Take the prenatal at night, instead of the morning, and it will be less likely to give you a stomachache, but it might still make you a little sick. If it does, talk to your doctor about taking something else. For both of my pregnancies I just took flintstones chewables (the only thing that didn't make me throw up) and both of my kids are great. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

I took a prenatal vitamin called PrimaCare One, it had the DHA and what-not already in it. I loved it. It was a giant horse pill, though, so if you have trouble swallowing large pills, it might be easier to take a regular prenatal and a separate DHA supplement.


answers from Atlanta on

I actually know of a company that offers the best prenatal suppliments. I would never use anything else! Go to this website to get the information!



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi M.! I was on prenatal vitamins for my first pregnancy. With my second pregnancy I took a whole food vitamin, folic acid and a DHA supplement. I was so much healthier for it!

If you are wanting to go with a prenatal, then you don't need a multi vitamin. I do recommend a DHA supplement. Carlson's or Nordic Naturals are the ONLY brands I would recommend.

Krista M.'s post is talking about the Melaleuca Company. I took their prenatals and calcium supplement and I can tell you that they are not the superior product that their company claims.

I hope you have a little one to look forward to in the near future!!! :)



answers from Salt Lake City on

This is a great time to begin a lifetime habit of DHA supplementation. It's great for babies' brain development, which is why the high-end baby formulas also have DHA added, or baby will get it through your breastmilk. I believe it is also highly recommended for pregnancy as well. Some fish oil-based supplements can make you burp up the taste of fish oil. I have tried the Neuromins brand (from sea algae) and MegaRed (from krill) and neither had that problem for me. You can get MegaRed from CostCo. Good luck as you start you family!



answers from Dallas on

Yes to the DHA supplement & No to the regular multivitamin...Your prenatal vitamin is like an extra strength multivitamin, but specially balanced for a pregnant woman. Have fun!



answers from Cleveland on

If you o on prenatal vitamins don't take another multivitamin... personally I have had 4 kids and preo with the 5th - I haven't found a prenatal that doesn't make me sick. So, I gave up on taking them... I just eat healthy and take a over the counter vitamin and sometimes a folic acid pill. I have had 4 healthy babies (the first 3 were 7 lb 4 oz and the last was 8 lb). I think the reason I have so many issues with the prenatals are how strong they are and I also have issues with iron... mine has always been high & they have so much iron in them.

Talk to your doctor before you start taking anything... he will need to prescribe the prenatals anyways. Good luck on conceiving and take care!!!



answers from Boston on

When I was going through fertility treatments our Doc just had me on a regular multivitamin plus an additional folic acid to bring me up to 800iui a day. Then while I was pregnant my OB had me take the prenatal vitamin and suggested I take a Pro DHA, and this is the one he suggested
He mentioned some studies about DHA/Omega 3's during pregnancy making children smarter and more well behaved :)
Good luck with your conception!



answers from Denver on

The biggest reason to take a multi vite is for the Folate. If you do nothing else, take a folate supplement. Once your preggo adding calcium is a must. All the other vites you get from a healthy diet and are not necessary...but take them if you feel up to it. GL!



answers from Colorado Springs on


Prenatals have more of certain vitamins and minerals - extra folic acid being one you will need more of. So when you switch to prenatals, you won't need the others.

The question is more which prenatals to take. If they are coated in pretty colors, they won't help you.

Talk to a good nutritionist, if you don't have one, look in Nexus. They can answer most nutritional questions.




answers from Denver on

It never hurts to take a DHA supplement at any point in life, but I don't think you have to either. If you start taking a prenatal, do not also take a multi, you get too much of certain vitamins and that can be unhealthy. When you conceive, get a doula! You can find one at Have fun!

W. Nichols-Dewey, CD(DONA)



answers from Clarksville on

you can take them with dha but i have also learned that taking omega-3 fish oil(sell in pill form) can really help in this area. Prenatals help your body boost essential vitamins that will prep it for conception. omega-3 fish oil give more of the essentials too. Google it online to read more. hope this helps.



answers from Cleveland on

There are some prenatal vitamins that have DHA already in them. Just ask your doctor about which vitamins contain DHA. I think the one I used to take was called Prenate Elite with DHA and I took it during both pregnancies. Good luck!

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