Pregnant or Not Pregnant...???? Confused.....

Updated on August 11, 2009
E.O. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Last week on Tuesday I took a test and it was positive but the 2nd line was much lighter, but visible. Now today I went and took my kids to the park and came back and my underwear and pants became soaked with what seemed to be very light pink discharge but alot of it. Then one I arrived home it was red like my regular period. My mom told me to still go to my first appt because she had her period with me for the 1st 6 months. My sister said that she had the same thing happen to a friend and she was still expecting. I have had to children already and am confused about this situation because I've never dealt with it before..... Any opinion would be appreciated. I think I'm still going to keep my Dr. appt to be sure. Kind of bummed if I'm not because I was quite pumped up about it even the the timing wasn't the best!

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So What Happened?

Unfortunately I ended up having a miscarriage yesterday at 9 week along. I feel this pregancy was strange from the beginning and know that my little one is with God now. Thanks everyone.

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answers from Minneapolis on

This same thing happened to me when I got pregnant with my son. The test was postive with a pretty faint line but it was visible. I actually took the test when I had unusal bleeding from what my normal period would be because I thought I might be pregnant due to that fact. I went to the doctor right away and he tested my hcg levels and everything was fine. He said the bleeding was due to the egg implanting. The bleeding subsided within in 3-4 days. I now have a very healthy almost one year old little boy! Good luck to you and I hope you have the same outcome that I had.

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I strongly suggest that you call your doctor. I have bled with four pregnancies, and one time it signalled a miscarriage for me. So I can tell you personally that it can go either way. But if you call your doctor and explain the situation, they can get you in for a blood test and test your HcG levels (the hormones that the pregnancy test detects). If the levels are not rising fast enough or are falling, you are miscarrying; if they are rising as they should, your pregnancy is progressing normally. They can also talk to you about the possible reasons for bleeding. Especially early in pregnancy, there are many, many possible reasons for bleeding, and not all of them are bad. But a positive pregnancy test is a positive; the second line being very light should just mean that the hormone levels are low, possibly because you are early in your pregnancy or even because of the time of day you took the test. Talk to a doctor as soon as you can, to make sure you know what's going on now. Good luck!

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Miscarriage is more common than you'd think. Especially at 5 to 7 weeks. Nobody wants to think it could happen to them though. It is a VERY HARD thing to go through.

I've been pregnant 6 times total. 4 of them ended in miscarriage. I've NEVER had any bleeding with the 2 pregnancies that are now our 2 children. My miscarriages ended at 11 1/2 weeks (hearbeat stopped at 6 weeks), 5 weeks, 6 weeks, and 10 weeks (heartbeat stopped at 9 1/2 weeks). Each time my body has taken care of it. I've never had a D&C.

Now I have also heard of women bleeding and not losing their babies. It does happen. My mother-in-law had her last (suprise) baby in her late 30's or early 40's. She bled the whole pregnancy. He is now 27 years old.

Definitely call the doc and ask for an ultrasound TODAY!!! They can always squeeze emergency ones in. They did for me with both of my missed miscarriages.

Good luck.



answers from Milwaukee on

It could be a SCH, subchrionic hemorrhage. I had one with my first son and was a little scary but everything turned out fine. Part of the placenta tears from the uterine wall and causes bleeding. As long as the tear doesn't become too large, everything is fine. I had little bleeding spotting until about my fifth month and then it stopped and they said the SCH healed. I am guessing if you got a positive you are pregnant, the doctor just need to figure out what the bleeding is from. I will pray everything goes well.
Good Luck & Congratulations!



answers from Minneapolis on

I had quite a bit of bleeding with my first son, and only a little bit of (what we think was implantation) bleeding with my second son. Both boys were born healthy. But like others have said, calling your doc might help ease your mind. Good luck!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I really don't want to say this to you, but I feel like I have to.
I don't want to you to freak out or become upset.
Get in to see a Doctor ASAP. It is possible that you are just having a period while still pregnant, That does happen to a lot of people.

About seven years ago I took a pregnancy test and had it come back posotive and negative... It had a pink plus sign for posotive, and a blue minus sign for negative.
I went in and they told me I was pregnant, and did an ultrasound... and told me I was less than five weeks (no heartbeat) Well, I knew the day it happened, and knew it was 9 weeks, but they argued with me.
Four days after My Dr's appt I started having a miscarraige.
I went in to the er, and no one would tell me what was happening. They told me to go home and have bedrest untill the bleeding stopped.
My Mom had had one before, so she was able to tell me what was happening.
This is a really hard thing to go through, and no one wants to tell a woman something like this is happening.
But I feel like I wished they could have given me a hint that something wasn't quite right, so that I wasn't so shocked by it.

Please don't get upset, or stress out over this. Just try to take a deep breathe and go to see your Dr. as soon as you can.

And if something does happen, please pm me or something, I can listen really well, and it helps to talk to people who have gone through it before.



answers from Des Moines on

Hi E.. This could be a lot of things. Many women do have some bleeding and spotting throughout first trimester (or longer). Usually, that type of bleeding is dark brown (old) blood that has just gotten dislodged by the process of the egg implanting and the uterus beginning to stretch. There are certainly those few women however that can have red/pink bleeding and have nothing to worry about. Have you had any cramping along with the bleeding (And I mean strong, severe cramping)?

The other option - though I hate to mention it - is something called a Chemical Pregnancy or Early PG Loss. Its where the egg implants and you get a pos pregnancy test for a short time, but either the egg didn't implant correctly or it wasn't a healthy embryo and your period comes as normal - if a little late.

I would contact your doctor asap this morning and get in for a blood test. That should tell a lot. Wishing you all the best!!!



answers from Milwaukee on

I wanted to respond to the posting to drink chamomile tea to prevent miscarriage. I have heard the exact opposite, that chamomile tea actually can precipitate miscarriage-this is why it is not an ingredient in amy "pregnancy teas." also, if one is miscarrying, there really is not a way to prevent. E., it sounds normal what you are experiencing and I'm glad you were able to speak with your doctor.



answers from Des Moines on

I would like to just share with you my recent experience. Last month I started feeling outta sorts. I took a pregnancy test, on Sunday and it came back positive. It was very faint, but noticable. But I still felt that something wasn't right. I believe I took 3 more tests within the next two days and the lines just kept getting more and more faint. I called the drs office and explained and asked if I could come in and do a blood test. I went in Tuesday and had a blood test done and my HCG level was 15, which is very low. The dr didn't get back to me until Thurday, and I had started bleeding that morning. Nothing like a period, just light bleeding. He assumed I was having an early miscarriage. I believe I was no more than 5 weeks along. He told me I had one of two options, have another test to see what my levels were or assume it was a miscarriage and just let it be. I had to know, so I went in on Friday and my level was 5. Which is a negative pregnance. I continued to bleed very lightly for 5 days.

You very well may be experiencing a miscarriage or it could just be bleeding as the other woman have experienced. But maybe for your peace of mind, get into the dr and atleast have a blood test done.



answers from Omaha on

You might very well have had a very early miscarriage. Do you have any cramping? They are usually similar to menstral cramps. Miscarriages are very common. 1 in 5 pregnancies will end that way. I'd call the DR. Asap and report the bleeding. They might have you come in to verify that it is or isn't a miscarriage.

I hope it is just implantation bleeding! It could be that happens sometimes.



answers from Davenport on

I had bleeding and spotting - bright red like a period for the first 12 weeks of my last pregnancy (which was my first pregnancy following a miscarriage, so it was especially scary) but now i have a healthy 6 months old baby boy. See your Dr. if it continues and your HCG levels are fine, they could see by ultrasound, it could be like mine, it turned out I had one of those subchorionic hematoma/hemmorrage, but it was a small one and resolved itself.



answers from Rochester on

I too would suggest contacting your doctor. It could be implantation bleeding or a miscarriage. I've never had a miscarriage but my friends who have also had severe cramping. I had bleeding towards the end of my first trimester that started with passing a large blood clot. I thought I was having a miscarriage. It ended up that I had a small vaginal tear. They are actually quite common and can be caused by having sex, stretching, lifting something, etc. That bleeding lasted for about 3 weeks. Your doctor can tell you for sure what is going on.



answers from Omaha on

if you are pregnant it might be implantation bleeding. or some times there is just bleeding during pregnancies, my one friend bled for about the first 4-5 months of her pregnancy, the babies are now 3 and 6 years old.



answers from Milwaukee on

I think any bleeding during pregnancy is scary, but don't worry yet. Just call your Dr. and discuss it with them.

I had bleeding through my entire first trimester. I was in the Dr. office about once a week checking on things -- but everything worked out fine and there were no further complications.



answers from Appleton on

Call your doctor's office right away. See if you can talk to a nurse or get in to see the doctor today or tomorrow. It may be nothing to worry about but you could also be having a miscarriage. There are many things that can help stop a misscarriage but you need to act right away. Chamomile tea will stop the bleeding but you need to drink a potful a day.
I hope it all works out and I am concerned for no reason.

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