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Updated on August 05, 2009
T.B. asks from Trabuco Canyon, CA
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Hi! I'm trying to get pregnant and was advised to start taking prenatal vitamins right away. Any suggestions on which ones to take? I know most important ingredients are Iron and Folic Acid, but I wanted to hear opinions on Organic versus Non Organic and so forth.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone on all your helpful information! I absolutely loved reading all the responses. I still have more research to do, and am probably over compensating. However this is going to be my first child and am trying to take all the precautions necessary. Thank you again for all the responses, I'll keep you posted!

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I think the ingredients in prenatals are pretty much the same. Some might vary a little, so it's a matter of seeing what works for you. I've heard good things about ones with ginger built in to keep it down. Sometimes all those vitamins can make you a little nauseated. I just had my doctor perscribe one though. That was easiest for me. Watch out though. All the extra iron in prenatals WILL make you constipated, so you might want to start taking fibercon or a stool softener or something just so you don't get plugged up.

You might also want to start taking something with DHA/ARA in it. I got a great one at whole foods that I take that's a prenatal DHA supplument. The DHA is really important for brain development.

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answers from San Diego on's not exactly the answer to your question:

I just chewed Flintstones & drank orange juice & tried to get most of my vitamins from food sources...since vits/mins in foods absorb better and are utilized more easily. (Prenatal vitamins were too strong for me, they gave me migraines & hot flashes & joint pain amongst many many other things. With kids chewables I could space them out over the day and not get all the nasty side effects.) Most vitamin pills end up in the toilet however (they just flush out, our bodies don't absorb them very easily...but it's waaaaay better than nothing if you can't afford a healthy diet!!!)

Good Luck!!! :)

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Hi! My OB/GYN recommended the whole food supplement Juice PLUS+. Instead of hand-picked enormous doses of isolated vitamins, it's simply fruits and vegetables in a capsule (with 14 published research studies in medical journals supporting it)! The orchard and garden blends together with the vineyard (berry) blend provide all the Folic Acid you need! Check it out:
Best wishes to you as you pursue your dream of becoming a mom!



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Hello, I used the Target Brand. It not that much $ and I also took another few MG of Folic Acid, but that is up to your doc. Mine told me to take more FA also.
Yes it is better to take more FA if you are trying to have a little one.

I know they sell them at Whole foods also but it will cost more if you want Organic.



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Hi T.,
I am taking a series of supplements by Standard Process which is organic and food based. It is not cheap, but because it is food based your body is more readily able to absorb the majority of what you consume giving you and your baby the optimum amount of nutrition. Many natural health doctors are able to sell these supplements to you, but he or she will have to tell you which ones to take as there is not an all inclusive prenatal.



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My doctors assured me that any prenatal was excellent...even Target brand! That's what I took. Also, ask your DR for samples. Those took me through breastfeeding!



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Hi T.,
Ask your doctor for some samples if you can. I tried a few different brands until I found one that didn't make me feel sick. I can't remember which I finally chose but it was 7 years ago so I'm sure they've changed. I think they all have iron and folic acid so try a few to see which you like best. I'm not sure if Organic or Non Organic should even be an issue for vitamins - go with what works best for you. I think the vitamins I took were time released so the iron doesn't bother you so much.

Hope this helps.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi! A friend of mine has 4 beautiful daughters and has researched all of this. She took Juice Plus, which is fruits, berries, veggies, and grains--all in capsule form. She is a nutritionist and she figured out all of the folic acid levels, etc. I will be happy to help you with this information if you would like. You can research it yourself at
Best of luck!!



answers from San Diego on

Hi T.,

I am a beliver in Shaklee multivitamins with iron. Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. and has been around for 53yrs. It's a company that you can trust for safety. No ones else compares! Shaklee does over 80,000 quality control tests per year and 349 contaminant tests per batch being processed. Their products also work like they say they will. Shaklee is innovative and cutting edge when it comes to health and they are always a step ahead. In fact, many other companies use Shaklee's clinical studies as their own. Vita-lea multivitamins have a patented delivery system that delivers the right vitamins to right part of the body at the right time so you always get the right dose. Vita-lea also gets absorbed by the body quickly so your body can start using it. If you take a Vita-lea and another vitamin and drop them in a glass of water each, you will see the difference in the absorption rate right before your eyes. You are right about the importance of folic acid and the Bioactive Absorption System, which is exlusive to Shaklee, enhances the absorption of folic acid. You can check out these vitamins and other products at and register to win $200 of free products at Feel free to contact me with any questions and good luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

I'm vegetarian so don't use products with animal ingredients or that are tested on animals, etc. If you're interested, I use Super Nutrition's Simply One prenatal that I get at Mothers. Lots of the ingredients are organic, but not all. I also take a veggie DHA (the source is algae, not the fish that eat it) by Spectrum (it's a new product-- yay! it's been difficult to find veggie DHA over the years).

I wish you the best in your pregnancy efforts!



answers from Los Angeles on

I get my prenatals at Mother's they are called Twin Lab. I tried the prescription kind and they upset my stomach-as most do. I used to take my vitamins right before bed but have recently been taking one right after breakfast and one right before bed and I have never had an issue with an upset stomach. If $$ is tight go with the prescription because your plan will cover it. Otherwise try something from Mothers/Whole Foods. You can get reimbursed if you have healthcare reimbursement plans through work. Good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

Hi T.,

Thank you for asking such an important questions. Below are a few testimonials on using Shaklee nutritional product to help conceive, during pregnancy and from a midwife’s perspective after delivering many “Shaklee babies”. But first a note from Shaklee on pre-natal nutrition and Shaklee supplements for pregnancy.

Note from Shaklee Shop Office:

Pre-natal nutrition
All the nutrients needed to meet the U.S. RDA for pregnant and lactating
women are available in existing Shaklee supplements. With the approval of
the obstetrician, Shaklee Vita-Lea, Iron Plus C, B-Complex, and Super Cal Mag Plus can offer an excellent prenatal supplement program for pregnant women.

Moreover, Meal Shakes and Carbo-Crunch Bars could be added as convenient
snacks (not meal replacements) to make sure the extra calories needed
during pregnancy are packed with good health and nutrition. We suggest
a basic plan that includes 2 Vita-Lea tablets, 1 Calcium supplement, 1
Iron Plus C, 1 B-Complex, and of course, a balanced diet to help support a healthy pregnancy.

While the herbal products, Optiflora, Garlic, Stomach Smoothing Complex, Shaklee Defend and Resist, and Gentle Sleep Complex, should be fine for women to take during pregnancy, our Health Sciences personnel recommend these products be taken with the approval of the attending physician. In the case of Herb-Lax, and Moodlift, again we recommend expectant mothers seek the advice of a obstetrician also, before using these products. -- Your Friends at Shaklee

Testimonial #1: Infertility:
After 5 years of infertility, I became pregnant after using Shaklee's Soy
Protein twice a day for 1 month. I had endometriosis but didn't even know
that until I had a laporoscopy. I used fertility drugs, had artificial
insemination, to name only a few, nothing worked. I quit using the
Fertility drugs one year prior to conceiving. I don't know how or why but I am convinced it was the soy protein! I also was taking Vita-Lea and
B-Complex – K. Hesketh

Testimonial #2: Infertility
Six months after our wedding Scott and I decided to start our family. What was expected to be a simple goal became our most difficult life challenge. The next seven years were filled with tests, procedures, surgeries and disappointment. Finally we were blessed with a pregnancy with in vitro fertilization. Miranda, our million dollar baby changed our lives dramatically. A few weeks after her birth, I was inspired to remove all the toxic cleaners from my Shop. That's how I became interested in Shaklee. What a change it made in our lives.

We listened to a tape on infertility and Shaklee products and decided to explore this route for our second child. We BOTH began supplementing with Shaklee's Vita-Lea, B-Complex, Vita-C, Vita-E, Zinc and Energizing Protein.
(Editors note: Shaklee's Vita-Lea, B, C, and E can all be found in a Shaklee product called Shaklee Basics, which consists of a daily Vita strip of each of these products)

We also made a few dietary changes: no dairy, organic when possible and hormone-free meat. When Miranda was 21 months old I learned I was pregnant again. Oh Happy Day!
This pregnancy only required feeding our bodies the necessary nutrition to do what bodies are intended to do--conceive and grow a healthy baby. I had a terrific pregnancy, no nausea or complications. Kellen, now 3 1/2 is the healthiest, happiest boy I know! Both children use Shaklee nutrition and have never needed medication or antibiotics. The average child goes to the doctor 15 times a year! Shaklee keeps my children healthy and "drug free".

I suggest you clean up your Shop by removing all toxic products and use the best nutritional supplements you can buy, SHAKLEE! I believe the years of heartache and medical procedures could have been avoided with the simple, easy addition of Shaklee to our diets and our lives. –B. Leschke

Testimonial #3: Shaklee During Pregnancy:

I decided to use Shaklee Nutritional products instead of the prescribed pre-natal vitamins during my pregnancy. I did some research and found that what I was already taking on a daily basis with Shaklee was more complete than ones doctors prescribe.

Aside from providing pre-natal nutritional support, I also used many of the Shaklee products as remedies for some common "discomforts" that occur at different points of a normal pregnancy. I hope that these hints help other mothers to be!

I found in early pregnancy (first trimester) that I would have emotional
swings and tearful moments. One or two Shaklee GLA capsules, (3) B-Complex and (2) Super Cal Mag Plus would calm and soothe my nerves. I also used calcium (3 or 4 at a time) before bedtime to help me sleep better and prevent leg cramps. The only leg cramps I got (and they were VERY painfully intense) were on the evenings when I skimped on the calcium.

At various times throughout the pregnancy, I had some minor nausea, queasiness, and even acid reflux , just like all the books and magazines will warn you. I found relief by using Shaklee Peppermint Ginger Plus teas (cooled for a refreshing drink), and 5 or 6 Alfalfa tablets. At one point, just for a few weeks, I could not stand the smell or taste of my favorite Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein. I did not want to go without, so I opted for
the delicious Shaklee Meal Shakes (which tasted great to me) and I would add one scoop of the soy protein. I also used the new Shaklee Instant Protein when I made hot cereal for breakfast.

I found that my skin got much drier and just using more lotion did not help. I then discovered that the Shaklee Enfuselle Calming Complex sealed in with Enfuselle Hand and Body Lotion would soothe and heal any dry patches or rashes. I also made sure to use the Shaklee Enfuselle Hand and Body Lotion- all over- after every bath or shower to prevent stretch marks with excellent results.

I also have had no swelling and only the minimal healthy weight gain. I attribute that to drinking a lot of Shaklee BestWater and using Shaklee Alfalfa (to minimize water retention) and using the Shaklee supplements to give me and the baby the nutrients we both need to be healthy and happy!

I am excited to announce that our healthy and beautiful baby Sofía was born March 5th, 2001. I thank Shaklee products for helping me enjoy a wonderful pregnancy and birth of my baby girl. I think I have fallen in love with Shaklee all over again! Very Enthusiastically, M. Anderson-Delgado

Testimonial #4: Shaklee Pregnancy: A Midwife's Perspective
After delivering 76 babies in the Shop - without anesthesia, fancy equipment, and a staff of doctors, nurses, aides and orderlies, I'm convinced that maternal nutrition is the single most important factor in the production of healthy offspring and a well mother. Shaklee mothers experience significantly less blood loss (2-3 teaspoons compared to 1 to 2 pints). Their placentas are smaller, firmer, and healthier. There is less vaginal tearing. Newborn babies are more alert, more contented and less prone to birth-related injury.

Specific points:
1. There was no colic noted in the Shaklee babies.
2. One patient ate calcium all through her labor and had almost a pain
free experience. Apparently the needs of the muscles are so intense that
by supplying the calcium, she greatly reduced the sensation of contraction.
3. Childbearing years are very hard on a woman's body. Yet the women
taking Shaklee food supplements had fewer complaints of constipation and
vomiting. In running blood tests on these women, it was found Shaklee
vitamin products were absorbed and utilized by the body. Synthetic
vitamins were not.

I can't imagine anything that is more valuable to you as a parent than a healthy child. The time to invest in that child's health is while that child is developing. The cost is well worth it to have the healthiest baby you can have, because once that baby is born, there's not much you can do. You can do so much while that baby is growing inside you.

Shaklee Supplements suggested: 3 Tbsp. Instant or Energizing Protein daily, 2 Vita-Lea daily,1 Vita-E Complex per meal,1 B-Complex per meal, 4 Alfalfa per meal, 2 Lecithin per meal,1 Zinc per day,1 Iron+C per meal, 4 Super Cal Mag per meal, 1 Herb Lax at night for 3 weeks, 2 at night until 7th month, and 4 at 8 months, 5 at 9 months. Fairly high levels of Herb Lax are recommended because half of all toxemias are caused by poor elimination. As a woman's body starts to soften for delivery, joints are actually softened up, so when delivery starts, the baby's head can pass more easily. All organs
are pushed out. Hormones soften the intestinal tract too. It becomes jammed up and pressured and has more difficulty eliminating toxins.

Nursing: Extremely important to continue with your Shaklee Supplements.
--Judy Decker, Lay Midwife Fairview, PA

I hope you found this information helpful. Thank you again for your questions. If you’re going to make a commitment to Shaklee by changing brands and getting on a good Shaklee nutrition program, consider becoming a Shaklee member as you automatically save 15% off the retail prices, plus enjoy further discounts on selected Shaklee products throughout the year. The cost for a Shaklee membership is only $19.95 (special FREE membership offer available until August 8th 2009).

You can sign up as a Shaklee member or order Shaklee products online at our website 24/7 or by giving us a call. Feel free to also contact me with any additional questions. I’m here to help.

Yours in Health,
Marie-anne :O)

P.S. You might like to read this articles on brainier babies:



answers from Los Angeles on

Get lots of Omega 3 in the form of DHA (800 mg) and no more than 150 mg EPAs in them as they could thin the blood too much for a pregnant woman (important to have some EPA as it helps with inflammation).

Vitamin E 400 IU
Folic Acid (of course) /800 mcg folate
Magnesium Citrate 250 mg twice a day
Vitamin D3 - at least 1,000 IU with 2,000-3,0000 recommened, more if you don't live in a sunny area or don't expose yourself to 20 minutes a day of sunshine.

A couple of good places for supplements:
ExtendCore (does not contain iron so add that)

NO FLU SHOTS of any kind. No amalgams (metal fillings). Start reading up on vaccines because they are a big part of pediatrician visits and you need to be informed. The AAP recommended schedule of shots for children is too many, too soon. Here are sites and books that I always recommend for people to start their research:

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders, by Dr. Kenneth Bock

The Vaccine Book, by Dr. Robert Sears

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Childhood Vaccinations, by Dr. Stephanie Cave

Evidence of Harm, by David Kirby

This is very exciting time for you and know that there are many pleasures and lots of growth to having children. You need to be their advocate though when it comes to health care. The doctors are overworked, have too much to do when it comes to insurance, and have to rely on pharmaceutical reps and pharma paid medical literature and don't have the time to do the research on what is happening with the vaccines. One in six children have a learning disability. One in 64, or 95 -depending on which research you are looking at, boys have autism, whereas one in 150 children have autism. There are too many shots in too young of a time. Space them out. Follow safe practices of no shots when a child has been sick, the child has taken Tylenol (use Motrin please), has been on antibiotics within two weeks, has had a reaction before (diarhhea, seizures, high pitched screaming, fevers over 104, rashes).

Lots of research has been done as well about the effects of excitotoxins and the brain. They are found with MSG and artificial sweetners (including the so called natural one of sucralose). Diet sodas are a big no no then.



answers from Los Angeles on

I used "spring valley" from walmart. There is a baby on the bottle. They were like 10 bucks for 260. I also used them while I was nursing. My kids are totally healthy. I am sure vitamins help somewhat but I do have a friend that has 4 kids and only took them for 1 week with her first. She just couldn't do it. She didn't have the greatest diet either. All of her kids are healthy and thriving. Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi T. - A fantastic way to prepare your body for pregnancy and optimal nutrition for your baby as it grows in your womb is Juice Plus fruit and vegetable capsules. Better than prenatal vitamins in many's opinion because it contains thousands and thousands more nutrients working together in their natural combination. There's a short recorded call on 800-942-1260 (option 2, 2) you can listen to that will explain. I have another call that's bit longer by a couple of doctors explaining why Juice Plus helps deliver you the nutrition it needs to help get pregnant (better odds if both mom and dad are taking Juice Plus since both bodies work better with better nutrition). If you want that I'll look it up, just let me know. Juice Plus will increase the odds of a healthy baby once you are pregnant too. It's the nutrients of 17 of the most nutritionally rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains. See below the results of a study where participants took Juice Plus who had drastically reduced pregnancy complications. See more research results and doctor recommendations at my website at Feel free to call me if you have any questions or would like to order ###-###-#### or email Juice Plus has all the green leafy vegetables to provide you the folic acid you need along with a wide variety of other naturally occuring nutrition to prepare you and help sustain your next pregnancy. Juice Plus is an easy, more natural way to do that. Thousands more nutrients in their natural combination from whole food, not isolated vitamins. I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy!

PRENATALS --- Prenatals + Juice Plus+
Preterm (< or = 32 wks.) 35 (20%) --- NONE

Preeclampsia 38 (21%) --- NONE

Spontaneous Labor 16 (9%) --- NONE

PROM 6 (3%) --- NONE
NICU Admission 17 (10%) --- NONE

Respiratory Distress 13 (8%) --- NONE

Ave. Birth Weight 3280 grams --- 3507 grams (+227)

Gestational age 38.2 weeks --- 39.3 (+1.1 week)



answers from Los Angeles on

i agree with vitamins if you mostly eat fast food and TV dinners. if you are cooking your own meals out of organic products - skip the vitamins. if you don't belong rigidly to either one of these categories, keep the folic acid - it is water-soluble, if you have too much of it more will be eliminated with urine, skip Iron - it is easy to over-do on it and body is going to have hard time getting rid of excess, increase fresh green leafy veggies in your diet instead.
Good Luck



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi T., just like not all women are created the same, neither are all vitamins created the same. You need to ask some very important questions of yourself BEFORE you can even begin to choose a vitamin or program that will assist you in gettin gyour body ready for pregnancy. It is NOT like it was 20 years ago when a women could just get pregnant and have a baby with no regard for her own nutritional background.

1. What are my eating habits?
2. Am I currently lacking anything in my diet? Minerals, nutrients, vitamins? Which ones? How do I know?
3. Am I active?
4. Have I any history in my family that might affect me getting/being pregnant?

Questions like that.

If you want, connect with me and I will run through a free wellness consultation with you and you can decide what you want to do from there.

Family Wellness Coach



answers from Los Angeles on

There recently has been warning about lead in prenatal vitamins. I quit taking them and am getting all of my nutrients from food sources (fruits, veggies, healthy fats, whole grains, nuts, grass-fed beef, etc).

Here is the list as well as the source I originally got the info from:

Top 10 pre- and postnatal vitamins with the least lead
1. After Baby Boost 2
2. Nature's Sunshine Nature's Prenatal
3. Nature's Plus Prenatal Liquid
4. Natrol PreNatal Care
5. Pregnancy Plus
6. Pure Encapsulations PreNatal Nutrients
7. Maxi Health One Prenatal
8. Nature's Bounty Prenatal
9. Stuart Prenatal
10. Natural Wealth Prenatal

Top 10 pre- and postnatal vitamins with the most lead
1. After Baby Boost 1
2. A to Z Naturals Wow! PreNatal
3. Vitamin Source Prenatal Complete
4. Prenatal Superior
5. Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System
6. Buried Treasure Prenatal Plus DHA Complete
7. DaVinci Laboratories Ultimate Prenatal
8. Life Time Professional Pre-Natal Formula
9. Daily Foods Baby & Me
10. Carol Bond Women's Choice Prenatal

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