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Updated on August 20, 2009
F.S. asks from Whiteland, IN
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Hi this is my story
I've gone through two pregnancies and i did not have high blood pressure if anything it was low im pregnant agian but my blood pressure is through the roof. I'm only 7 weeks along and its reading around 177/94. so im trying to figure out what the deal is and whats gonna happen through this pregnancy. I havent seen a doctor yet bc my insurence hasnt kicked in yet but i called them and they told me to go to the emergency room and all they tell me to do is see my doctor.
and i want to add that is been this high about a month before i knew i was pregnant

hi i just wanted to update it hasnt gone down a lot but a little.

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answers from Cleveland on

I don't want to sound like the ER doc's But I think you should call your Doctor and tell them what's going on at least maybe they work something out for you that hi of a BP is not safe



answers from Fort Wayne on

I had pregnancy induced hypertention (PIH) with my first daughter. Mine didn't start until I was in my third trimester though. I was put on Procardia, 60 mg once a day. My blood pressure hovered around 150/100. It was pretty rough. I would get terrible headaches, I was swollen from head to toe and I just felt icky the whole time. I didn't have the best medical care, so I was never put on bedrest, and I should have been. If your blood pressure is that high, you are in danger of having a stroke. I don't know what they'll tell you to do, especially since you're not very far along. I would imagine that your blood pressure will keep on climbing through out your pregnancy. I'm not a doctor, but..I would imagine they will put you on meds, make you start a healthier diet (no salt, less fat) and even possibly bed rest. If you had high blood pressure before you got pregnant, then it's not caused by the pregnancy, but pregnancy can make it worse. You really do need to talk to your doctor. High blood pressure can lead to a stroke. It's nothing to mess around with. In the meantime, eat healthier and drink lots and lots of water.



answers from South Bend on

Please make sure to give an update. I am almost 13wks and am very close to your same bp. My doctor said they will just need to closely monitor it. I haven't been prescribed anything yet but am worried also. My bp has always been high since my 1st pregnancy (i am now on my 3rd). I think mine is caused by my weight gain in the last pregnancies and also that I work 3rd shift.. I think it really screws up the body. Congrats on the baby and take care



answers from Cleveland on

Hi, F.,

By now, I'm sure you've gotten the message that hypertension is very dangerous!

As the other moms said, cut out salt - no more than 2g per day, make sure you count it and keep track of how much you're consuming. Drink lots of water! I don't know if you're overweight or not, but if you are, losing weight will help lower your BP a LOT! So start watching what you eat.

And - WALK. No strolling! You need to walk at a pace that will get your heart rate up. Walk 30 minutes in the morning before breakfast and 30 minutes in the late afternoon. (preferably before dinner)

Spend 20 minutes a day meditating - focusing on your breathing will help your body relax, and lower your BP.

I know - I just took up an hour and 20 minutes of your day that you probably don't have time for, :) but you need to MAKE the time.

Hypertension may lead to stroke, and it IS permanently damaging your kidneys. Consistenly high BP leads to polycystic kidney disease. There is no cure for that, F.. End stage renal failure is how that ends.

So until your insurance kicks in, please do all of things we have suggested to protect yourself, and your baby.




answers from Cincinnati on

What's concerning is not only that your BP is that high during pregnancy, but that it was that high before you got pregnant. Typically, BP drops in early pregnancy.

I had pregnancy-induced hypertension with all three of my pregnancies and developed mild pre-eclampsia with two of them. Thankfully, the pre-e was mild enough that I made it full term and was induced just shy of 38 weeks with both those pregnancies.

You need to see a doctor now. Is there any kind of clinic you can go to? When does your insurance kick in? My guess is that they'll prescribe a BP medication for you and monitor your pregnancy very closely. You'll probably have to do some 24-hour urine tests, have more frequent ultrasounds, and possibly go in for more appointments. You'll also want to check your blood pressure often (at home or at a pharmacy) and keep an eye on your diet/exercise.

Some people have had good success with the Brewer Diet, so you may want to check that out. Watch the sodium in your diet, and eat lots of fresh fruits/veggies. Cucumber and watermelon are particularly good for lowering BP. Also, drink lots of water.

I wish you a healthy pregnancy!


answers from Columbus on

I work in the health, wellness, nutrition arena and would be happy to talk with you to share the experiences that have crossed my path, especially for pregnant moms.



answers from Indianapolis on

Blood pressure consistantly being high is not a joke. I agree you need to see a physician regarding this matter.

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