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Updated on April 27, 2011
N.R. asks from Tomball, TX
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I just found out I am expecting my third child. With my first two we had benefits through my husbands work but his new job required that we pay and it was not affordable for us. My children are on chips so I have applied for the prenatal program they offer. In the mean time I was looking for advice from others who have had babys without insurance. A LIL info.. my first was a vaginal birth second was an emergency csection. I would like a v back. Anyhow i would like opinions on doctors in the tomball/ spring areas. I would like a doctor that listens to you and isn't so text booky. Opinions on going the midwife route? I know have more ? Just can't think of everything but any and all advice is welcomed. TIA

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answers from Cincinnati on

Where I live, each hospital has a group of last year interns who have an on site clinic where they allow you to make a payment each month for the 9 months to pay for the fees. My friend did it, and by her due date, she paid about $1500. After delivery, she paid nothing extra.

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answers from Austin on

Go with a midwife!! That is your best option for have a VBAC plus a safe and healthy birth for you and the baby. Many midwives also take insurance and will do payment plans with discounts if you are paying cash.

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answers from Redding on

I don't know about Texas, but in California, we have AIM, Access for Infants and Mothers. You should ask your OB/GYN's office. They are aware of the programs availabe and which doctors accept them.
That's the best place to start.
You can also contact your local Health Department because they know of programs as well, depending on your situation.

Best wishes.

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answers from Tampa on

I'd go with a Midwife - most insurances cover them, and even without insurance, they are much more affordable option. Also, if you TRULY want a VBAC, a Midwife is your best chance at getting a true trial by labor option. I am having a Home Birth VBAC attended by a Midwife in July. I am sooo excited about it!

I'm a new Nurse, had my first child in 2005. If I had known even HALF of the things I know now, as a Nurse and Midwife/CNM major - I would have NEVER gone to an OB. My clinicals in a major OB Hospital were very disturbing. VBACers would come in and the staff would call down to the OR to prep a room for their cesarean, without even allowing them time to get into the swing of labor. They also still used illegally black boxed drugs specifically stated NOT to use on pregnant women. It's called Cytotec if anyone is interested in looking it up.

My traumatic normal turned 'emergency cesarean' birth put me in the path of finding out how birth should really be and opened my eyes to the glaringly obvious statistics of American birthing practices (which causes more maternal and baby deaths than majority of the world) vs the rest of the world - both developed and developing nations!

I could go on and on - but I'd say definitely start calling around the Midwives in your area!!

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answers from Seattle on

I lost my jobby job and my dream job when pregnant (no insurance for moi after 11weeks). Gotta love cobra. No job? No problem. Magically may $800 a month appear out of thin air. Sheesh.

So I went on our states pregnancy medical. I'm high risk... so I went with a nurse midwife/OB group through my favorite birthing hospital (we have several hospitals in the area, I have favs for different things). Since they were affiliated with the hospital, they took state money. I got my cake and to eat it also... CNMs and OBs on call in case of emergency.

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answers from Youngstown on

get on medicaid. you should get approved if you don't have ins. I had no ins when I got prego with my 1st and they covered all my bills leading up to the approval wich took a couple months. I just explained to my dr office I had applied and they let me go until it was approved. go down to your local Department of Job and Family Services and apply asap.

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answers from Phoenix on

my friend had a package ...paid out right and it covered all the visits. It was like $3000. And they had to pay the epidoral and the dr cost, but that was it. It covered all the monthly visits, one ultra sound and stuff. I guess you look into your local hospital for all the details. I remember her saying it was pretty reasonable and maybe cheaper then the premium payments to get coverage for pregancy and the baby is just under your normal ins once born.

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answers from Lincoln on

check with your hospital before to see about payment plans or even "financial aid"/write-offs. different hospitals may call it different things. But when my daughter ahd a concussion and I couldn't afford the er visit - the hospital portion and one other was written off. One of the dr's I had to pay. (about $120 out of $900+). When I had a cerclage with my last pregnancy, the hospital cut my portion from a $1,000+ to around $250. - a lot of people don't know that hospitals and some drs offices will do this. I had to fill out paperwork similar to loan papers w/salary, assets, debts. I got on medicaid at the tail end of 7 months, they kicked in at 7 months(wish I would have realized I qualified before stitch, testing, progesterone!!!) delivered her a week later and her delivery was covered and the $ I had paid dr in the 7th month was reimbursed to me. I'm leery of midwives only because I have high risk pregnancies and have to have c-sections because of first incision. I know lots of people that swear by them! Good look!

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answers from Seattle on

My third I was on state assistance. It was actually the easiest of all three. Everything that happen while i was pregnant was cover and then I had my tubes tied and was covered until my son was about three months old. I wouldnt know what to do had it not been for state assistance. There was no way I could have paid out of pocket.

As for who to go with. I would find a midwife and an OB that know how to handle vbacs. They can be tricky and can go bad fast. I dont want to scare you it is just the truth. Some women have no complications and hopefully that is what finds you. I just think educating yourself on them is first and foremost very important.

Good luck and congrats on the new addition!!!

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answers from Austin on

Isnt there a Planned Parenthood in Tombell? I believe Planned Parenthood offers prenatal care, delivery and post-partum care, in addition to birth control services. Lots of people think PP only does one thing, but in fact they provide a range of reproductive care and medical services. I would call the PP in your area and find out if they offer prenatal care and delivery options--and if they don't, they will probably be able to tell you how to get no cost care.



answers from Honolulu on

Well, midwives are cheaper, if you are out of the hospital it is cheaper still. We had one in the hospital no insurance (25,000+ for just the dilivery) and one in a birthing center with midwife (all prenatal care, birth, and post for 4,908 dollars). You M. be a good candidate for home-birth, but with the VBAC I would want to live REALLY close to the hospital, like less than 5 minutes away, just in case.

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