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Updated on March 21, 2011
K.C. asks from Evansville, IN
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It has been several years (3) since I was pregnant. I forgot what I took then... Prenatal vitamin, folic acid, Expecta, calcium supplement too?
Also - which prenatal vitamins are best? Thanks!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I just took the target brand prenatal vitamin with both my kids. It is the exact same, and i had no problems with it and both my kids are very healthy. Prenatal is the best though when expecting. Congrats!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have used generic and non-generic prenatals. I think they have the same amounts of everything in them, so I don't think you need to worry about that. I only took prenatals while pregnant, but my doctor also said I could take DHA supplements. I am currently nursing and taking the DHA supplements.

Congrats on your pregnancy!

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answers from Dover on

A good prenatal vitamin won't require you to take all of the necessary ingredients individually. Try Oligo. You will get more of what the vitamin contains because they are made for maximum absorption.

Just as I was about to post this I did read down and saw other posts but this is truly not just a copy!

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answers from Phoenix on

I took the generic Target brand before pregnancy and during and my kids were/are fine. My OBGYN said most are the same with Folic Acid being the most important as it allows for the absorbtion of the other vitamins but you pee about 80% of it all back out anyway so why pay so much for the prescriptions?

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answers from Phoenix on

Melaleuca's are the best because they have maximum absorption.

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answers from Columbus on

Any prescription prenatal vitamin is fine. My Dr's office told me that the only difference in over the counter vs presricption prenatals is the amount of folic acid. The over the counter does not have the amount of folic acid you need. Your Dr will probably give you a bunch of samples to try. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I agree with Jaimee. The Melaluca brand is great!

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answers from Cleveland on

Most prenatal Vitamins have folic acid, calcium etc in them.
I also think they're all pretty much the same.
Just want to make sure you are getting enough vitamins to make up for what you are sharing with the wee one :)

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answers from Indianapolis on

You need to have a conversation with your OB and your pharmacist. Please don't take any of our advice as solid.

Most health care professionals know that most Rx prenatal vitamins are the only ones FDA approved. Even those you can purchase at reputable stores such as GNC, WholeFoods, have likely not conducted the clinical trials, and there's no way to verify the purity of the ingredients.

Here in Indianapolis we have free prenatal vitamins by Rx through Marsh pharmacies. I can't recall if you have Marsh there, but you may want to call around to different pharmacies to see how much prenatals cost. Walmart has Rx prenatal vitamins for $4/month.

Also, some people (like me) can't take Calcium during pregnancy because I get so much through my diet. It caused me to have horrible kidney stones early in my pregnancy with my daughter. Your body can only absorb 500 mg at a time, so don't purchase anything that has more than that. You'll simply pee the rest of it out.

Melaleuca does not have any FDA approved products. Though they may have ingredients registered with the FDA, they've not gone through the process of clinical trials and can not prove that they have maximum absorption. Sorry, Jaimee, I just want to be fair and honest.

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answers from Cincinnati on

If I can recommend a vitamin that is even better than the norm Prenatal Vit. Please visit and search ESSENTIALS. The reason i suggest these are that they have more Folic Acid along with several other vitamins important to pregnant women.
Please use Associate ####-###-#### to order. You won't regret it and your baby will be soooo much healthier. for more on these vitamins as Prenatals.

Good Luck and congratulations!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Prenatal vitamins have folic acid and calcium in them already.
I bought my own vitamins right away, not knowing I could get a prescription, and the ones I bought [I forget what they were now] were so huge and gross. I decided to buy another kind...they were also disgusting and made me nauseous not to mention they were expensive. Went to my OB and she said she could prescribe them, so I ended up with a prescription for the Target generic prenatal vitamins from the pharmacy and they were easy to swallow, did not taste bad, and did not make me sick.
Besides that, I tool a fish oil supplement and ate as many fruits and veggies as I could.
As a poster said below, you should go based on what your OB says for something like this.

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answers from Naples on

I'm not certain which prenatal vitamins to recommend, you should ask your doctor about that. But one interesting fact I thought you might want to know is to consider eating apples and fish; my pediatrician says it helps protect against asthma and allergies. Here's the article: Hope this helps, good luck!

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