Pregnant with Possible Gallbladder Problems- Elevated Liver Enzymes

Updated on September 23, 2010
J.A. asks from Moab, UT
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I just found out I am pregnant for the second time and it is still VERY early on. However, for those who have seen my past posts, I have been having problems with my liver enzymes being high.

For the entire month of August and the first two weeks of September, I wasn't feeling well. I was extremely fatigued, with body aches, headaches that got worse when I bent over, dizziness, weakness, and wierd appetite. Finally, after the waxing and waning of the symptoms, I decided that they weren't going to go away on their own.

Tuesday the 14th of september, I had blood drawn that showed elevated liver enzymes (174 and 135), negative pregnancy, and everything else (including white blood cells) were fine.

Tuesday the 21st I took a pee test on a whim (the day before my period) and it was positive in 10 seconds. Then my Dr. wouldn't see me anymore (I live in IL- the land of malpractice lawsuits and so many regular Drs won't see pregnant women) so my OBGyn sent me for confirmation blood tests and a chem panel and they determined that I am definitely pregnant but my liver enzymes have risen (294 and 143).

SSSSOOOOO- any ideas? I feel better, except now I am tired because of the pregnancy. Everything else has gotten better for the most part. I occassional have a dull (very dull) pain on my right side, just below my rib cage which makes some say gallbladder, but my Dr is taking her sweet time getting back to me.

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answers from Austin on

Isn't HELLP Syndrome characterized by fatigue and a high liver enzyme count? I would definitely do some research and ask my OB about it. Here's a link:

My friend had HELLPs (undiagnosed) in her first pregnancy and it caused her to prematurely deliver (son didn't survive the day). For her second pregnancy, she was constantly monitored and delivered a healthy baby girl.

I don't mean to alarm you my suggesting HELLPs as a possibility. It probably isn't (I think it tends to manifest later in pregnancy), but it's something for you and your OB to discuss if you have the symptoms.



answers from Tulsa on

You need to go to a different doc,one who deals with insides, an internal physician or another one.

My sister had gallbladder issues when she was pregnant, she had had 3 babies stillborn so this last pregnancy was treated as if she was made of glass. She had a standing appointment every week. They would not touch the gallbladder issue. She had "A" on one day and her gallbladder issue poked it's ugly head up about a week later. She ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks, she refused blood transfusions based on her beliefs, she got down to 79 lbs, which they decided is how much her bones and skin/soft tissue weighed, and she nearly died numerous times. Her gallbladder was toxic to her system by that time and it was really bad. They took it out and it ruptured while being removed from her stomach area.

Please see a different kind of doc and find out what it is so you can be healthy and enjoy this pregnancy.



answers from Las Vegas on

I would say keep a VERY LOW fat diet.. when your gallbladder (and liver) as they work hand in hand is agitated, FAT is the worse...
drink lots of water (so vital to help your liver rid your body of waste and toxins) additionally, fiber is essential in helping to bind the body's waste and get it out of the system. with a compromised liver, you need to help it out with GOOD nutrition.. this means too cutting out any junkfood.. You can read up about all this on the net as there are many articles. first and foremost, get that water in and begin cleansing your body.. high liver enzymes are but a "symptom" of an underlying problem.. Could be in inherent but often, diet plays a major role.
best of luck



answers from New York on

I am pregnant with my second and it's early on too. I was also recently diagnosed with gallbladder problems. I take a liquid, botanical supplement from my chiropractor that seems to be helping me so far! It's from a company called Premier Research Labs (based in Austin, TX) and it's called Gallbladder Nano-Detox. I'm in NY, so you couldn't see my chiro, but maybe google the company and see if there's a supplier near you? Good luck and congrats!

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