Updated on November 06, 2008
B.F. asks from Hiram, GA
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I wondered what are some of the products anyone is taking over the counter that has been helpful once you realized you have premenopause symptoms?? There are so many things out there it's had to know what to take. I personally cannot take anything with tylenol in it I've had friends say that they just take the same over the counter products they've taken for cramps...I kinda don't think they are suffering the same symptoms I am. Just 14-10 before my cycle each day gets more difficult mood swings, some bloating, not being able to sleep, decreased sex drive, body aches, tiredness. I have noticed I have a period for shorter days now but it feels like it's going to be really big and long but it's only a few days. Before anyone says go to your dr I went had full exam even for my heart all was fine was told I'm just getting older and this happens. Most dr's dismiss perimenopause and just let you suffer well I just can't do it anyone and I want to take control of this and feel better so I'm looking for something over the counter and I'm asking who's taken what, what your experience has been with different products and what you find works best for you...please share it's so hard starting from the ground up and not knowing what to try....thanks!

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I agree with the natural progesterone cream. I had a hysterectomy last year and use it and also remifemin (which helps estrogen levels). I have no ovaries though. The progestrone will probably be enough to help with perimenopause. I use a different brand though. I use Emerita Pro-gest. Whichever one you use make sure the package says "USP" progestrone (at least 400mg). You might want to try a few before you find one you like. I like the emerita because it comes in single doses and it smells good. If you use a pump, it is hard to tell when you are going to run out. You can get natural progestrone at Harry's (whole foods) or any health food store. If you use it at night before bed, it really helps you sleep too! Also, if you are having trouble sleeping, try taking a calcium magnesium vitamin before bed.

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I know EXACTLY how you feel! I went through those exact syptoms in my early 40's too. I used to tell people that if a body could spontaniously combust...mine would! LOLOL
Looking back, I realize how fortunate I was to have been introduced to Prolief and when I tell people it saved me...they always look at me skeptically....but its true!
Prolief is a natural progesterone cream that you apply topically 2 weeks every month. I cannot even begin to tell you the difference it made for me! After the first 2 weeks...I noticed an immediate difference in my mood swings and anxiety. My husband noticed in about 4 days (but he wasnt willing to share that with me so soon...LOLOL) After about 3 cycles (2 weeks at a time) I began to notice what I wasn't suffering from anymore, like....
No more Period headaches every month
Lighter bleeding
Less clots
I slept a queen actually
No more breast tenderness
No more period breakouts
I could go on and on...especially about sexual issues..
You need to read the book..."What your Doctor may not tell you about Pre-Menapause", by Dr John Lee...its great.
If you're interested in learning more or would like to try Prolief...let me know....I now sell it for this very reason!
Good Luck!

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Along the lines of the other ladies, I would recommend reading "Ageless" by Suzanne Somers. It is a great book and will introduce you to a host of ideas of how to feel great and stay off the bad effects of pre and post menopause. My 67 year old mom in law is doing it. Her energy is high, no more hot flashes or mood swings, and her skin is improving.


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I take a vitamin that i order online. It is not available in stores but definitely helps. ITs called Optivite PMT. Give it a try.

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Yes!!! I have something that may help you! I have a lady who was experience very similar symptoms that you describe, she had her period for 2 weeks on and then 2 weeks off. She was miserable. She starting taking my vitamins and also a natural hormone balancing cream and within 3 days it normalized her periods and her symptoms! She has since stopped (this has all just happened in the last couple months) the balancing cream and is taking the vitamins and her blood levels have evened out, energy, etc! I would love to send you some samples if you want to try. My clients have seen such amazing results it's very exciting to see how it changes their quality of life.
Let me know if you want more information, it might be something that would help you too.

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