Pregnant with a Stomach Ache

Updated on June 02, 2010
J.C. asks from Fresno, CA
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I am 31 weeks pregnant. I have had a really bad stomach ache all day. I realize that it must've been something I ate yesterday at a BBQ that I shouldn't have ate that is causing indigestion/relux-like symptoms. I've been burping all day. I've been having pains in my stomach. And I haven't been able to eat because I feel nauseated. (My own mother thinks that the potato salad could've been left out too long before I arrived and helped myself to some of it.. or maybe the hot dog) Anyway I'm looking for natural remedies, but I may contemplate TUMS as a last resort before calling the OB. Thank you

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So What Happened?

Okay.. thank you all for the advice. I decided on drinking some ginger ale and after only 5 minutes, the food from yesterday came back up! It was the hot dog.. no question :) Praise God for the way our bodies can reject the things that are not good for us. I felt instant relief.

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You can use the antacid recipe on the box of baking soda or take a tsp. of apple cider vinegar in water. Either one of those should help or you can try both.

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A while back, I read an article that a persistant stomach ache could actually be contractions. You may want to contact your OB and just let him or her know what is going on. It could just be a stomach ache, but at 31 weeks, I think you should play it safe and call your OB.

If anything, your OB might be able to recommend something that will help settle your stomach.

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TUMS are fine, Maalox too...both on the list of ok meds from my OB. I get horrible indigestion (week 33 in pregnancy) and have had both the acid reflux, heartburn and mild stomach pain. It doesn't sound like food poisoning...besides the fact that by now you'd have diarrhea if it was, those symptoms sound very much like pregnancy related indigestion. If it gets worse though I'd call the OB just to make sure.

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drink camomille tea



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chamomile tea with honey and lemon helps upset stomach. Altoids help me sometimes if I ate something too oily or if I feel a little carsick.
You need to eat healthy! Don't eat processed meats like bologna or hotdogs they can carry bacteria that makes you sick also avoid anything with raw eggs like mayonnaise and Ceasar salad dressing, soft cheeses etc. the bigger the baby gets the harder it'll be to digest heavy foods.
eat lots of little snacks instead of full meals and get your fiber and water!
you'll thank me when you hit the 35 week mark;)


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Mint tea will calm your tummy. Ginger Ale. It also has no caffeine..



answers from San Francisco on

Hello J.,
On Dr. Oz show recently he had interesting things to say about potatoe salad not being as much of a problem as generally thought. Please look it up only for your information.
As sthe mother of 5 I had to live with this problem for several pregnancies. I should have had stock on Tums. Even cancer patients ae recommended Tums becasue of the benifits. I know of no natural method except to get the bowels to empty becas7ue some of this might be gas pressure.
Good Luck and Congradulations for this new addition to the family.



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Please tell your doctor about this just to be sure the bacteria in the food didn't pass to the baby. Always make sure hot dogs are reheated before you eat them while pregnant because they can harbor bacteria that can be bad for the fetus. I am glad you re feeling a bit better though!



answers from Albuquerque on

At 31 weeks a stomach ache may be more than a stomach ache. I'm not sure about natural remedies but you could call a natural grocery store and ask them.

It does seem like you ate something that didn't sit well (like potatoe salad with mayo that was left out) but if your tummy ache is high in your belly, like where your bump starts, you may need to call your dr.

I hope you feel better soon.

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