Pregnant and Only One Ankle Swollen...

Updated on April 01, 2012
N.J. asks from Redlands, CA
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i have an OB appt first thing in the am, so I definitely will be bringing this up. But has anyone else have/had only one foot swollen during pregnancy. I'm just over 35 weeks, and its my right ankle. My left isn't even remotely swollen, altho' at the end of the day its slightly swollen sometimes.

My right ankle is obviously swollen, it started yesterday, and I have noticed it periodically prior to yesterday, only difference being usually when I wake in the am, its not swollen. This morning that was not that case, still swollen and it has not gone down with any elevation or resting today. No pain, doesn't appear to be going up my leg (yet anyway), and its just tight and achy like usual when swollen, but obviously swollen so much so I had a hard time putting my shoes on.

Should I be more concern, or is this just a a weird pregnancy symptom, that surely can wait for tomorrow. So weird for me never had this with either of my two pregnancies, and that was even with one of them in the scorching Sept. heat of Nor. Cal!

Just in case it matters, during the day I tend to rest lying on my right side, but at night I sleep on my left only so I don't think its an unbalance thing while bizzare. Blood pressure appears to be fine too!


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So What Happened?

Thanks Mamas--everything is fine. Called last night just because it was overly swollen she had me do a few movements, and then asked if anything hurt or if there was any red or warm to the touch. There wasn't so she said sounds fine, but we'd check it out in the am at my appt. At my appointment everything looked great, she suspect there was probably vascular damage on the right side with my previous pregnancies and this baby has shifted the majority of his weight to that side too. She said generally it would be pretty painful if it was a clot, and I would know. So we'll keep an eye on it, I was able to get the majority of the swelling down last night with extreme pillow propping so that was encouraging.

thanks again just so odd to actually see....

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answers from Dallas on

Honestly, I would call in tonight and talk to someone. This can be a sign of a clot. A pregnant friend did this and the dr. had her come in immediately. Everything was fine but the dr. told her she should have called instead of waiting until morning.

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answers from New York on

Call the doctor. It could be nothing, but I've never heard of this associated with pregnancy before. My SIL had a blood clot last year and had swelling in one leg. Not diagnosing, just saying that it may not be pregnancy related at all.

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answers from Jacksonville on

At 35 weeks, I'm sure your doctor has given you a number to call for emergencies or preterm labor or whatever, right? I'd call and ASK. The worst thing (if it is nothing and no need to worry) that can happen is that you feel silly and apologize at your next appointment. The worst thing (if it IS something and you don't call) could be __________. Pick.

Your doctor's office can guide you. Please check in with them. Surely your doctor at LEAST has an on call number or nurse's number for you to call. So use it.
Best wishes.

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answers from Redding on

Mine both swelled in the latter months of pregnancy (living in the HOT desert didnt help matters much). It's a circulation thing and my guess would be that you are circulating better on one side than the other. Having only ONE swollen ankle seems better than having TWO if you ask me. Def ask your doc, but in the meantime just keep your fat ankle propped when you have the option.

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answers from Chicago on

Yikes, I'd be worried about a blood clot too. Definitely call it in right now, and your OB can tell you if you should be worried or not. Good luck to you!

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answers from Charlotte on

I'd really be worried about a clot, if it were me.

Please let us know tomorrow that you are okay.

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answers from Boston on

Doesn't sound normal to me unless you do something odd like sit on one foot, or stand with more of your weight on one foot, sleep oddly, etc. I'd get it checked out right away. Are you taking any medication? Did you have an injury of any sort, either now or in the past? There are simple non-invasive tests they can do to check on circulation. Make note of whether the skin is sensitive to the touch, if feeling is normal, and other abnormalities, and take your list with you. Don't discount it - rule out the more serious possibilities.

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answers from Madison on

I'd call...and if you really feel uneasy about it go in...

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answers from Portland on

I wasn't pregnant when only my right leg was swollen. The doctor didn't know what caused it, prescribed a diuretic and told me it wasn't serious. The swelling went down in a couple of days.

When you have a blood clot in the leg you will have a sore part of the leg where the clot is located.

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answers from Boston on

Hey, put us together & we'd be balanced! For me, it was my left foot. Turned out to be nothing in my case (though the advice to be concerned about a possible clot is accurate).

Women in my family tend to have poor circulation, especially when pregnant though no one else had it manifest in one swollen foot like I did. I think it was a combination of my terrible Irish circulation and a little one sitting on my sciatic nerve and whatever veins were right around there.

It's years later and my left foot still tends to swell more than my right. Watch out for your salt intake (did you know ice cream and tomatoes both have lots of salt??), drink a ton of water, get some exercise, elevate your feet when you can (higher than your heart -- stretching out your legs on the couch doesn't count unless your head is down too) and maybe use an ice pack if the swelling is really uncomfortable.

Hang in there!

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