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Updated on June 06, 2012
E.C. asks from Fort Covington, NY
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Looking for some helpful advice. I'm currently TCC. Up until today I was taking NatureMade Multi Prenatal Vitamins (and took these through my first pregnancy) but realized from research that the Polyethylene Glycol it contains is what's been giving me horrible diarrhea for the last 4 days. I thought I had a bug!!!

Can someone recommend a really good all natural prenatal vitamin that doesn't contain this? I can't take capsules so I'm looking for a tablet form. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I seem to have a really sensitive intestinal tract and had some really close calls when I was taking these prenatals with my first pregnancy. I can't bear them anymore.

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So What Happened?

Oops, I meant TTC (trying to conceive)

UPDATE: Going to try DEVA prenatals. It's a vegan prenatal vitamin. We'll see what happens!

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answers from Providence on

I had a terrible time with prenatal vitamins. Or any vitamins for that matter. I take TwinLab Pre-Natal vitamins and have had the best luck with them. They are capsules, but they are the only vitamins I can tolerate. I've taken them for years, even after having my kids because every other one I've tried makes me ill. You can buy them online or at most health food stores. Good luck with everything.



answers from Providence on

I loved Rainbow Light one-a-day prenatals. All natural and easy to digest.



answers from Houston on

I don't know what TCC is. Do you mean TTC? If so, I used this female reproductive something or other by Michael's (naturopathic).



answers from Toledo on

SHAKLEE Vita-Lea Iron formula all the way!! I've tried many hardly digestible prenatal vitamins and this multi-vitamin takes the cake. The way Shaklee is processed, its packed nutrients, and no indigestion/lump moving through digestive tract is what won me over on them. I don't know for sure and I can't prove it, but I also think these vits. gave my 4th child nice white strong teeth buds compared to my other 3 children, and gave me a healthier amniotic sack because my first 3 children's broke on their own, and I labored without pitocin intervention this time because the sack stayed intact. I did not see the ingredient you listed on the ingredients label.



answers from New York on

Check out One-A-Day Prenatal. The main multi is a tablet. THere is a second pill that goes along with it that is a DHA supplement. It does not have Polyethylene Glycol (just checked the label). It does have Propylene Glycol, but that is a different compound, so you might want to give it a shot.



answers from Austin on

This is what I use to take and I loved it... Super Nutrition "Simply One" Prenatal. It has the same amount of Folic Acid as a prescription prenatal and only had to take 1xd. I supplement that with Ovega-3 "Omega-3s with DHA+EPA". All veggie based. No artificial dyes or anything.

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