Pregnant? No Period but Negative HPT

Updated on April 16, 2010
R.M. asks from Sacramento, CA
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Period was due 4/7 and it hasn't come yet. I've taken 2 tests, the last being first thingTuesday morning.Both are negative. I'm aware that maybe there isn't enough pregnancy hormone detectible by a home test. My doctor said that if I don't get my peroid in a week to have blood drawn. I know the longer I wait, the more accurate the results will be. A whole week is a long time to wait when I want to know NOW!

I took a weeklong course of antibiotics about 2 weeks ago and wonder if there is any way that the antibiotics would interfere with my cycle. I'm trying keep from getting too excited in case there is another logical explaination for the missed period because until I have a positive confirmation that I am pregnant, I'm not beliving otherwise.

So, I guess I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and whether they really were pregnant.

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So What Happened?

as of 5/20, there is still no answer. I have taken the blood test and it showed no HCG. I've taken several HPT's because as of today, I still haven't had a period. Yesterday, I did have a positive HPT and got a quantitaive blood test from the doc which again, says negative. I guess I'll have to wait until 6/1 to actually meet with the doctor and find out what the heck is going on inside of my body!

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answers from Phoenix on

There are so many things that can tamper with your cycle it is hard to ever really know. I would test again...most early detection tests would definitley work accurately by now. If you test too early it will not be accurate. When I was pregnant with my 2nd I had 1 negative test 1-2 days after the day I was supposed to get my period and then I tested 3 days later and it was positive. Funny you mention antibiotics though...I just finished taking 10 days worth and my period is late by 5 days but I am about 98% sure I am not pregnant. If you want to be I hope the best for you and if you are can try try again!



answers from Wausau on

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant since Aug. 09. I stopped getting my period in Oct 09. I took over a dozen HPT by many top brands and even had a blood test done... All negative. I went to my doc and she discussed the possibility that I might be suffering from temp. infertillity WOW!! I was so sad and upset because I wanted another baby so bad! Well Let's fast forward to Dec. 09 Still not getting my period and tests still coming back negative FINALLY on Dec 11,2009 a positive test! went in for the blood test and Congradulations I'm almost 7 weeks along!! I have no explanation for this (When I was pregnent with my first son It registered at almost 3 wks) and the Doctors all say "Well it sometimes happens" So that being said, I wasnt getting my hopes up during this time, but I also didnt drink and started watching what I was eating. My second son is due Aug 11, 2010!!



answers from San Francisco on

It can be late if you ovulated later in your cycle. Its happened to me before. Keep track of when you ovulate.


answers from Dallas on

I was supposed to start on the 4th, and went in this afternoon for a blood test. I'm assuming it's going to come back negative, b/c an hour later I started bleeding. I slipped and let myself get excited, even though we weren't trying. I'm still nauseated though and so have been really tired, so you never know. If it's positive, I'll let you know, but I'm not thinking it's gonna be. I say go ahead and request the blood test. If nothing else, It'll give you some peace of mind. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I'm one of those who can't stand not knowing! Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

It just happened to me this month. I am just like clockwork when it comes to periods. It happens on the 28th day of my cycle, without fail. For some strange reason, I was ELEVEN days late. I took 2 tests, a week apart, both negative. I was very nervous. I can not explain why my period was so delayed. I can not pinpoint anything different happening in my life - stress, etc. So, I would say, that as long as you took your pregnancy test a couple days after your missed period, and it was negative, you probably aren't pregnant.


answers from Pocatello on

well with my first pregnancy I took a test the first morning of my missed period and it was negative so I waited 3 days and took another test and then it was positive. I think I just took it too early but I also think that it was because with the first test I used an off brand and then with the second test I got the First Response test. With my second pregnancy I got the First Response test again and took it a day before my period was going to start and it was positive. So I really think the kind of test can make a difference.

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