Pregnant with My Fourth Child, Will I Go All the Way to the End.

Updated on April 11, 2009
L.J. asks from Austell, GA
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This will be my 4th child and it has been a huge gap since my last one. I'm 37wks and 2days, my due date has been shifted around quite a bit. However,I hear some women say they go in a little early after having several children. All 3 of my children were 2 wks over the anticipated due date, but the doctor said this child is already 8lbs and they will not allow me to go past the 29th. I'm tired, my hands are killing me from the carpal tunnel and I don't sleep at night, not to mention every 10 minute trips to the bathroom. Well any feedback would be nice. Thanks

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I just wanted to tell you how awesome it is that you were open to life with the fourth child. We have the same family make up with three children, then a large gap before the fourth child. Our blessings have increased a hundred fold. This child has brought so much joy not only to our family but to our entire church community. I am sure that you will find the same. I contracted Bells palsy in my last month so I know how difficult it can be. As you know from your other beautiful children it is all worth it in the end! My only scheduled delivery of the four was my second and it was the most painful. Please go with your doctor's advise b/c he/she knows what is best for you medically. We were happy to let God decide on everything with our last child including the due date but God works through situations and people as well. So your time will come exactly as it was meant to happen...scheduled or not.
May God Bless you and your family always and may you put all your trust in Him who cares for you!

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That's not necessarily so about having them sooner the more you have. I just had my 5th and he came on a Monday and he was due that very Friday...not too early, in my opinion. It just depends on when the baby is ready. I wanted mine to come sooner too, so I could finally get some rest!! I didn't like going to the bathroom every few minutes either and never getting the rest we need at night. Whew! Good luck!

They told me that I'd be having at least a 7 1/2 pound baby...actually they measured him the week before I went into labor at that. He was born at 6 pounds 4 ounces. They don't know's all 'guesstimates'.

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Just hang in there. I know at this point it is very hard, but it's already been 37weeks, let your baby come when it's ready. I just had my 3rd baby 8 mos ago, and I was HUGE!!! He ended up being 10.5 lbs and he was my easiest.I had him natural with no pain meds. You have already had 3 so whether your baby is 8lbs or 10 lbs it really isn't going to make much differance, they are just a little chubbier. Also if you let your body go natural the recovery time is so much better, I know this from having 2 enduced epidural babies to one natural birth. Just remember babies lungs are last to develope. Hang in there!

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I am the mother of 11 but all mine were two years(give or take) apart so I never did the long time between thing. At least not yet. My baby is 3 years old and I am not pregnant so don't know if I am done or just slowing down. Anyway. I was three weeks over due with #1 and two weeks overdue with #2 and #3. After that I stayed about 10 days over with the exception of my 9th who came two weeks early still weighing 10# and no I did not have gestational diabeties. Anyway...My babies have ranged from 8#6oz up to the whopper of 10#11oz, but even that big guy was way easier than the first!!!!! All mine were natural and I would not let them talk of enducing unless they had real medical big the baby might be was nothing I felt was reason with so many times proving they have no real clue. They thought my biggest was less than 8#...go figure! I agree with the the mom who said once you have one the size really isn't a huge issue(no pun intended). I have had a number of realy uncomfortable pregnancies at the end and it is so hard not to be tempted to get it over with but I truely belive that God's timing is best UNLESS...the doctor finds something is going on with you or the baby. Doctor's don't like us to go over but normal realy is anywhere from thre weeks before to three weeks after. Hope that helps and I will be praying for you. May God give you wisdom as you make your choices. Please let it be the choice you and God are comfortable with and not just what the doctor wants. He is used to women who come in and just can't wait to get it over with. If he is concerned about the health of the baby he should be doing a stress test and not just guessing based on what he thinks the size of the baby is.



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Hello, L.
I have 4 kids myself. I have 2 girls and 2 boys. My last child caused me many problems. I had severe depression and was hospitalized throughout the 9 months. The baby was never in harms way. I just had alot of issues with her. So I am not sure.I was 2 cm when I went to my appointment two days earlier. But my doctor gave a choice whether I wanted to go to the 40 weeks or if I wanted him to induce on the day I choose. I had my appointment on Monday and I had her on that Thursday. So my 38 week i induced with my baby. I went in that morning at 7 am. By 2pm I had my baby in my arms. I loved picking my baby's birthday.

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Hang in there!!! I am just a couple days ahead of you in my second pregnancy. They keep changing their mind about when they want to deliver and it is very frustrating, but they will not do anything until you hit 38 weeks unless it is an emergency. Keep walking as much as you can and drinking water. It will help you feel a little better. Good luck with everything.

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