Pregnant with Low Blood Pressure and Light-headedness

Updated on March 08, 2011
R.W. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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I am 17 weeks pregnant, and lately I have been feeling really light-headed. I have to lie down or I feel like I will pass out. Also, at my 16 wk appt, my blood pressure was 90/56. Any suggestions to help? This isn't a bad sign of anything, right? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! I spoke with my OB today, and he wasn't too concerned. He suggested fluids and rest as well. He said that now, my uterus is heavy enough to put pressure on the blood flow to my blood can tend to pool in my legs, leaving me light-headed. Resting on my side is the best remedy, so I'll continue to do that often. Thanks!

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make sure you are drinking enough and taking enough iron. I always get dizzy and light headed when anemic and the baby strips the iron from you. I ended up taking an extra iron supplement along with my prenatal.

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I was lightheaded a lot during my pregnancy too, and have always had low blood pressure, so I was worried about the same thing. Luckily, I never passed out, but came close once or twice. My doctor told me to drink lots of water - when I was really feeling it Gatorade would help more. I also made sure to load up on protein, lots of nuts, lean meats, eggs, etc. I ALWAYS had a baggie of almonds or a really high protein snack bar with me and would just eat when I felt lightheaded. It helped a lot, hang in there! Also be sure to just rest when you can - listen to your body and don't overdo it - every body is different and handles pregnancy differently!

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I had something similar around 25 weeks. I didn't pass out but came very close. I had eaten a plate full of desserts right before so I think mine was a sugar crash. Call your obgyn tomorrow to let them know but it is probably nothing. You can pretty much blame everything on pregnancy.


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When you have low blood pressure eat ordrink somethin salty and it will bring it up. And also low bp could be a sign of something wrong with your heart (not always) I took care of a lady that had extremely low bp and it turned out it was her heart. Just get it checked and make sure. My BP is usually on the low side too and I sometimes get light headed. And sometimes when you get light headed it could be your blood sugar too. I had that happen when I was pregnant. Just go to the doctor and get checked out real good! Congrats on your pregnancy.



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its not a good sign see your doc


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You are talking to your OB right? You may be experiencing a little lower oxygen saturation.

As a healthcare professional, I always recommend that expecting Moms drink Evolv's Nutraceutical Enhanced Water. 2 bottles a day will increase your oxygen uptake and utilization immediately. You couldn't do your baby a better favor either.

Its completely natural and there is great Science about this at You can then order a case or two to try, online at It is so.great and simple, because it's dispensed in pure spring water. Try it with a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

D. M.



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I had this with all of my pregnancies, along with restless legs, to some degree and was told that it was normal (all pregnancies were fine btw). In my last pregnancy I was about 7 months along and I saw my PCP for something not pregnancy related and she just felt that something wasn't right and did an EKG and noticed something in my heart rhythm that she felt strongly enough about to send me to the ER. While there they did bloodwork and my potassium was very low, as were my magnesium and calcium levels. I received IV potassium and after that, my blood pressure was higher, my heart rate slowed and stabilized (it had been racing and I hadn't noticed) and the occasional dizziness and lightheadedness went away, as did the restless legs and other muscle spasms. I suspect that these levels were low in my other pregnancies but it's not something routinely tested. Definitely see your doc and ask about this blood work if she or he doesn't suggest it. While these symptoms are common, they do indicate that you may need something (water, salt, etc.) so you should get it checked out but it's not an emergency. Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!



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My blood pressure is normally 90/60 I often got light headed while pregnant with my second but nothing a glass of oj or a candy couldn't fix. Also make sure you are drinking enough of water.Have you mentioned your concerns to your ob.



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i have very low blood pressure as well (92/62 at 38 weeks last thurs) and always feel light headed and faint in the middle of my pregnancies. i think it is around this time when your baby starts getting more blood so it takes a little while for your body to adjust. it usually weny away in a month or so. i've never had a problem with it but always mentioned it to my dr. good luck and congrats on the pregnancy!



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Drink plenty of fluids and DO REST and lay down. Your body is working hard. Why is it people still not getting it that pregnancy is a HUGE workload on the body. Take care of yourself - no one else will.



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If you have too little salt in your diet, it can cause that. Also, if the cause is the blood pooling in your legs, pressure stockings may help. Just take it easy. I live life with low blood pressure, and really had issues in my first pregnancies (my last it was really high for some reason). I have two relatively (unrelated) healthy noisy boys running around to prove it wasn't an issue. GL!

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