Pregnant or Not? - Blue Springs,MO

Updated on May 18, 2007
K.C. asks from Blue Springs, MO
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Alright I'm 2 days late, I've tested and the test is negative. The thing is though, I don't have a normal 28 day cycle, my cycles are only 22 days long. So if I am pregnant I'm probably not more than like a week or so.... It bothers me because alot is riding on the answer.
I am a client of a weight loss clinic and can't follow the program while pregnant so I'd need to put that on hold as soon as I find out. I'm 75% sure I am because my cycle has been like clockwork the last 5 months, but I'd hate to go in and tell them and then not be. Plus, if I'm not it will be July before I get to try again because my husband is going to be my husband is going to be out of town for a week in June and I'm guessing it'll be the week I'm most fertile(and its for work so he can't not go).
I'm just a bag full of emotions at the moment.

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answers from Lawton on

i knew my cycle like the back of my hand i too took a test early and came back negative, i waited one week and a faint positive appeared then a few days later went to the health department and had a sure positive imagine to my suprise i found out at three and a half weeks that makes for a looooong pregnancy.honey you'll just have to wait a liitle while longer!!! it sounds as though you are triing so good luck and i'll pray for you and take it easy untill you found out for sure let me know how it goes ok!!!:> or you could go get a blood test:>



answers from Kansas City on

Honestly, the best way to tell anything, is go to your Dr/OB whoever, even Planned Parenthood, and they can give you a test or you can request a blood test etc.. Unless you want to wait it out a few more days and re-test yourself. If you've changed your diet, or are doing any pills etc from your weight loss group, that could be a cause to be late as well as stress etc.. Good Luck!



answers from Topeka on

Okay well the same thing happened to me like 3 weeks ago. I was like 3 days late my period is like clock work. I also kinda felt like I was going to get my period so when the test came back negative I just thought I wasn't pregnant. I got on another website and read about home pregnancy tests and they all said that no matter what it says on the box it usually takes until your about a week or so late for the hormone to produce in your urine. So I waited like 5 more days and I'm pregnant. Give it some more time and test when your like a week late.



answers from Oklahoma City on

You also could go to the doctor and ask for a blood test to see if you are pregnant. The hormone shows up earlier in your blood.



answers from Wichita on

Call your doctor and schedule a quick blood test to be sure. They normally give you an appointment that day for prenatal issues. Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

I would retest in a couple of days if I were you. If you are pregnant it may be too early to read but that would change in a couple of days to a week. I know you don't want to wait but unfortunetely that is all you can do. I recently found out I am pregnant. I knew it was a possiblity from the moment that we didn't use protection and it was real close to the middle of my cycle. So I took a test about 2 days before my normal cycle and it came up neg, I took a nother test after about 4 days after my cycle was late and it was a faint line. I still didn't believe it so I took a nother test a few days later and it was definitely pos. Sorry to ramble, but it can originally be neg then change after the hormones get kicking.

Unless you are taking some kind of weight pills with the weight group I wouldn't worry about that too much in the first couple of weeks. Just make sure you are getting the vitamins you need for a healthy baby and take it as it comes.

Good luck.



answers from Oklahoma City on

if you want to know for sure and as quickly as possible, only a blood test from your doctor can tell you. but it sometimes takes a week for there to be enough of the pregnancy hormone in your body for a home pregnancy test to detect it. also, if you are pregnant, don't worry so much about calories, but make sure you're eating lots of folic acid (dark green veggies...broccoli, spinach, asparagus, rich whole grains...) just in case you are. those two things are very important especially in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

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