Pregnant with a 14 Month Old

Updated on April 20, 2010
L.C. asks from Roselle Park, NJ
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This might be a silly question but I think others have asked it before. What do I do with my 14 month old while i'm at my ob/gyn visits. Should I bring him in in a stroller and do the doctors get aggravated if they are in the exam room? Not sure if there is some sort of unwritten etiquette here.

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answers from New York on

My then 2 year old was a very wild, active kid and the midwife was okay with it since she delivered him. Also I had a friend come whenever I could to watch him in the waiting area. Even a teenager or child over 10 can be a mother's helper in that situation because you are in the next room.

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answers from New York on

Bring him. Some welcome them and even play with them. Mine loved to see my daughter. He used to rub her head and make her laugh. I think that it's fine as long as they are not running around and getting into things. That's when they usually get annoyed.



answers from Austin on

You should be able to bring him. Most moms do when their children are that close together. If your ob/gyn office gets in a snit about it, I would question going there. But for the sake of your sanity, you might want to try finding a friend to watch him. My boys were never very good at sitting quietly in a stroller.


answers from Jamestown on

I've always brought my youngest with me to the visits....if I had to. I don't often get a sitter. I've had one ob get irritated that I had brought him with me.



answers from New York on

Bring them with you. I have done it as well as many of my friends. They deliver kids so I'm sure they are happy to see them grow up as well.



answers from New York on

I've gone with my almost 4-year old to doctors visits since he was lttle. I bring a small stroller that will fit in a small space (Volo) just in case, his bottle and later a straw cup with juice, a toy or car to play with. Schedule the appointment when baby's OK, either ariund naptime or when he's usually quiet. Late morning and early afternoon usually work best for us to avoid early morning and afternoon rush hour.

If you're having an exam where you can't bring your child, schedule it very early, take your child out in his PJs (still asleep if possible), a change of clothers, some food and toys, and go with your hubby in two cars. He can stay with your baby and leave for work directly from the doctors office if he's short on time. Or if he can go in later, just have him look after the baby at home.

Most moms I know do this and doctors even have toys in their offices for the kids. The only place where I haven't been able to do it is dentist's offices (it's hard to reasure your child and they're very cramped).



answers from New York on

Meet your neighbors. Take someone up who has said, "If you ever need any help..." and then reciprocate for them. You must know other moms with 14 months olds or thereabouts. Have them over for a playdate and later ask if the mom can watch your child for a few hours.

When making the ob visit, back it up against something else and tell them when you arrive, "I have to be ... at ... o'clock" - so that they have to get you in on time. Waiting 20 minutes for your appt is one thing - 45 minutes is ridiculous. This worked great for me.



answers from Minneapolis on

I brought my kids to all my appointments. My 1st was only 11 months when I got pregnant with #2, so he sat in a stroller. Then he was 3 and the second was 17 months when I started appointments with #3 and I brought them both. The older one sat on a chair and the little one sat in the stroller. I brought a snack and a car for each and they did fine. My midwives never seemed to care.




answers from Cleveland on

I've never had my doc get upset if I bring my kids (he delieved all of them)... but I don't like my kids there when I get the full blown exam. The normal appointments are fine... the ones where they just check the heartbeat & measure your tummy and my now 6 yr old liked the ultrasound appointment (she was 15 mo. old when her brother was born). But most of the time I go when hubby was able to be home w/ the kid(s) so I could/can have alittle peace time. Sometimes is the only way I have "alone" time. I currently have 3 kids at home, 1 that lives w/ in-laws and 1 on the way... man it would be a crouded room if I was to take them all - lol.

Congratz on the little ones!



answers from New York on

I brought my 3yo to almost all my appts, and saw many other women do so as well. I think obgyn's kinda have to expect it and should not have an issue. As long as your child is not disruptive, it's okay.



answers from Indianapolis on

We always took our son to our OB appointments with us. He was 21 months when his sister was born, and if we didn't bring him, one of the Medical Assistants would get upset that her "boyfriend" wasn't there.

We especially liked having him there so he understood more of the process of what being a big brother was going to entail, and we wanted the physicians who'd helped bring him into the world healthy (there are 7 OB's in the practice we go to) to see the fruits of their labors (and mine).

Good luck and congratulations on the new baby.

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