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Updated on July 11, 2009
A.F. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
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Our son is 3yrs old. I would like to get him into a PreK class this year. However I know nothing about the schools around here. So I could use some help on this. Not too sure how to go about the process. This is our first child to enter any school. Plus we may look into a private school when he goes to K. For the public school in our district is only rated a 2. Any good school suggestions would be great?? Plus if they could be affordable, not too out ragous (sp??) I am totally in the dark on this, so any suggestions would be great. Thanks to all who respond.

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I am a teacher at Christ the King and Norfolk. I think our preK-3 program is awesome. Our teachers are warm, loving and nurturing. One of the teachers taught my daughter and she loved her. Either of the 2 teachers are out of this world. Their asst. are fantastic too. Check out the website at for more information or you can call ###-###-#### or stop by the school at 3401 Tidewater Dr (Norfolk 23509). I love this school and what it stands for! I have taught her for 11 years and would not switch. Not sure you want to drive to Norfolk but I can tell you we have students from, VA BCH, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Norfolk, used to have one drive from North Carolina & one from Hampton until they graduated. Good Luck on your search.



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I teach kindergarten in the VB public schools. My daughter just graduated from Montessori Children's House on Hillingdon Ct in Kempsville. WE LOVED IT!! It was a fabulous start to my daughter's education. She was reading by 4 and knew way more than I taught in my own K class. So we stayed there through kindergarten. They move each child at their own pace. My daughter loved it!!! We are sad to leave for first grade. My new little one will start in 2 years. I highly recommend MCH to anyone and everyone!!!

Their web site:
Parent website:



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Hi A.,

Not sure where you live but we LOVED St. John's Lutheran School on Tidewater Drive in Norfolk. I think they start as 2 year olds and go up to 1st grade. It's a real caring, loving, environment. If you want more info you can email me at luck, the school decision is a tough one!



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I have my two children at the United Methodist Church Mother's Day Out, there is one by Kempsville Rd and the other one by Great Neck, I have being really happy with them for the past 3 years, I have a 5 year old which will go to Kindergarten and a 3 year old that goes there also. The hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 1 P.m. Hope this helps, if you need other information you can email me at:


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