Pregnant with #2 and Starting New Job! Many Questions!

Updated on September 08, 2009
J.F. asks from Bloomington, IN
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Hello wise mommas!

My daughter is just turning 22 months and I'm starting a new job. I have a wonderful husband who is VERY supportive (he let me lie around all weekend...bless him!). I am about 8-9 weeks pregnant and EXHAUSTED! AND TICKLED PINK. :)

I'm starting a new job that has LOTS of training classes and shadow shifts that are all at different times and places through the month.

1. I need ideas on what I can pack to eat that will be safe in a lunch bag that will be easy to eat, healthy, and not give me a weak stomach (morning sickness is starting to really hit!) or give me heart burn.

2. I know there are things I should avoid eating but loaned my "What to Expect" book to a girlfriend out of state. Can you remind me of what foods/medicines I should avoid? I'll see the Dr. on Wednesday, but would prefer a complete list from experts! ;)

3. How soon do I tell my employer? I've only been there for 2 weeks.

4. When does the exhaustion go away...or does it with another little one running around? I worked full time while I was pregnant with my daughter but could sleep in each morning and got a full night's sleep. With this schedule, I am leaving the house at all different hours and some nights am not getting home until late.

I don't think I can give up this job. It took me 8 weeks to make it through the final interviews and to be hired. In the long run, I won't work such crazy shifts and my family will have a rent-free apartment to live in. Something we need. I think I only have about 2-3 months of this type of work.

Please help with any of my questions! :) Thanks!

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answers from Minneapolis on


Congratulations on the pregnancy and on the new job. Sounds like it will be very challenging at first - but in the long run a great opportunity.

As far as different snacks go - I always tried to have a few options with me as some days something would taste great, but the next day it would make me sick. I liked fruit, veggies, those little ritz crackers with cheese or peanut butter in them, hot chocolate, yogurt, animal crackers.

Here is a link I found to a list of what not to eat: Otherwise, you can just google it.

Depending on your relationship with your employer, I would probably wait for at least another couple of weeks if you can.

I remember with my second pregnancy - really feeling GREAT durning my second trimester. But the first and third were very exhausting. It is probably a combination of your schedule and the pregnancy, but it is temporary. Hang in there and try to sleep as much as you can. A little 20 - 30 minute cat nap while your 2 year old watches Dora with you on the couch might be just what you need to help keep your energy up.

Good Luck!

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answers from Madison on

Good luck with the new job and growing family.

#2-I avoided deli meats (sliced meats), soft cheeses, bean sprout, and tuna (mercury) to name a few. I did eat peanut butter, especially as lunch later in pregnancy. Bananas alwaya did well by me and helped to avoided leg cramps.
#3 - I'm with the others who said at least 12 weeks.


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answers from St. Cloud on

Ok so I'll be choosy and start with just a few of your questions. A little "snack" I found helpful with the MS was Preggie Pops (or use another hard, sour candy to suck on like Jolly Ranchers). Probably aren't too offensive to suck on every now and again at work while training and are easy to keep in a pocket.

Question #3 I would wait until between 12-16 weeks. I don't know how fast you'll show but by then you'll have been there over a month- maybe even 2.

#4. I am 18 wks pg with #2 and have a busy 16mo old. I try to sneak in a nap on my off days or on the days when I work an evening shift. I do take her to daycare for extra hours some days also just to give myself a special break.

It sounds like a great opportunity for you and your family and there is always the tired part that comes with a day of learning. Don't get too discouraged!

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answers from Minneapolis on

With my first, I kept those pudding packs that don't have to be refrigerated, trail mix, fruit leather, and crackers in my desk as well as having a filter pitcher with water on my desk. With my second it was mostly saltines!

Echo the comment about using TV to get a little nap occasionally (still using that now that I have a 3-year-old and 2-month-old). But I just plain was more tired with the second pregnancy because of the extra demands, but on the upside, I'm better at coping with exhaustion because of experience! Hang in there.

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